Dinosaur Tutorial + Giveaway

Need a project for the weekend? Do you want to make a super cute, squishy, soft dinosaur? You do! Well you’ve come to the right place. And if you don’t want to make one you can enter to win one! Yay! You can enter to win even if you want to make one. ;)


Okay let’s get stated!

Gather your supplies as outlined in the photo above.

Print the Pdf and tape the three pieces together. You can size to your liking, but when printing at 100% you will make a dinosaur 17″ nose to tail. Cut out two Dinosaurs, 1 regular, 1 reverse, use two different fabrics if desired: The easiest and fastest way to do this is to lay your fabrics on top of each other right sides together, pin the pattern on top and cut out.

To cut the felt spikes cut a strip of felt ( I use my ruler and rotary cutter, but you can measure it out and cut with scissors) that measures 2″ x 18″. Take strip and cut the triangles out, you can make them as uniform or as wonky as you want, just make sure to start the points 1/2″ from one side so you have that strip to sew in the seam.

Pin Spikes to one of the dinosaurs. Starting at the neckline and pinning till you are 1/2″-1″ from the tail end, if you spikes are longer than that just cut off the extra.

Sew the spikes on using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Make sure to lock or reverse/forward your seams at beginning and end so the stitching doesn’t unravel.

Make sure to pin the spikes up on the tail so they don’t catch in the bottom tail seam.

Pin the two dinosaur pieces together and sew around starting on one side of belly and ending on the other so you have the belly portion open to turn and stuff the dinosaur. Sew with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Make sure to lock or reverse/forward your seams at beginning and end so the stitching doesn’t unravel. If you serge the seams now would be the time to do that. If you have never serged it is a good way to add stability to the seams, either use your serger or a zigzag stitch around the edge.

Once sewn, clip all corners and curves so the seams ease nicely once turned.

Turn the dinosaur poking out all the corners and tail to gain the proper shape.

Finally stuff the dinosaur to your desired softness, the more stuffing the less crinkly any of the corners or curves will be. Once stuffed to desired softness you can do a hidden stitch (what I use) or a whipstitch to close theย  belly opening.


Now for the Giveaway! The above dinosaur will go to one lucky winner who comments on this post! :) Yep that’s it. Although if you tweet, blog, or instagram it you can come back and let me know if the comments and you get additional entries! Yay!

Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy your weekend!





A very Brady Dinosaur

I whipped up this little guy, well he’s around 18″ long, the other day as a belated birthday gift for a little friend who turned 2 last month. I drew out this pattern a couple years ago for another boy birthday. We have an influx of boys around here, and since I enjoy making and giving handmade to the littles in my life I have come up with a couple boyish toys to make.

I kept this guy simple, one fabric on the front and a brighter pattern on the back. I cut a strip of black felt and cut out the triangles from it to make the spears?ย  Hmm.. not sure what there called. :)

I like to add a little personalization to stuff to make it more special, so I hand stitched on a felt B to the front.

You can see, there is no detail on the face or anywhere except the B. But it could always be added. This is just a simple stuffed dinosaur that can be used for play or sleeping.

I think I might try to make a few for the shop since they simple and perfect for boys which lets be honest aside from cars and trucks there’s not a lot of boy stuff out there. Although yes, for the Dinosaur loving girl in your house, this could be made with cute girly fabric too. :)

Check back later this week I am working on Luke’s Favorite Things post by request from our friends over at Fluff&Nonsense.

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