Ampersand – String Art


So I made some string art.  I saw a lovely sting art piece on Our First Nest through the Pinterest challenge that Young House Love and Bower Power hosted a little bit ago. Mallory at Our First Nest has a great tutorial that I followed to make mine. I probably would have been trying to draw the ampersand on my wood instead of just nailing through the paper like she did. Genius!  So I started looking for string art on Pinterest and found all sorts of fun stuff.  Here’s a screen shot of some of my string art pins.


I cut some left over pallet wood and joined it with slats on the back. Then I printed out a big Ampersand. Why Ampersand, I have a thing for them, and I have enough of our name initials around the house.

Then I spent a gagillion hours nailing and wrapping thread and ta da! A lovely string art Ampersand. Right now it’s just hanging out leaning against a window. Not ideal! I will eventually find a place for it.

I would highly suggest trying this out. It is super easy, just time consuming.  I don’t know how many string art pieces are acceptable in one house but I am digging the stag silhouette and the state string arts in my pinterest feed. Maybe a couple will be made for Christmas gifts.


Have you ever done string art? I would love to check it out so leave me a link. Also you can find me on Pinterest under Kristin Rauch.

Thanks for stopping by!