Fall Swap

I participated in little bit funky fall swap that she posted about on Instagram. It was super fun to put the box together. I had Kim of wishflowergifts. So I put together a box of fall related goods, some new, some handmade. The goal was to send a box I would like to get!

I made a Noodlehead wide mouth pouch. Such a great pattern and the feather fabric is one of my recent favorites.













I made a crinkle apple for her baby girl and lined it with the super lovely Kokka apple print.

I also made a set of Danielle Thompson’s awesome pumpkins. This is the third? time I have made a batch of these and they are so easy and fun.

I also made a bib for her daughter and a fall garland just like the one in this post.

I had so much fun putting together this box and I have it on good authority that she loved it. :)


I am thinking of hosting a fall scarf swap! Any interest out there?


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From:Me To:You 3 years running

Hello Friends!

I thought I would take a moment to talk about my pet project on Facebook. From:Me To:You.

It is a page I created 3 years ago as a place anybody can come and nominate a person in there life to receive a handmade gift by me.  I select one person a month through a random drawing and make a gift for them based on the info the Nominator gives me for that person.

I thought I would share a couple of the gifts I have sent out recently.

Please hop over to From:Me To:You to Nominate somebody for the November gift! I am giving away a quilt to the winning Nominator and per usual sending a custom made gift to the Nominee.


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The Pec Thing – Vintage Trunk Debut

My Mom and I participated in our first Flea Market this weekend! It was awesome. This is our booth. Vintage Trunk, my mom came up with the name. We had such a blast, preparing and setting up the booth. It is so much fun to be validated by selling vintage you find to someone else.  LOVE IT. I will hopefully be doing a little etsy sale of some vintage in my currently closed woollypetalsvintage. So stayed tuned. In the meantime take a walk around our booth.

The check out area. I sketched our logo I designed onto a chalkboard for a booth sign.

Some furniture and toys.

This was a fun display of linens and kitchen utensils.

The school and travel stuff. Every one of those globes sold. And some of the luggage too.

Christmas, not as popular as we expected but we’ve still got a bit of time before the Season starts.

Some trays, lampshades, art, and fun mid century lamp, and some embroidery I did.

Some embroidery pieces will be making there way into the shop.

Lots of dishes and randoms things.

Graters, sifters, and games. Oh My!

Thermos’ and bundt tins.

Some vintage fabric garlands.

And back to the sign and the checkout spot.

We participated in The Pec Thing in Pecatonica, IL. It is a good sized show and had record attendance this weekend. If you are ever in or around Rockford (closest big city) in September or May you must attend.

We have a lot to learn, but we had a blast and did super well. I can NOT wait for the spring show. Now I get to shop some more. ;)


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Snap to it

One of my closest friends is moving across the country with her family. She  just got an instax and I know that she would love something to hang those pictures and also cards and pictures from her friends and family here on. So off it goes with her on her new adventure.

For the convienince of showing you all. I hung it in my living room and put some of my instagram prints on it. :)( I just order all these prints and more from Postal Pix)

Basically I just found a framed canvas at the Thrift Store. When I am not planning on using glass in a framed project I try and find a frame without glass for less waste.  I took the canvas out and removed all the nails holding it in, but left the hanging wire.

I then painted the frame. I used acrylic craft paint I had on hand and it worked great.  I then made the garland. I fused printed fabric to the back of this white cotton duck for more stiffness and so that it would not fray. I then cut out the pendant shapes.  On my silhouette, I cut out the word SNAP from fabric with a fusible interfacing. Then I simply ironed the words on the pendants. Once that was done I took twine and zig zag stitched the pendants to it with about a 1/4″ inbetween each pendant so when it was hung the pendants wouldn’t bump into each other.

I then stapled the twine to the back of the frame so it hung over the top edge.

For the strings to hold pictures, I just took twine and stapled it to the back as taught as possible.  I attached 3 strings as that is what would fit with them being roughly 5″ apart. I thought that would be a nice distance apart to hang normal or smaller sized pictures.

I found these tiny little clothespins in my box of wood items. They are tiny,  less than an inch. The instagram prints hanging are 4″ square.

I think this is such a fun way to hang photos. I hope that my friend can fill it with lots of reminders of home, and fun pictures of her family’s new adventures. :)

Now I need to make one for me!

Please share with me if you make, or have made, something similar. I would love to check it out. :)


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Working Wednesday!

The Winner from Tuesday is:

Carol: I will contact you! Congrats!

This week I am finishing up a project I have been working on since September! yikes. Some people are finally going to get some happy mail!

I will share the finally product once they have shipped!


And here is Wednesdays giveaway.

Remember my Fall Garland from this post? also shown below.

Well I have one to giveaway. It is the same style and size as the one above just in different fabrics. The photos below are of the one I am giving away. I wasn’t able to get a good photo of it hanging today.

It measures 44″ end flag to end flag and has roughly 12″ tails on each end to hang it by.  It is also double sided, as in, it looks the same from either side, so hanging it in your window will make both the inside and outside of your house pretty. :)

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling me about a project your working on and if you have a blog leave me a link I would love to check it out!

Make sure your email is connected to your comment or in your comment.

The giveaway will close at midnight tonight and I will announce the winner tomorrow!


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This month as found me constantly reflecting on what I am thankful for and how much I have to be thankful for.

I have been seeing lots of thankful trees and ways to express thankfulness this month that I love. I am trying to figure out something that works for us that I may be able to leave out all year long.

This garland was one of my thoughts, but I think I am going a different direction now. So now I just have a cute little garland in my dining room. I made it fallish with color but the prints will allow me to put it out at any time of year.


I am putting together some more of these for my craft show, and will be listing what doesn’t sell in my shop. I am also hoping to share a tutorial here.  One of the things that I am very thankful for and feel is a gift from God is my creativity. I want to share more of that here with giveaways of handmade items and tutorials so you can make it yourself.

I am planning a week of giveaways next week! One each day. So check back next week for that and for how my craft show went!


THANKS for stopping by! I know I always say it but it warms my heart when I get comments and when you pop by my little space. I hope that you take away something each time you stop here.