Foxy lady

I saw the fox tutorial on a beautiful mess a couple weeks ago and just had to try it. Such a great simple softie to make.

I grabbed some Denyse Schmidt Houndstooth from Joanns in a lovely two toned orange and got to work. The tutorial gives you the basic shape of the fox, but you draw your own actual pattern. This is fun to me because it gives it a little more originality. I used felt for the nose and eyes instead of buttons since most of the time I make the softies for kids and don’t want any choking hazards.

I dug into my vintage doiles and pulled out this lovely yellow one to use as her belly. I quite like it.

I highly recommend you try the tutorial out.  Especially because it yields such cuteness for not a lot of work. This little fox is heading out as a surprise for a little someone. :) I have three more all sewn up waiting to be stuffed and sent to some little  friends.

I just want to express, all opinions are mine, I was not asked to review this tutorial. I also only make items like this as gifts, not to resale.


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Gentleman Owl take 1

I am working on making a “boy” or Gentlemen Owl.  I realized Luke didn’t have an owl anymore since he doesn’t play with his crinkle owl anymore. So I set out to make him one only to realize my owls are more girly and that just wouldn’t do.  So I got to work.

I like this guy! I may end up making more and putting them in the shop as a Gentlemen option. But I felt like he wasn’t quite right, and the opinions I asked for on Facebook and Instagram gave me more ideas and direction.

He is made from a lovely sparkle houndstooth rayon wool, with quilting fabric and felt accents, and a giant vintage button.  He is about 9″ tall.

Oh and he is up for grabs in a GIVEAWAY! Yay!  Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win him. You can leave a second comment if you blog or tweet this giveaway and link back here. Please make sure your email is in your comment or linked to your comment.  I will pick a winner at random on next week!  :)

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Angry owl?

I can’t decide if this new Owl Design has Angry eyes or not! What do you all think?  Either Way I just love this new pattern. I have been tossing around the idea of a bigger owl for awhile now, and finally just went for it a couple nights ago.  Not sure if you can tell scale from these pictures. But he is roughly 13″ tall by 15″ wide.

Those eyes I feel hold a bit of mischief! But is it good of bad?

These pictures don’t do that Houndstooth justice. You can see the slight bit of sparkle thread running through it best in the last picture of this post. I love me a little, okay a lot, of sparkle.  I am often weak in my knees when I find something so fabulous as this cream and brown houndstooth with a lovely silver sparkle to it.

This fancy owl has a fun wavy stripe across its’ belly and it’s wings tucked tight to it’s side.  I hand stitched all the details as usual. I always love the extra specialness that hand stitching adds to something.

The back is just plain houndstooth.

See  that sparkle in there?  I am  also playing around with tag design lately. I am hoping to get professional tags made up soon, so I want to be 100% sure of my design and colors before I spend the big bucks. So I have been playing around with some twill tape and my inkjet printer to see what I like best. This one is just a simple tag with my name in the same font as my blog banner folded in half and sewn in the seam.


So PLEASE help me out and let me know if you think he has angry eyes?

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Thrifting Thursday lite!

Luke and I went out earlier this week and hit up a Big Salvation Army store. We didn’t find much. Actually only one item. Mainly because I didn’t feel like looking through the clothing, and it was getting precariously close to Luke’s nap time.

This is what I found. It is a 100% super soft wool houndstooth blanket. YES! I snatched it up without even looking at the price. But low and behold it was $1.90. That’s right. I couldn’t believe it.  It’s lap quilt size, and one side is missing that silky binding. But I am actually going to take off all the binding and make and bind it with vintage sheet fabric. I think that will add a fun touch.  I washed it, and it is so soft and lovely, so as soon as I bind it  I will be going in a cabinet of cuddle blankets once the binding is done.


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