one month

Norah is one month already! Where did the time go?

She has already changed a lot and is challenging me daily.  In a good way mostly! She is definitely a different baby than Luke. It is fun to see there relationship develop. He loves her and is very sweet and comforting towards her. She loves to look at him when he’s still enough to stay close for a bit and smiles at him a bunch. Two Children is definitely harder than one but we are finding our groove and getting used to the new us.


And her is a side by side look at Luke and Norah at One month. They look so different here even though I thought they looked more alike.


Thanks for stopping by hopefully more sewing and diy will be happening around here soon. :)

baby Trianlges

This sweet little baby quilt was my first attempt at triangles.  It was a From:Me To:You gift for a sweet little baby boy.


Lets just say triangles are a little harder than I first thought.  I learned that it’s best to cut them with the notches taken out of the corners for better lining up as I’m sewing. I need to get some templates as I think those would be way easier than winging it. :) After a little trial and error I was able to figure it out. I would definitely recommend taking it slow till you hit your groove.

Since the quilt turned out so cute and I LOVE the look of triangles it was totally worth it and I can’t wait to jump into another triangle quilt. You know inbetween the 20 already in progress quilts, the toddler, the almost here new baby, and general daily stuff. Plenty of time right? ;)

I quilted it with a simple outline on either side of each triangle and around the edges. Simple and sweet.

I’m taking a little maternity leave from From:Me To:You for the summer but stop by and check out the Facebook page. I may have a surprise or two nominations over the summer and as always if anybody is interested in contributing a gift let me know via email and we will get that set up. You would ship directly to the nominee.


Thanks so much for stopping by and hanging in there during the sparse posting. :) T-4 days till my due date and She will be getting evicted late next week if she doesn’t decide to come out sooner. :)

Mommy’s baby wish list

I’ve been trying to put together a comprehensive list of what we NEED for baby girl. :) But all the pretty stuff gets in the way. So for now I share with you my dream list of things to get for baby Norah! She totally wants everything, she told me. ;)


The double Bugaboo! We have the single Cameleon and I love it! I wouldn’t change a thing. :) Truth be told we may try and do without a double stroller. When we are out together David usually corals Luke so we don’t use the stroller. I use it mainly for the mall, walks, the zoo, outings that I am unsure of the boundaries (this way he is safer). It will all depend on how well he does with the freedom of being out once she’s born, he currently likes to run away with excessive energy. :)


I think these would keep Norah’s toes nice and toasty this fall.

Freshly picked metallic Moccasins. I have been obsessing about these ever since I discovered them. I think Luke is to hard on his shoes for them to be a good choice for him. I need to decide quick if I am going to get some since they are limited quantities currently.



This DIY light is amazing!

I stumbled across this picture on Pinterest. Which led me to the DIY for this awesome Happy Girl Light/sign and the lovely blog of Mandi of Vintage Revivals. So inspiring. I think I need to make something similar for above Norah’s bed. Love the sign and the room soooo much!


Hair cuteness!

Craftiness is not optional has tons of great flower tutorials for hair wear.  Loving all the cuteness I can create for the little lady with these. :)

Oh and have you seen all the super cute Geranium Dresses Delia Creates made for her adorable daughter.  I have one in the works for Norah. I hope to share that soon. :)


Thanks for stopping by!…. oh and if you feel like buying anthing for me…hmm Norah, I included all the links. ;)





Instagram Weekly

… or not so weekly.

But this week I am on the ball and linking up with Jeanett from Life Rearranged. Go check out all the lovely instagramers that link up!



perched in his “spot”  / sharing my #honestcraftroom – the “clean” half / sitting still for once

okay okay #honestcraftroom – the messy side / laying at the beach / working a ton of getting caught up with Project Life after I got my kit

a sneak peek at the baby quilt /somebody got a haircut and apparently aged several years too / playing outside in the heatwave 50 degrees

This finished baby quilt / “I’m going to leave my pants down for a few minutes” / testing some quilting out – I think it’s a keeper

received my amazing package from my swap partner Kelley from Casa Crafty – so generous / Blowing kisses to daddy / luke circa 10.5 months old – where did the time go?

So that was a busy week! :) I hope your week was lovely as well.


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oh just a little something

Luke is pretty excited that our little family is growing come June 2013!

That’s right a tiny little baby will be joining us and we couldn’t be more excited!  We found out the beginning of October and I have been itching to shout it to everyone!  I keep teasing David that it is twins since I have been so sick but, it’s confirmed to be just one. :)

Spread em boys!

The two pictures above are outtakes my sister snapped at our Christmas Photo shoot with my brother, Beyond The Well Photography. I will be sharing the professional pictures when we get them . :) Can’t wait!

I will try and not post purely baby things from here till the baby is born, but no promises. ;)


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Baby Gifts!

I made a little baby gift for someone my husband works with. A set of 3 burp cloths and a mini silly monster.

I line my fun fabric burp cloths with terry cloth. It is super absorbent and washes great. I have tons of these I made for myself when Luke was born, and I always give these as baby gifts.  I made the silly monster the same as the bigger ones you can find in my shop, just a miniature version.  The perfect size for infant cuddles.

They are yet to be gifted since my husband keeps forgetting them. ;) But hopefully later this week when he’s back in town.

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1 year Later

How did we go from this little peanut…

to this little boy so fast?

I can’t believe his first year is over! It has been wonderful. :) We are spending the day doing and eating some favorite things!

all pictures from today except for the first two of course! ;)

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From: Me To:You August 2011 Gift

I started a Facebook Page From:Me To:You to spread Handmade love. Basically you like the page, than nominate anyone in your life that lives in the United States to receive a handmade gift by me. I then pick one winner each month and make something specifically for that person based on the nominators info.


August 2011 Gift:  Gender Neutral Baby Blanket

I used this fun animal print, along with an Heather Bailey Pop Garden Chevron print as a side stripe, and a pale yellow vintage chenille on the back.

I put a super soft flannel batting in the middle for a little extra warmth and thickness.  I sewed it pillowcase style and top-stitched the edges. I then did a few lines of quilting on the chevron, and quilted around a couple of the animals so the fabric wouldn’t shift.



I just love this yellow chenille.

I hope this soon to be new momma and her babe get lots of snuggle time with this soft blanket.


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7 months

Luke Danger turned 7 months yesterday! We where in Florida so we took his monthly photos today.

This is a pretty accurate photo of my little man lately. Always on the move, with a bit of drool on the lip.

I am quite often rescuing him from under furniture as he is an avid scooter, but mostly backwards. He does propel himself forward and is so close to crawling it’s ridiculous.

He is getting really good at sitting up and is even trying to push up into a sitting position, but can’t quite get there yet.

Yep, this is him. Happy. On all fours. Super cute!  You can definitely see more personality coming out. He faux coughs because it gets him attention. He screams or cries at me for a second or two if I take something away that he isn’t supposed to have.

He is liking solid food more and more, and we attempted some homemade tonight. We are also giving him table food. Baby carrot, red peppers, bananas, strawberries, watermelon, anything that is big enough to grab and he can’t choke on. Her either just sucks on it, but is able to get bits of the softer food.

He is teething like crazy and likes to put anything and everything in his mouth no matter how uncomfortable it may seem.

Um yeah! That’s my boy.


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