1 year Later

How did we go from this little peanut…

to this little boy so fast?

I can’t believe his first year is over! It has been wonderful. :) We are spending the day doing and eating some favorite things!

all pictures from today except for the first two of course! ;)

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overdue thank you


Thank You cards for my birthday have been on my list for well months, since my birthday! ;) I finally knocked them out the other night.  I am a firm believer in thanking people in a special way if I can when they do something so wonderful for you, like come to your Birthday Soiree!

I do enjoy blogs that show the process of making things. Unfortunately I NEVER remember to pull my camera out till after I have finished something. Ugh! I am going to work on this as I want my blog to be one that if I stumbled across I would stop and stay awhile.

But the basic rundown. I ordered fun prints of all the couples/families at my party, and some of just me and my boys for gifts from people who weren’t at my party.

I then cut scrapbook paper to about 6″ x 5.25″ to fit in the envelopes I had. I taped the photo to the paper, this way they can take the photo off and frame it or hang it up on their refridgorater if they want. I then printed several lines of  Thank You on scrapbook paper cut to fit in my printer. I tore along one edge of the thank you paper, and then cut out the rest in strips. I taped the thank you strips overlapping the pictures slightly, and added a decorative masking tape embellishment. Simple, yet fun, and something they can keep as a memory. I wrote the actual thank you notes on the back.

I hope this inspires you to make and send a real live in hand thank you note or card.


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So I turned 28 on June 12th. It is strange! When I was little, grown ups who where 28 years old seemed old, and it was like I would never get there. Now that it’s here, well it doesn’t seem that old, and boy did it come quickly.

I had a Birthday Soiree with some of my closest friends at my house. It was so much fun. I set up a fun photo booth, and had an outdoor living area set up to hang out in and roast marshmallows.

Me and my silly boys!

The photobooth was soo much fun. We all plan on doing this again! It was so easy too! I have this little nook in my deck that was the perfect size. So I just stapled up this vintage bedspread and set out my luggage with props. We normally have all the lights hanging around the deck , but I did add the lampshade chandelier.

I had a lovely dining table set up to eat at. Wouldn’t you know it started misting rain right before dinner. Oh well. It looked cute.

We were able to enjoy this space (chimenea and other chairs not pictured) after the misting stopped and roast marshmallows while photos where being taken.

I made a couple mustaches and a thought bubble chalkboard. I found some other fun props: hats, cardboard swords, borrowed glasses, an old hand mirror.

It was two much fun.  I am so happy I got to share my birthday with my closest friends.


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