New Star Beginner Quilt Pattern and Course

New Star Beginner Quilt Pattern and Course

The New Star Beginner Quilt Pattern and Course will be available on April 1st. The course is a Sew A Long format lasting about 8 weeks with weekly posts here on the woollypetals website and videos on Youtube. These posts and videos will walk you through learning how to quilt in an easy step by step manner and are free to participate in. The Sew A Long Course will follow a new beginner pattern, the New Star Beginner Quilt, you will need to purchase for $12. It is written in a beginner format with a little more info than my regular patterns to help you through the process.

After the official Sew A Long ends all the info will remain on my website and Youtube with this landing page of how to get started and all the weekly links to each lesson. It will be available at all times for you to come back to or work at your own pace. The New Star Beginner Quilt Course is free aside from the cost of the pattern.

If you are interested in getting on the list for all the info emailed to you. Please hop over to the Google Document below and sign up. I will be sending out details with sign ups for the Sew A Long toward the end of February.

New Star beginner Quilt Pattern and Course Sew A Long Sign Up

New Star Beginner Pattern Mockups

Above you see some mockups for the New Star beginner quilt pattern. It is all the same pattern, changed only by fabric placement. It can be sewn as individual blocks or as a full chain pieced quilt. The pattern and videos will focus on sewing the quilt as individual blocks, as that’s a more traditional way of sewing quilts. But I will also have info on what chain piecing is and how to do that too.

If you are new to quilting or want to learn this is the perfect course for you. I will walk you through what supplies you need, what quilting is, a lot of beginner terminology, and step by step we will select fabric, cut out pieces, sew up blocks, assemble a quilt, baste a quilt, and finally quilt and bind your quilt. It sounds like a lot. But it will all be in bit size chunks or a go at your own pace timeline. Let’s have fun and Sew together.

New Star Beginner Quilt Pattern and Course Sew A Long Sign up

New Start Beginner Supply Kits

To Learn How to Quilt you are going to need supplies right? Head over to my friend Kristen’s shop Kristens Craft Room to see all of the Beginner Supplies she has curated for me. Based on what I will be recommending Kristen has pulled together some listings for you. You can Preorder the Basic Kit and then add in additional items A la carte items. I will be sharing a whole Post about the Supplies I recommend including a beginner machine later this week.