Kids Clothes Week

I decided to join in on Kids Clothes Week this fall. I feel like I never make time for sewing clothes for the kids and I, and I would like to change that. Especially since I bought all the fabric for my wardrobe. :) Plus I’m never going to have “enough” time right?

Kids Clothes Week is a community and Blog that host quarterly week long challenges to sew 1 hour each day for your kids.  This time the prompt is Disguise. Which you can join in on or not as long as your sewing. You can browse past projects and post new projects, keep a list of thing you want to make and see lots of patterns in one spot. It’s free and a great kick in the pants.

So I jumped in with both feet yesterday, ( I was out of town till Sunday night) and made Norah a Oliver + S Playtime Tunic.  This project took way more than an hour and while I could have stopped sewing it and saved some for the following day I just keep going. I love a good finished project. 

Norah Catnip Tunic




I used Lizzy House Catnip fabric: Cattitude in Spice. This is more dress then Tunic, maybe I made the wrong size for Norah. She is a little peanut. But I had to hem it double the dimensions it said and the sleeves are full length when I would have preferred 3/4. So I will make some adjustments the next time I make it. It would also be a super cute tunic without the sleeves. I love the fullness of it and that’s it’s loose and swingy so it will grow well with her and looks modern at the same time. The Stitching detail to hold down the neck interfacing and the pockets is a detail that I love. Of yes it has hidden pockets!!! which is so fun to me. A place for all the treasures. Now I just have to remember to check them before it gets washed. :)

When I showed it to Norah she loved it and wanted to wear it right away! So that’s a win. She’s a picky one.

Okay now I must decide on what to sew next and use the precious naptime I have left.

Thanks for stopping by!