I’m calling it…

The living room is done… for now. ;) It is finally to a point where I am 99% happy with it and can sit back and enjoy it instead of constantly seeing little and big things that I want to change.

As you can see I went with the stripe Olin Rug from Crate and Barrel. I loved several of the rugs from this post that I asked you all what you would do, but after my hubby nixed a couple and I factored in cost I went with this striped one to hold me over until I find something that is absolutely perfect. I do like it a lot and it may stick around. It’s currently sitting on top of the old rug for padding since it’s just a flat weave. I do have my heart set on finding a thicker plusher rug someday. But I also realize we may have a bigger living room if/when we move someday so we would need something bigger. Oh the rug drama continues… :) seriously though why are rugs sooo hard for me to find.. at least within my budget constraints. ;)

I still have to fill that last frame above the seatee. Baby Norah is soon to be born, 3 weeks and counting, so I will put her picture in there. One of my ongoing projects is slowly collecting vintage letters to hang above those three frames. I also am still absolutely loving my new chair! I can’t believe I waited so long to get it covered.  The fabric is by premier prints and I got it last fall from Fabric.com.

Luke’s little table area. I have another matching chair in the basement for Norah. But I also have been crushing on these chairs from The Land of Nod. So you never now what could happen If I spot a couple at our local outlet. (yes we are that lucky to have a crate and barrel and land of nod outlet nearby)

Luke’s radio flyer bike I thrifted so long ago fits perfectly under the table…. which is good since he has way to many ride on toys that don’t have a good place to be stored. :)

My globe collection… I still want to find a black globe. I think they are called galaxy globes. The land of Nod bins are still wonderful and holding up great.

The finished sofa! Yay! It’s a little slouchy, which I can tweak with making some of the seams smaller. no biggie, just a time issue. It is so much better looking than the beige ill fitting slipcover it had before. I do dream of a white sofa someday though. So maybe when our kids are bigger and we wouldn’t have to wash it every week….

So that’s that! I am happy it’s at a great point before Norah gets here as I hate having the itch to do things and no time or energy to do them. Which I know I won’t have much of either for awhile. :)

So now onto getting that back yard finished…..

Oh and I may have my new sewing space storage wall to share next week. It’s awesome! I just need to take pictures.


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InstaFriday Week #10

Another week another weekend! Yay! My little family and I have nothing planned this weekend and I am so happy about that. We will be enjoying the lovely fall weather, putting up some fun fall decorations, spending lots of cozy time together, and maybe tackling a small house project or two. What are you plans for this weekend?

Here’s a peek at the past week via my phone and instagram, my favorite! Linking up with Jeanett from liferearranged!

My mom and I had our first Flea Market booth last weekend (blogged) / Drive home from the flea / A $1 spray bottle makes for a happy boy

I bought a new toy! It’s amazing / $16 jeep that works? yes please! / Working on new owl pillows

Spraying mommy is even more fun / daddy and Luke / a new bag I made


Oh Instagram, you rock! ;)


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InstaFriday Week #5

InstaFriday! YAY!

It has been a busy week. I spent sometime on a home decor project. I will be blogging more about that later. Mostly I have been working on bigger things this week, and less instant gratification. So here ya go! Linking up with Jeanette at Life Rearranged.



Luke helped me out getting some wood / the start of my wood slat wall / learning to use utensils is messy business

Luke gets more and more adventurous everyday, I guess Danger is his middle name / Family Photo / Washi tape entertains well for awhile

Working on some stitching / new pjs are the best / a sneak peak at my almost complete wall

Cool Luke, he actually wore his sunnies for longer than 30 seconds / POPcorn is the best / Me and my boy


Oh Instagram, how I love thee! You make my grainy cell phone pictures look so much better.


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Hello November

Wow, October is gone! It was a super super busy month for us as you may have noticed by my lack of posting here. Sorry about that!

We spent 9 days in Florida at Disney world in the beginning of the month with some of our favorite people. :)

Then home for a week, during which both David and I got super sick for several days.

Then off to Kansas for my big sisters wedding! So much fun to celebrate with her and lots of family.

Then back home to help with prep for one of my best friends sons 1st birthday party!

Soooo busy. I have also had a traveling husband when we have been home. So I have been single parenting half the time we have been home.  I say kudos to all your single parents out there. It’s tough when my lovely is away.

My Little man was a Monkey for Halloween, and went to bed exhausted in glow-in-the dark Skeleton pjs. :)

I finally got some fall decor up today. Not much, since I found that the majority of my fall decor is Halloweenish and that’s over. :) But that’s okay I had enough to make it feel like fall.


I also drove  and hour and a half last week to get a new to me sofa. :) I LOVE it. I have been perusing craigslists for weeks looking for the perfect shaped, sized, and priced sofa and finally came across one when I was at my sisters. So as soon as I got home I hightailed it out to see it and squash it in my suv to bring it home. I am redoing some of our living room and getting rid of our big entertainment center and tv since we never watch tv in there.

You can see the sofa we replaced in this post. (the brown one)

It is a slipcovered sofa which made it super easy to clean. But I do plan on making a new slipcover that is skirted and white. I am hoping to tackle that soon.  Oh and can you see my lamp shade project sitting over there on the floor. I will be sharing that when I finish.

Okay so you are all caught up with me! :) I have projects to share this month, a craft show in a week and a half to sew for, a craft weekend to host, some giveaways, a 1st birthday party to plan, and an almost 1 year old to enjoy and capture memories of.

Let me know what all you of have been up too. I will see you again soon with some fun stuff to share.

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