Instagram Weekly

… or not so weekly.

But this week I am on the ball and linking up with Jeanett from Life Rearranged. Go check out all the lovely instagramers that link up!



perched in his “spot”  / sharing my #honestcraftroom – the “clean” half / sitting still for once

okay okay #honestcraftroom – the messy side / laying at the beach / working a ton of getting caught up with Project Life after I got my kit

a sneak peek at the baby quilt /somebody got a haircut and apparently aged several years too / playing outside in the heatwave 50 degrees

This finished baby quilt / “I’m going to leave my pants down for a few minutes” / testing some quilting out – I think it’s a keeper

received my amazing package from my swap partner Kelley from Casa Crafty – so generous / Blowing kisses to daddy / luke circa 10.5 months old – where did the time go?

So that was a busy week! :) I hope your week was lovely as well.


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Some Changes

I have been working a bit on little projects here and there. This week I managed to get two things done in the living room.

I ordered this subway sign from Home Decorators Collection right after Christmas and it finally got here a couple of days ago. I love it! The best part is, it was on $34 dollars. That’s right, all the ones I have seen up until ordering this one have been $200+.  It came with a rope tied to the top brace to hang it by, but I wanted it to look a little more authentic. So I untied the rope and bought four screw in hooks, one for each bracket end, and hung it up on those. I painted the hooks black after it was up.

It is actually hung over top of the thermostat. Hopefully we won’t have a problem with it. The actual sign part is like that canvas for outdoor flags, so I assume it’s breathable. It also doesn’t lay directly on top of the thermostat. So we will see. The picture below is what the hallway looked like before I hung the subway sign.


I also finally made some new pillow covers for the Living Room. I found some cool napkins from West Elm  a month or so ago after having no luck finding fabric I liked anywhere else. so I bought two napkins per pillow and whipped up these three pillows one night earlier this week.


One is on the Seatee, and the other two are on the Sofa. I still have to find another fabric that has all my colors to tie it all together. But it’s a work in progress and it’s highly likely I will change them out before I find it. ;) Pillows are the easiest thing to change up the look.


The other thing I have been trying to jump start is my Project Life album.  I ordered pictures from all of January and the first part of February and I have almost finished the 1st week of the year.  It is fun and much easier than scraping from scratch.

What have you all been up to lately? I would love to hear or see, leave me a link if you please.


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