Train Table for Christmas

I made Luke a Train Table for Christmas! I have wanted to make one for him ever since he was a babe and I saw Aubrey and Lindsay’s over at Little House Blog and thought the floor version was genius since we don’t have enough room for an actual table. Luke was only about a year last year for Christmas, still to little. But I saw Young House Love’s for there daughter this fall and that clenched it for his Christmas gift this year.

I determined the size based on the layout that worked best for our pieces and the size underneath our sofa which is where it will slide for storage. It is roughly 27″ wide x 52″ long. I purchased the Melissa and Doug figure 8 set and had some other random piece I had thrifted a year or so ago to add the hill and longer stretch to the track.

I had the board cut down at Home Depot (love that service) and then primed and painted it green. I then added a road, a pond, and some trees around the track. Leaving some large green space for imaginative play. It was a super simple process, just time consuming considering all the drying time. I Sealed with clear coat to help it last longer.

The tracks are nailed in the from the top, and the taller pieces and lifts for the hill track are screwed in from the bottom. I love the look of Young House Love’s with no nails, but I decided against that as I had to make shift this in my basement since our garage with all my tools and saw horses is not heated. I also used some wood glue on the taller parts that are more prone to get pulled off or shifted since they are not flush.

I think he likes it. :) He calls it his “road” or “track”. He is not into the actual trains as much as running his cars and motorcylces all over it. But I think he will get more into the trains as he gets older. :)  It made for a fun and successful Christmas.

Did you DIY any Christmas gifts this year? I would love to check them out if you did. :)


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Baby Gifts!

I made a little baby gift for someone my husband works with. A set of 3 burp cloths and a mini silly monster.

I line my fun fabric burp cloths with terry cloth. It is super absorbent and washes great. I have tons of these I made for myself when Luke was born, and I always give these as baby gifts.  I made the silly monster the same as the bigger ones you can find in my shop, just a miniature version.  The perfect size for infant cuddles.

They are yet to be gifted since my husband keeps forgetting them. ;) But hopefully later this week when he’s back in town.

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A very Brady Dinosaur

I whipped up this little guy, well he’s around 18″ long, the other day as a belated birthday gift for a little friend who turned 2 last month. I drew out this pattern a couple years ago for another boy birthday. We have an influx of boys around here, and since I enjoy making and giving handmade to the littles in my life I have come up with a couple boyish toys to make.

I kept this guy simple, one fabric on the front and a brighter pattern on the back. I cut a strip of black felt and cut out the triangles from it to make the spears?  Hmm.. not sure what there called. :)

I like to add a little personalization to stuff to make it more special, so I hand stitched on a felt B to the front.

You can see, there is no detail on the face or anywhere except the B. But it could always be added. This is just a simple stuffed dinosaur that can be used for play or sleeping.

I think I might try to make a few for the shop since they simple and perfect for boys which lets be honest aside from cars and trucks there’s not a lot of boy stuff out there. Although yes, for the Dinosaur loving girl in your house, this could be made with cute girly fabric too. :)

Check back later this week I am working on Luke’s Favorite Things post by request from our friends over at Fluff&Nonsense.

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First things first my friends! The winner of the snowman, owl, zipper pouch is: Sorry guys completely forgot to do this before i went to bed last night. :)

Congratulations Dana!


Okay onto a fun project!

A special little girl I know turned 2 this past week and had a fun birthday party! I used Cakies awesome tutorial and made her a play tent.  I would have loved one of these to hide away in and read for hours on end as a little girl. So I decided to make her a vintage inspired hideaway!

Rubyellyn’s tutorial was super easy and quick to follow. The main things I did that are a little different where, I put the second tie on each post in the middle instead of the top because all of the tents I have seen online have had a dip in the side of the fabric since there was no middle support.  I also (although I did it after all these pictures:) stapled a thick blue ribbon about 4″ down from the the dowel one end on each post because my posts where sliding out on anything other than hardwood. I think my hole bit must have been a touch bigger than the dowel since everybody online I read said there’s was tight enough to stand fine.  And I obviously painted the frame.  :)  I have another almost done for another little persons birthday gift. I seriously love this and kind want to make a big one for me but will refrain till Luke is big enough to have one of his own. :)

I used a fun vintage sheet I found recently as I know this little one and her momma are vintage lovers. :) And I made a fun pendant garland to match.

The great part about it is it all come apart easily and stores so compact. I think that is essential for parents, and it is such a great imagination prompter.

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From:Me To:You Quilt Giveaway!

I am making two quilts from Vintage sheets to giveaway on my Facebook Project From:Me To:You in October. Here is one of the quilt tops on my loveseat. It has large 8 point stars on a sea of vintage prints.


I will be posting more sneak peeks as I make the quilts. Go to my Facebook Page to find out how you and a friend could both win them. From:Me To: You


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From: Me To:You August 2011 Gift

I started a Facebook Page From:Me To:You to spread Handmade love. Basically you like the page, than nominate anyone in your life that lives in the United States to receive a handmade gift by me. I then pick one winner each month and make something specifically for that person based on the nominators info.


August 2011 Gift:  Gender Neutral Baby Blanket

I used this fun animal print, along with an Heather Bailey Pop Garden Chevron print as a side stripe, and a pale yellow vintage chenille on the back.

I put a super soft flannel batting in the middle for a little extra warmth and thickness.  I sewed it pillowcase style and top-stitched the edges. I then did a few lines of quilting on the chevron, and quilted around a couple of the animals so the fabric wouldn’t shift.



I just love this yellow chenille.

I hope this soon to be new momma and her babe get lots of snuggle time with this soft blanket.


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Mushroom Love

This little guy was a thank you gift for someone in relation to my project From:Me To:You.  I designed this mushroom pattern for a mushroom swap through flickr several years ago. I just checked and there is no longer a group for that swap, but it looks like there are so many other mushroom swaps out there.

These mushrooms stand about 3″-4″ depending on how tall I make the stem. They do stand on there own thanks to some rice in the bottom of the stem and a felt circle glued to the bottom to make a flat surface. I used wool felt and linen in the construction and a combination of machine stitching for durability and hand stitching for detail and that extra touch.

They are one of my favorite things.  I am working on a tutorial and pattern for them and will hopefully have that to share soon.


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