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This little dude likes to read a lot.

He is gaining quite a collection of books since his birthday and Christmas are both in the same month. I will often buy him a book when we visit a thrift store too. We have drawers full and a pile in the living room, and then a large bucket full that used to sit on his ottoman next to his chair.  The bucket full was beginning to be a problem, He would only pick the two books on top and ignore the books he had to dig for. So I had to come up with a solution. I saw someone on my IG feed use cool metal wire like plant holders in her daughters room, and of course the IKEA spice racks (out of stock at my local IKEA till mid February), and a couple neat homemade racks too. I would more than likely have used the IKEA spice racks had they been in stock, so glad they weren’t. :)

My final solution, the same galvanized planters from west elm that I used here in my wrap station. I can’t find them on there site, but I just bought these last week at my local West Elm and they had plenty. They work great, so far. :) They don’t have any sharp edges, they fit pretty perfectly in that space, and they hold a lot.

As soon as I hung them, with Luke’s ever hovering help, he went right over and started reading books he hasn’t touched since before Christmas. Win Win.

His favorite Books right now: anything Richard Scarry – Busytown and anything Curious George are his top picks, but he also likes anything construction related, and a flag golden book – he now knows he is an American and can point out American flags, cracks me up.  :)

This little reading nook will be staying once baby #2  moves in. We use it multiple times a day and there’s not much else you can put in front of a window. We will definitely be changing a bunch of other stuff up and moving things around since they will be sharing. I also plan on using the same color scheme of navy, gray, white, with hints of teals and yellow. If we have a girl I will just add some coral or pink to her area by the crib. I am kind of excited to transform this room a little but it will wait for a while since we will be keeping Luke in his crib as long as possible.

How do you store your kids books? I would love to see your solutions! I have to find a better one for downstairs now. :)

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Here are a few snippets of our basement family room.

My stack of vintage luggage. The top two are from random thrift stores for a buck or two each, the bottom two I recently found at the Kane County Flea Market for less than $15 each.

A side table collective. The Owl is a recent purchase from Homegoods, and the artwork is from A Vintage Poster and is matted with green vine fabric for a punch of color.

Some pillows on the sofa. The navy and white I made with fabric from Calico Corners, the orange I made from a cotton velvet from Joann’s several years ago, and the tiny bit of green you see in the foreground is a dwell studio pillow from Target.

A stack of vintage thrifted books sits under my thrifted orange lamp.

Oh and who doesn’t love seeing pictures of a cute, happy, drooly baby?

I will be showing more of the basement soon. I just have one or two more projects to finish. But you can see the play area here if you like?

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