Easter Fun

Easter was fun this year. Luke has no expectations about anything yet but can still join in the fun. My Parents came into town for a couple days to give me a little free time and enjoy Luke before Easter so that was really nice too. My Dad is a pastor so they didn’t stay through Easter but anytime with them is always a blessing.

We went to a local Church Easter Egg Hunt since our Church took the year off from hosting one.

Luke met the Easter Bunny! No fear in him. He just leaned in for a rather loooong hug. :)

It was a really funny to watch him “find” the eggs. He filled his basket half full twice and proceeded to dump them out twice while running and jumping around. It didn’t phase him at all and there where so many eggs that he still managed to fill it up a third time before we left. I think the turning point came when one broke open accidentally and he realized there was candy in it. We don’t allow sweets or treats very much at all and I suppose he thought he would get to eat it all. One piece made it in the mouth and the rest was confiscated. :)

The Easter Bunny was attacked mid hunt when Luke abandoned his basket and ran towards the bunny saying he wanted to hug him. He was rewarded for his persistence.  And as we were walking towards the car, after the hunt to find a park, he told me he just wanted to hug the bunny one more time. He cracks me up!

I whipped this little bunny up the night before Easter using this Pinterest Pin the Original source ( that I can tell) is completely in Japanese? It was super simple and fast, and was passed over pretty quickly for the bulldozer and car. But I wouldn’t change making it for my little man.

He thought it was pretty cool to come downstairs to his basket and car. I am thankful for his innocence and naivety, I hope I can help him keep that, or just be super grateful for what he does get in future years.  I found the cool car at a local resale I do about a month ago and have keep it hidden till now. Since his birthday and Christmas are kind of far away we decided to give him the car for Easter.

And here is my little man in his Easter Outfit. Complete with a mommy made bowtie and a fresh haircut. Man I love that kid.


How was your Easter? I Hope it was a wonderful day filled with Family and remembering the amazing sacrifice Jesus made for us.


This week we are potty training! Also David and I are embarking on a sweet / sugar based food free month.  I am totally inspired by what Jami from thenatos has been doing since the beginning of Lent and decided that I needed to do this and try and make better choices for my health.

Wish my good luck as cutting sugar and potty training together while 6+ months pregnant might just be the end of me. ;)


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1I’ve been up to a bit lately! But all is happening  in between spending almost every waking moment outside with my little man. We have had amazing 75-85 degree weather for the past couple weeks here in Chicagoland and we can’t get enough of it.

I went to Cedarburg, WI with a couple ladies on a Saturday earlier this month. It is such a cute town. I would check out Distractions (bought some amazing local alpaca yarn in the perfect grellow) and Material Matters if you ever get to go.

I have gotten my three packages of the Flea Market Fancy Reprint. I have almost all the prints. I am planning on making this quilt eventually with it.

This little owl is possibly my final “boy” owl for little men. Luke is currently testing it out for me. ;)

A decent sized etsy update went up late last week. All different kinds of owls and one garland.

Luke is falling asleep in the car almost every day on the way home from playdates, the zoo, the park. This weather is wearing him out in a good way.

Trying on my sunglasses for size.

He loves it when the airplanes fly overhead.

I hit the wood frame jackpot at a couple thrift stops this past weekend and need to add one more coat of paint to finish them off.

He only wants to be outside, when inside it’s a constant request to “see” outside. :)

As you can see it’s a good thing I have my iphone since I can’t seem to pick up the regular camera. :)


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Be Mine

Happy Valentines Day! This is my Valentine till his Daddy comes home then he has to share. :)

Have a Lovely Day with your lovelies!

Valentines Bowtie

I like to make Luke Ties or Bowties for special occasions or Holidays.

I have used this tie pattern from Saltwater-kids.com for the above tie, I had the pattern on hand since I had made some shirt gifts using it. The shape was perfect for a real tie, so I just cut out two from fabric, sewed them together and added a ribbon to the back of it to velcro around his neck.

I made him his first bowtie for Easter last year and he also wore it for his baby dedication in May last year. I made up my own pattern for this. I tried out a pattern I found online for adult mens bowties. But shrunk small enough for Luke it was to much hassle. I don’t love the basic square scrunched into a bowtie style because I prefer a bit of shape to it.  I do realize I may be the only one who can tell if the pattern has shape once it’s made, but… you know?!?! :)

This tie was made for Luke’s 1 year photo shoot (picture by my brother above). I literally went to my sewing room an hour before the shoot started, found this tie pattern from veryhomemade.blogspot.com and whipped it up. I am sure I cut corners. I think I read her tutorial and then did what made sense to me because I was sewing so fast. I definitely need to make him more ties from her pattern though, and I will follow it better. :) Because this tie is GENIUS. If you have a little boy please try it and check it out. :)  The tie worked great for the shoot and he has worn it multiple times since.

Valentine’s Day 2012 Bowtie. Well I made it last night so he could wear it to church today, since he doesn’t have any big plans for Valentines Day wink, wink!

This bowtie I made from the same pattern I came up with for his 1st bowtie. It is using the exact same sized pattern, so as you can see it is a nice size you can use for multiple ages. You could also enlarge or shrink it too.

I am sharing this bowtie pattern with you all today! I have uploaded it for you to download and print. I didn’t do a tutorial, but wrote basic instructions on the pattern. I welcome you to email me with any questions as I am not sure how clear the instructions will be without any pictures. If there is enough interested I would be happy to put together a tutorial.

Bowtie Pattern Pdf

This is for personal use only please. Add any pictures you would like to my flickr group.

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I <3 J Lo

Linking up to the Pleated Poppy today for What I Wore wednesday!

Friday: I think ;)

So I was shopping at Kohls last week, you know because they where having a sale! I noticed Jennifer Lopez has a new line of clothing there. While most of it was not my style, I thought what the heck I will try on some of her jeans. LOVE them. She understands a curvy women. I got these gray ones below and another pair of bootcut. So in love. :)

Top: TjMaxx (can’t remember what brand)

Cardigan: Target

Undertank: Target

Jeans: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s

Sandals: Flips from Old Navy

Feather Necklace: Forever 21


In other news I lost 2lbs at my meeting today! Yay! Also I bought a pair of seven jeans at the thrift store that fit like a dream. The best part, they cost $8!?!?!?! I know!


I leave you with this cuteness!

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Happy Labor Day

We spent the majority of our day outside in blissful 60 degree weather with great friends and lovely food.

And this is where we spent it.


I hope you all had a lovely Labor day however you spent it.


Oh and can you believe this little man is going to be 9 months old tomorrow? 9 MONTHS! I can’t.


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crawling room

Luke, understandably, has been in shorts all summer, wearing pants all of 3 times.  So, when putting him in pants since he started crawling, he has a little less maneuverability.  I happened across Sascha’s blog Piccoli Piselli the other day, hm… can’t remember how , but I was reading back a bit and noticing all the super cute clothes she was making her little man. It spurred me on to try and make some for Luke hoping it would make it easy to crawl. :) Here’s hoping it will get cold enough for pants around here sometime soon!

I grabbed my Amy Butler’s Little Stitches book remembering there was a pants pattern I had used for a friends baby a while ago.  I dug through my stash and came up with this brown linen and navy and white stripe. I know pretty crazy fabric selection huh?

They were super quick and easy to make. I even took the time to cut and match the stripes on the cuffs. Not hard, but something I like to pay attention to, because it would bug me if they weren’t lined up.

I made them in about 30 minutes late last night so the lighting was horrible to get a picture of them last night. Thus I only have pictures of Luke wearing them. That’s what we would rather look at right?

I did think they would be to short looking at them last night, but they are the perfect length. Just longer than his ankles without touching the ground for him to trip.

I think I will be changing a couple of things next time. I am not sure that I like the outer seam on the legs? It’s definitely not necessary so I will try without that seam and see if I like the look better. This would also make adding the coordinating band at the bottom quicker. I am also going to try Dana’s tutorials on making a flat front pair, and adding fun pockets.

I discovered during the many diaper changes today that I need to make and add some tags to the inside back. I’m sure the husband will also appreciate that while dressing Luke . I’m digging the idea of making some twill tape tags that say Danger. :)

And he is off. This picture about sums up Luke as of late; on the move leaving a mess of toys behind. :)

So as you can see he is having no problem moving in these. I love them and think I will be making several more pairs for the fall. Now I just need to stock up on some simple boy pant fabrics. :)


Oh and I am continually working on my manual photography skills. When Luke and I have a day at home, I just let him crawl at will and following him around with the camera. :) I didn’t edit any of these pictures, they are straight off my camera. I am seeing how they look posted. :) Give me feed back if you like!

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8 months old

Luke Danger turned 8 months old this past Saturday! I can not believe he is that old already. Where has the time gone.

He is now mobile and fast. He crawls, pulls up on anything, loves to hang onto things and jump like a mad man, and cruises a bit along furniture. If he wants something he will do all he can to get it. This mobility also brings along the need to be free. He is not a big fan of being strapped into things, and when strapped in his carseat, stroller, shopping cart he can only last so long before he wants to be free.


He is developing the little attitude lately, with his squeals of rage when I take away something he isn’t supposed to have, or don’t give him something he is after. He is also not easily distracted, yeah, that whole out of sight out of mind thing, doesn’t really apply to him. I will take something and put it around the corner or on top of something and he will always find his way to it.

He is eating more and more solid food, and we are starting to let him feed himself with softer bits of food. It’s messy! He talks A LOT, and we think he says mama, and mom, dada, and I swear I have heard him say hey at the proper times more than once, and also up! ;) But you know, he’s more advanced than normal! ;)

He is a big fan of anything that isn’t a toy, especially cords, strings, ribbons, or shiny things, and also plastic bag type things. Hmmm… all pretty DANGERous objects!  He puts all thing in his mouth, which I guess is normal. It has resulted in having 5 teeth. Although to be fair he just got his 5th one this morning. :)


He is a joy and a workout daily! I can’t imagine life without him and feel so very blessed that I am his mommy.


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