Say Cheese!

Luke loves himself a camera, or anything that remotely resembles a camera really! So I finally put my sketches into a reality last week and whipped up this little snapper.




It is roughly 7″w x 5″t and is made completely of wool felt. All the details are hand stitched, the actual body construction is machine sewn. It was super fun to make, I am a big fan of pick color combinations. :)  I may  put together a pattern for this one! What do you think?

oh and I listed a couple cameras in the shop. ;)


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InstaFriday #9

I love InstaFriday! I love sharing peaks of my everyday life, and lets face it I love seeing everybody else’s daily life since I am nosy.

Linking up with Jeanette from Life Rearranged today.

We snuck away to Milwaukee for Labor Day / A walk in my new sandals / Buddies

grandpa came to visit / Owl Giveaway- looks like it’s still open / Vintage Flea Market Prep

Benzie Felt Order / Climbing /Mommy and Luke

Luke laying down across from sick mommy / Waiting for Daddy / Flea Market Sign

On my way to the Flea Market / Our Booth – In Pecatonica Illinois, The Pec Thing  September 15th and 16th / A Chicken!  Halloween Done.

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InstaFriday – Week #6 & #7

Oops! I missed last week. My parents where in town and David and I snuck away for a night, and morning.  So I am sharing the last two weeks. It may be a lot. Bear with me. ;)

Linking up with Jeanette from Liferearranged again! Check out all the fun blogs that link up. I love peeking into other peoples daily lives, don’t you?

Okay get comfy! It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Deer embroidery / daddy and Luke checking out a kite / family smore making

Family Swinging / car washing with a freind / Luke Doctoring

Before bed playtime / Loads of Corn on the cob being consumed / Um yeah

He snuck a bite in the store too / talking to daddy (not really ;) / runrunrun

Thrifted fabric awesomeness / Where ya going? /Found him on the pouf, he asked for a book

Daddy and Luke sharing a fire, er.. pillow / Teepee fort fun / Top golfing morning date

Found the best “big” park / made a t-shirt scarf necklace thingy / Loving Lemons

He cracks me up / Gaga over the backhoe / teething crabby baby

Binding my string quilt. finally blogged / looking for something / Mommy and Luke lazy morning

Riding the horsey / new chair from grandpa and grandma – getting a makeover / Made a clutch

Chipotle, our favorite / Can’t find cute clothes lately, so I made a shirt. Juries still out ;) / Two drink miser

Trail walking / Friend Instagramming – Hi Delilah! / Flowers from the Hubby, he’s my fav.

New Felt from Benzie – cutest packaging


What have you been up to? Do you link up with Jeanette? Let me know Instagram is my favorite.


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Chubby Hedgehog

Hello Lovelies! I made this sweet hedgehog from a fantastic tutorial/ pdf pattern I found via pinterest.  The Hedgehog is from the lovely LollyChops blog. You can download and print the pdf for free from her blog. Cool right?

This little hedgehog was made as a gift for a just turned one year old girl. It is a smaller toy and seems the perfect size for one year old hands to hold onto. The Tutorial called for using a sizzix to cut out the spikes if you have a sizzix. I don’t so I cut out a leafy shape and then used that as a pattern to cut out a bunch from fabric and the rest of felt. I think I used somewhere around 30 spikes, but looking at the tutorial my spikes are a bit bigger. I also stitched my front spikes with a fun x in aqua, and used the same thread to tack down the rest. I like that bit of contrast the aqua thread gives it.

This is a great pattern. Simple, quick, and cute. Plus it’s easy to add your own flare and personality with different fabric, the shape of the spikes, and the face features. I will be making it again and would highly recommend it for a fun gift or for you. :) I think it would be absolutely awesome made rather big too, and may try that out next time.


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Mushroom Love

This little guy was a thank you gift for someone in relation to my project From:Me To:You.  I designed this mushroom pattern for a mushroom swap through flickr several years ago. I just checked and there is no longer a group for that swap, but it looks like there are so many other mushroom swaps out there.

These mushrooms stand about 3″-4″ depending on how tall I make the stem. They do stand on there own thanks to some rice in the bottom of the stem and a felt circle glued to the bottom to make a flat surface. I used wool felt and linen in the construction and a combination of machine stitching for durability and hand stitching for detail and that extra touch.

They are one of my favorite things.  I am working on a tutorial and pattern for them and will hopefully have that to share soon.


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