New Star Quilt Mock Ups

New Star Quilt Mock Ups

I am sharing New Star Quilt Mock Ups and Pattern Info today for the New Star Quilt Pattern release. These mock ups will help you get a feel for how you might want to make a New Star Quilt, because the New Star Quilt is SOOOO customizable.

Buy the New Star Quilt Pattern Here and keep reading for all the info and inspiration!

New Star Quilt Pattern Cover Page

I created the New Star Quilt Pattern as a 100% beginner quilt pattern. I even wrote a FREE companion Learn How to Quilt Course just for this pattern. Go to the New Star Beginner Quilt Course landing page to learn all about the free course.

My goal with the New Star Quilt was to design a quilt that was beautiful (always a goal), simple to construct, teaching methods like Stitch’N’Flip, HSTs, and straight sewing.

Because I LOVE to customize and make a quilt my own, I wanted to add options so you can customize it yourself.

New Star Quilt Pattern Customization

The New Star Quilt is customizable in size. Either by increasing or decreasing the amount of blocks you sew. By scaling the pieces you use to sew with, the quilt can be made use 3″ finished size squares, or increasing to 4″ finished size squares. I share fabric requirements and cutting info for the cover quilt, as well as info for customizing your own quilt size or design.

The other amazing thing about the New Star Quilt pattern is that how you place the fabric changes the whole look of the quilt. The Cover quilt is what the pattern follows for layout, size, cutting, etc. But the pattern gives info on how to calculate fabric quantities four own design. Use the coloring sheets in the pattern to custom design your own size or design of New Star Quilt. The coloring pages are also a free download on the New Star Beginner Quilt Course landing page.

Let’s check out some New Star Quilt Mock Ups to see the difference in scale and fabric placement.

New Star Quilt Mock Ups

Let’s start with some baby sized quilts.

Baby size New Star Quilt Mock up woollypetals quilt pattern

The above is made using the 3″ finished square size, 4 blocks, and an HST border. This quilt has 2 blocks each of the different fabric layout. So when sewn together, in an alternating pattern, the overall design emerge. This quilt measures 36″ square.

woollypetals New Star Quilt Pattern Mock Ups

Next is a New Star Baby quilt uses 4″ finished squares and 4 blocks. I omit the HST border on this one. The same is true for the layout here two different fabric placement blocks made two times each and alternated in layout. This quilt measures 40″ square.

The two above quilts are almost identical in size. The left quilt is 68″ square, and the right quilt (the cover quilt) is 66″ square. They both have a HST border as well. That’s where the similarities end.

The quilt on the left is made with 9 blocks, it uses 4″ finished squares so the blocks and border are larger. The design is still two blocks alternating but is different than the quilt on the right.

The quilt on the right is the New Star cover quilt and is 16 blocks using 3″ finished squares. It does alternate two fabric placement block designs but has a more dense pattern due to smaller and more blocks.

Large Scale New Star Quilt Mock Up on woollypetals

The above New Star Quilt is made a little larger by adding another row of blocks to equal 20 blocks, making it 60″w x 75″t. This is a similar layout to the quilt I pull fabric for in Week 1 of the New Star Beginner quilt course. I’ll share that one in the Week 1 Post.

woollypetals New Star Quilt Pattern plus design with Starry Fabric.

This one was a fun one. It would require a slightly different method of construct of major attention paid to blocks and layout. Above in the New Star Quilt I designed an overall pattern with plus’s made from groups of Ruby Star Society Starry fabric colors. You can 100% make this as blocks with special care and attention to where the fabrics are placed. This design would be a great time to web piece sew the whole quilt top at once. This quilt could use the larger 4″ square size and finish at 68″w x 88″t or use the smaller 3″ square size ad would finish 51″w x 66″t.

To be clear any of these designs can be made with either the 3″ finished or 4″ finished squares.

The mock ups above show that you can make so many fun designs. I find that typically there are two block fabric layouts in each quilt and you alternate them. But that’s not the case for all layouts.

New Star Cover Quilt Mock ups

The New Star Quilt mock ups below are the Cover Quilt size, a few follow the exact fabric placement of the Cover quilt with different fabrics swapped. And some are a different fabric placement for a different design. Because the New Star Beginner Quilt course and Pattern uses the cover quilt layout and size for the main cutting and piecing instructions, these New Star Mock Ups will help you plan your quilt.

The three Mock Ups that don’t have borders would finish at 60″ square or you can add the HST border to those as well.

New Star Quilt Pattern Info

From all of the New Star Quilt Mock Ups above you may have realized how versatile this pattern is and why I love it. So wether you are a Beginner Quilt or a Quilt who knows their way around a quilt block :) This pattern is for you.

Just know if you have made plenty of patterns before the New Star Quilt Pattern has extra info in it to help explain terms and details to beginner quilters that a seasoned quilt will more than likely know.

The New Star Quilt pattern has fabric requirements for the cover quilt in both square sizes. Fabric requirements per block, and some quilt math info to calculate how much fabric you will need for a custom quilt design. There is a full sheet of cutting info. Both block designs in the cover quilt have individual cutting instructions. Cutting instructions for the whole cover quilt are included too. The extra info make it an easy pattern to follow no matter your design.

The sewing instructions include step by step color diagrams as well as written instructions. Two coloring sheets are at the end of the pattern to design to your hearts content.

You can use the links in the pattern or the New Star Beginner Quilt Course landing page to take you to the course videos and posts.

PDF Pattern on Etsy

I currently sell only PDF patterns in my Etsy shop. I do have a list of Brick and Mortar Quilt shops that sell kits with and without my patterns. So check in with me if you want to know if a kit is legit.

As someone whom has had pattern stolen from, or sold without permission. I really stress checking with the pattern designer or buying from them directly.

The New Star Quilt Pattern Releasees April 1st, 2024 and week 1 of the New Star Beginner Quilt Course started the same day. The course is free other than the cost of the pattern. Check out the course landing page for where to get started.

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