Shop Update and a Giveaway

I updated my etsy shop this week with some new items. Stop by and check out the ones below along with a bunch more.

Owl embroidery

Market Apron

Deer Silhouette Embroidery

Oh and you know you can find a bunch of other fun stuff I make in my shop to right? Like some of these!


Also stop by Oh Sweet Joy and to check out her lovely blog, and to enter the giveaways that I am a part of. There may be a discount code for my shop available too. :)


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Wrap it up!

I put together a little wrapping/shipping station a couple weeks ago in my basement. It’s in my creepy not yet remodeled (maybe never will be) laundry storage room. But it is a bright spot in a ugly room and is working great to have things in one place to get things ready to ship.

I painted a square (well it might be a rectangle I didn’t actually measure) on the wall with chalkboard paint. I have had the paint hanging around for months waiting on another project that has never happened. I marked out the squarangle with my level and then bordered it with Frog tape. Seriously, DO NOT use any other tape beside Frog tape if you want a crisp line. I have used a ton of different painters tape in my past years of DIY and working with clients. When I found Frog tape I fell madly in love. I used it for my first project of my Son’s bedroom seen here. That was a lot of stripes at 7+ months pregnant and frog tape was amazing. This is not a sponsored post and I am not being compensated for saying this at all I just firmly believe in crisp paint lines and the easiest way to get them . :)  Oh and did you know you have to let chalkboard paint cure for several days and then condition it? Who knew. ;)

Okay moving on from the chalkboard. I found this enamel top table on the side of the road several years ago and have had it in my laundry room for folding since then. It is great and I can still use it for folding in it’s current location/use. The bins underneath have some of my etsy product, and larger boxes for shipping. Oh and isn’t that floor the bomb? I would never even consider taking it out. ;) Those rad metal tubs are from West Elm right before I started this project. They are for planting winter bulbs. :) But I have a black thumb and they where to cool and inexpensive to leave behind.

I’ve had these wire baskets laying around from my oooooold craft room before it was Luke’s room and have never found a place for them. So up they went for pretty supplies I want to see.

Um this idea for storing washi tape came to me as I am pulling everything together on the wall! I think it’s quite genius. :) At least for my use. It’s just the outer ring of an embroidery hoop. I have a drawer full as I can’t seem to pass them up at Thrift stores. Never buy them new, they are seriously less than a dollar at a thrift store.

I hung some  bakers twine on a string so it’s easy to roll off and cut.

I brought my lovely little brass fruit in here to keep me and the jingle bells company.

Well that’s about it! It is much more pleasant to wrap and ship lately. :)

Pardon the odd lighting in the photos, remember it is in my dingy barely lit laundry room.  Just keeping it real, although I guess if that was completely true I would show you the rest of the room but that’s not going to happen.:)


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Some favorites lately…

Some things I am loving lately…….


This December Daily Album by Jessica at Witticisms is amazing! I have great ambition to make one for my myself and maybe make them at my November craft night!


I did a little update on Etsy this past weekend! It makes me so giddy to see all my colorful things in the shop.


Elizabeth of Dear Lizzy’s awesome Paislee Press Calendar.  I must make one soon, also can we say grandparents Christmas gifts!

I’m dreaming of these chairs to go with my new dining room table. Alas they are sold out and even if they weren’t they would more than likely be out of the budget. ;) So I will probably be painting some of my existing chairs white and thrifting some more. :)

This Wreath! I die. DIY on  Bloesem Kids. It’s made from paper! Can you believe that? I WILL be making one of these for Christmas.


What are you loving lately? Can you tell my mind is skipping ahead to Christmas? It’s my Favorite Holiday/time of year.

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Say Cheese!

Luke loves himself a camera, or anything that remotely resembles a camera really! So I finally put my sketches into a reality last week and whipped up this little snapper.




It is roughly 7″w x 5″t and is made completely of wool felt. All the details are hand stitched, the actual body construction is machine sewn. It was super fun to make, I am a big fan of pick color combinations. :)  I may  put together a pattern for this one! What do you think?

oh and I listed a couple cameras in the shop. ;)


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