Gentleman Owl take 1

I am working on making a “boy” or Gentlemen Owl.  I realized Luke didn’t have an owl anymore since he doesn’t play with his crinkle owl anymore. So I set out to make him one only to realize my owls are more girly and that just wouldn’t do.  So I got to work.

I like this guy! I may end up making more and putting them in the shop as a Gentlemen option. But I felt like he wasn’t quite right, and the opinions I asked for on Facebook and Instagram gave me more ideas and direction.

He is made from a lovely sparkle houndstooth rayon wool, with quilting fabric and felt accents, and a giant vintage button.  He is about 9″ tall.

Oh and he is up for grabs in a GIVEAWAY! Yay!  Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win him. You can leave a second comment if you blog or tweet this giveaway and link back here. Please make sure your email is in your comment or linked to your comment.  I will pick a winner at random on next week!  :)

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Be Mine

Happy Valentines Day! This is my Valentine till his Daddy comes home then he has to share. :)

Have a Lovely Day with your lovelies!

Valentines Bowtie

I like to make Luke Ties or Bowties for special occasions or Holidays.

I have used this tie pattern from for the above tie, I had the pattern on hand since I had made some shirt gifts using it. The shape was perfect for a real tie, so I just cut out two from fabric, sewed them together and added a ribbon to the back of it to velcro around his neck.

I made him his first bowtie for Easter last year and he also wore it for his baby dedication in May last year. I made up my own pattern for this. I tried out a pattern I found online for adult mens bowties. But shrunk small enough for Luke it was to much hassle. I don’t love the basic square scrunched into a bowtie style because I prefer a bit of shape to it.  I do realize I may be the only one who can tell if the pattern has shape once it’s made, but… you know?!?! :)

This tie was made for Luke’s 1 year photo shoot (picture by my brother above). I literally went to my sewing room an hour before the shoot started, found this tie pattern from and whipped it up. I am sure I cut corners. I think I read her tutorial and then did what made sense to me because I was sewing so fast. I definitely need to make him more ties from her pattern though, and I will follow it better. :) Because this tie is GENIUS. If you have a little boy please try it and check it out. :)  The tie worked great for the shoot and he has worn it multiple times since.

Valentine’s Day 2012 Bowtie. Well I made it last night so he could wear it to church today, since he doesn’t have any big plans for Valentines Day wink, wink!

This bowtie I made from the same pattern I came up with for his 1st bowtie. It is using the exact same sized pattern, so as you can see it is a nice size you can use for multiple ages. You could also enlarge or shrink it too.

I am sharing this bowtie pattern with you all today! I have uploaded it for you to download and print. I didn’t do a tutorial, but wrote basic instructions on the pattern. I welcome you to email me with any questions as I am not sure how clear the instructions will be without any pictures. If there is enough interested I would be happy to put together a tutorial.

Bowtie Pattern Pdf

This is for personal use only please. Add any pictures you would like to my flickr group.

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