Some more farming this week!

Wow it seriously took me 4 days to write and get this post uploaded. I have to much to do lately.

Okay onto the blocks…..

Block # 4 Basket Weave

I like how it turned out. Simple and monochromatic, basically. :) Not sure of the fabrics, The green leaves is from a local quilting shop, and the other two are from Joanns.


Block #29 Economy

Love the colors I paired in this one. Kelly green is from Joann’s, the Pink zigzag I ordered online a long time ago. Michelle Miller? If anybody knows let me know and I will add it in. :)


Block #30 End of Day

This is one of my favorite color combos in general so I like this block a lot. Some Heather Bailey freshcut I believe, and then some red polka dots, and aqua floral from Joann’s.


Block #31 Evening Star

Oh I love this zigzag. I just got it at my local quilting store. The salvage says Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman. And I think an Amy Butler Fabric?


I am the worst at remembering fabrics because I usually just buy bits and pieces here and there and mix and match lines. I think the only large amount of a single line I ever bought was Joel Dewberry and that was for a specific quilt.


Anyway. Here are all my blocks so far.  I am sticking with going as scrappy as possible, yet sticking to brighter bolder colors and prints. I love seeing them all come together.

Check out the awesome Flickr group of wonderful Farmer’s Wife Blocks. I just can’t get enough.

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Quilt Action

The past week I have been working on quilts. Not as much as I’d like though since Luke is wearing me out with his constant movement. We are having a blast though!


Swoon Block #3

Still totally in love with this quilt. I cannot wait to make more blocks and get them finished.

I’m not sure what these fabrics are. They have been in my stash for awhile. I do know i purchased the coral at Joann’s, but I am not sure where I purchased the mustard.


Stacked Quilt:

One stack complete! I think it’s rather smashing. But it is a bit time consuming since I have to be careful how I line the strips up as I go. Winging it has it’s perks and it’s downfalls. :)


Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along:


Week 3 for me and week 10 for the group:


Block #111 Wrench. So fun! I fussy cut the center and love that. I also paid close attention to the direction of the raindrop fabric.  Not sure what these fabrics are I’m so bad at that, but; the center and the raindrops are from my local quilting shop, and the mustard paisley is from Joann’s.


Block #108 Windmill I like this one too. I made sure again the woodgrain all flowed in the same direction and I really think it makes the block look so nice. The fabrics again a couple are from Joann’s, and there is also some Joel Dewberrry and Amy Butler in there.


And finally all my blocks combined so far.

I am definitely going the scrappy approach and most of my fabrics I am pulling from my scrap bin. This is totally not my style to go scrappy. I am more of a planned chaos kind of gal, but this so far is turning out to my liking. :)


I have a couple crafty projects up my sleeve this week that do not require sewing. I will posting those soon.


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tiny block therapy

This week I got 4 Farmer’s Wife blocks done. I am hoping to do more than 2 a week so I can catch up to the group and be in the same time line. These blocks are so fun to make, and nice kind of mindless therapy for a long day with a teething baby.

So here we are…

Block #6 Big Dipper


Block # 9 Box


Block #10 Bowtie


Block #102 Whirlpool


And my six blocks together.


And even though Luke’s teething and uber crabby most of the day. He is always super happy after his long afternoon naps.

I snapped a couple pictures as soon as I walked in his room to get him. He is always standing waiting for me. :) Heart him!

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jumping on the bandwagon.

So I did I ordered my Farmer’s Wife Book and joined the Flickr group and started this year long project that I just couldn’t stop myself from getting addicted to.  I first saw the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along on Camille’s blog, then hopped over to the the flickr group and stalked it and several other blogs for weeks. Until now. Now I join and become a part of this awesomeness.

This is my first block of the quilt along. #84 Ribbons.

I love it. It was super easy and turned out great. I am going with the scrappy approach but in my true nature I am still coordinating all the fabrics as I go. :)


This is my Second block Take 1 #73 Spiderweb.

I loved it, was super impressed that almost all of my points and lines matched up. But then I measured it. Oh yes it was 1/2″ smaller than my first one. What happened? Oh I forgot to adjust the seam allowance! Really? Kicking myself as I slump back to the cutting table.


Second Block Take 2 #73 Spiderweb.

Loving the fabrics, not loving the wonkiness that I just couldn’t straighten it out. The points don’t match and the two trianglular pieces where both off when I went to sew them together and I couldn’t get them square no matter the amount of trimming. Which landed this one in the discard pile at a finished size 1/4″ smaller than it should be.


Second Block Take 3 #73 Spiderweb.

Success. it’s not perfect, I am still getting that weird stretchy wonkiness I experience with take 2 but I was able to, in the words of Tim Gunn, make it work. And I like it! So done and done.

Oh you want to see my blocks together. Well here you go!

So far, so good. I am going with the scrappy approach as stated before, but the coordinate as you go from your scrap pile, scrappy approach. :) I like to match/coordinate things.

I will see you next week with some more blocks from this project and hopefully my stacked and swoon quilts too.

Oh and pardon the weird coloring in the pictures. I am slowly teaching myself how to use the manual settings on my DSLR so I can graduate past basic photography and it’s slow going. So some of my pictures may be a little wonky for a couple days. I must make my Professional Photographer of a brother come to my house and help me out a bit. ;) You reading that Nate?


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