The Weekender

I bought this pattern (The Weekender by Amy Butler) sooo long ago. Like 3+ years ago. I love this bag design, but it’s a bigger project and a lot of the reviews I read said that it takes a long time to make. So it sat in a basket of patterns for years. Recently (last fall) I noticed a bunch of quilters making them on Instagram and fell in love all over again. The Quilt as you go Method is very popular and looks awesome! I’m not sure who did the quilt as you go method first, maybe Elizabeth of Oh Fransson, and I’m pretty sure there is a post on someone’s? blog that shows a how to.

Anyway. I started mine before Christmas. Set it aside and decided to push through to finish it right  before we left for our trip to Miami last week (9 year anniversary trip: can you believe that?). I went with the quilt as you go method using my stash of selvedges I’ve been saving forever.

I cut the pattern pieces from white canvas, then a layer of batting, then I sewed the selvedges on top of the batting.  In hindsight I could have done without the batting. It adds nice thickness, but those seams around the bottom with all the selvedge fabric coming together were exceptionally brutal to sew through as they are super thick.

I didn’t waste selvedges on the inside of the pockets and used mainly a white and gray polka dot, but also used some of this lovely fruit fabric I love so much. The inside of the bag is the same white and gray polka dot.  I also used this awesome grass green canvas from Joann’s for the top zipper placket and the straps. I wanted to break up the selvedges a little bit and thought this made it look modern and fun.

This bag is HUGE. I was wondering as the side pieces don’t feel that big as your cutting them out. But once you get to the sides and bottom on it is so big. Bigger than my diaper bag, which is saying a lot. :)

Below it is holding a couple books, a magazine, a couple notebooks, a bag with my instax, the bigger bag with a knitting project, and the oilcloth bag with snacks, and there is still sooo much room left in it.

There are a couple things I would do differently than the pattern and what I did this time. I would use thicker cording, I went with the prepackaged cording from Joann’s to save time and because it’s thinner, the pattern calls for 1/4″ (I think) and that would probably have been perfect. It’s not as crisp as some I’ve seen and doesn’t hold it’s shape as nicely with the thinner cord. I also would (maybe will) sew the straps down right below the cording. I am not sure why the pattern calls for the first tack down to be a couple inches down the bag, and maybe it would be fine with thicker cord, but I think mine would be better with the straps tacked down higher up. Oh and in hindsight of my trip I should have taken a small purse to carry when I didn’t need it as carry-on or to tote beach towels around because it’s huge.  But  that’s it! I love it, especially all the selvedges, and the size, and the green. This is definitely my go to carry-on/big bag now. I think I may need to make another one that is plain. I love this bag by lbg Studio and I think these colors would make a fabulous Weekender.


Have you made a Weekender? Please share a link I would love to check it out. And if you haven’t, please go make one. :)


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Just the two of us!

Tuesday February 21st marked 8 years of marriage for me and my hubby. Wow! I can’t believe it has been that long.  Each year we have gone on a trip for our anniversary. This year was no exception, and it was the first trip together without Luke. My parents where able to come in and stay with him at our house the whole time we were gone. It was such a blessing.

We went to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was great! We didn’t have an agenda, we did a lot of relaxing and just did stuff when we felt like it. :)

We went antiquing and thrifting. We didn’t really buy since we carried on our luggage and didn’t have much room to spare. I did buy an old match holder, and David bought a vintage TIME magazine.

We walked around and saw some cool old buildings and doors. :) I have a thing for beautiful doors and often snap pictures and hang them in my house.

We of course made a stop in Anthropologie! I bought a super cute olive green and coral striped sweater. I am sure you will see it in the future. I also really want to do this in the picture above. My husband is not a fan of Chalkboards, so while I can get away with them in the play area or my work area, they are nixed in the main area of the house. So I think this roll of paper would be a good option to write fun stuff on.

We tried to eat at only places that where either unique to Albuquerque or places we don’t have in Chicagoland. We visited Holy Cow Burgers, Route 66 Malt Shop, The Burrito Co., Italiano Cucina Bravo, to name a few that where yummy.

We checked out some fun western wears in Old Town Albuquerque. I loved these blankets.

I didn’t buy it! But I would have bought Luke something with his name on it except everything I liked was gone. Oh well!

David was trying on lots of fun stuff. Although I think he could pull this off. We also tried on Minnetoka moccasins, super comfy.  :)

David made me do it! :) I made him too, but forgot to send that one to myself from his phone.

My Parents kept us updated on Luke’s fun at home. He had a blast!

My February 20th Coffee Date in Santa Fe. :) For my sister Heidi!

My new shoes from David for our anniversary. We keep the gifts simple if we do anything since we take our trips every year. I got him (still actually have to pick them out ;) a pair of gloves with the tech fingertips to text and use his phone in.

David considered taking a second wife. ;) lol!

We took the tram 2.7 miles to the top of Sandia Mountain where it was a -7 degree windchill. It was COLD.


But beautiful! It is so easy for me to see God in all this beauty.

We went out to a nice dinner our last night there. It was nice to get slightly dressed up and be adults. We need to do that more often.

We came home on our actual Anniversary since we had been away from Luke for 4 nights already. It was so good to see him. I couldn’t stop squeezing and kissing him. :)

It was such a blessing to get away and celebrate 8 years of marriage to an amazing man! Thank you David for being, loving, kind, selfless, funny, a wonderful provider, my best friend, and the love of my life!


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San Diego

We flew to San Diego for our 7th anniversary with our 2 1/2 month old little Luke. He was great to fly with. He ate, slept, and pooped. :) Beware if flying with a baby that
1. you have to change their diaper in the tiniest bathroom, with the most awkward changing table ever. :)
2. your arm will get tired, so trade off with the hubby, a sling, or some kind of carrier would be great.
3. everyone wants to talk to you and your baby (but if you are a parent you probably already now this)

The day we got there we didn’t do much but walk around, get lunch/dinner, and see the sea lions in La Jolla. Unfortunately it was dark by the time we got there so it wasn’t the best photo opt. But it was cool to see them.

On Sunday we went to the San Diego zoo. Yes it is as cool as everyone says! :) You can kind of see the Panda in the background of the picture above.

(David is underneath this fake ice hold Luke through the hole. :) It got quite a few laughs from onlookers.)

The zoo is huge, lots and lots of walking. It also happened to be presidents day weekend which may or may not have made it busier, but there were sooo many people there.

As you can see from the many pictures of my Husband and son that they like to dress alike. I believe what my Husband said when I started buying boy clothes was, keep within what he himself would wear as much as possible. :) Which is fine with me. I can’t get over seeing my little boy dressed like a little man, it cracks me up. Oh and you can tell they are related by there expressions. :)

It’s tough to see, but this is our window with a sliver view of the bay. We stayed at the W which in past experiences is usually a taller hotel, but this time it was not. :) That window seat became Luke’s changing table also, since the hotel provided a weird jail like crib and not a pack’n’play like we thought.

Luke is actually dozing off, but I thought he looked so cool in his sunglasses. :)

Some of the views of San Diego from the Navy Base our cousins took us to. It was gorgeous and definitely a must do if you visit.

We went to this world renown restaurant Hodad’s someone told us about and waited in line for 45 minutes. That is us at the corner under the blue awning.

Um… yes that is a giant scoop of chocolate ice cream on top of my shake. It was soooo good. :)

Luke slept most of our time there but woke up at the end just in time to eat and get a couple pictures.

David’s double bacon cheeseburger. It was huge! But all the food was extremely good. I would highly recommend the onion rings.

Luke’s first time in the sand. He was pretty indifferent about it.

It was a nice 60 degrees most of the time we where there so it was nice to not have to bundle the little guy up all the time.

At the Airport on the way home. So much to see!

We had a wonderful time. Traveling with Luke was great, he is probably at the perfect age, as he isn’t squirmy and he is very alert. He had some issues with gas the day after we got there that I am thinking were from the flight and different altitude. But all in all besides a little extra worry from me from not traveling it was great. We will definitely be going back sometime as there is so much that we didn’t do.

Oh and we did rent a car, since so much of San Diego is not within walking distance. Normally we would just take public transportation as on past trips, but with a baby, stroller, carseat, and the possibility of a melt down we decided to rent. I am so glad we did as it allowed for a lot more fun and ease.

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