What we wore Wednesday!

Lately I feel as if I don’t like any clothes being sold in the stores! boo. But that just means I need to get creative. Shop my closet, put things together I normally wouldn’t, and make some new thing myself. Although I would love to be able to knit light weight cardigans, but I just don’t have the time. ;) So in one of those annoyed moments I sat down and finally drafted out a pattern for one of my favorite tops I have had for years from the gap.  I got the muslin right and then started right in on this lovely Anna Marie Horner Field Study fabric that I has been sitting waiting for me for a bit. It’s almost perfect. I think it’s a little blousier than planned, but it still works fine, or I can take it in a bit if it really annoys me after a couple wears.  It has a simple pleated neckline, and small capped sleeves that are part of the main body. I bias trimmed all the edges with matching fabric. I think it would be cute lined with no bias trim, and also with a contrast binding. :)   I am seriously in LOVE with this fabric print, and have been seeing peeks of the same fabric coming out in Voile on Instagram. Can’t wait. :) Shirt: Made by Me – Field Study Anna Marie Horner Cardigan: Target – added the doilies Jeans: Gap Shoes: Blowfish @DSW Necklace: Target   I also thought I would share my cutie! I have so much fun dressing him. Shirt: Target Cardigan: H&M Jeans: GapKids (borrowed from a friend – luke is right between her boys) – love the look of the cuff, but it’s also so practical when pants are too long. :) Shoes: Converse

Lastly, since it’s Halloween, I thought I would share Luke’s Halloween costume. :) He was less than thrilled this time around with it as it seemed to rub his chin. But we where able to keep him in it to go see Grandma. ;) No Trick or Treating though since he has a little cold.

From a couple months ago(waiting for full shot pics from today but daddy is flying) / today with daddy – doesn’t he look thrilled?

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WIWW – It’s starting to feel like fall

The weather is feeling so nice here, still a bit warm here and there. But the fall breeze, the cool nights, they are just lovely.

I actually have more than one outfit to share this week. Yay!

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To a playdate, where I did a kid craft. :) It was fun, but hard with 10 children say 4 and under!

Black Top: Gap – several years ago, and one of my favorites! I think it’s going to be done soon, and then I will turn into a pattern to make some.

Cardigan: Target – last week

Boyfriend cropped jeans: Target

Sandals : Target clearance a week or two ago

Top: Gap – sale last spring

Cardigan: Target – two? years ago

Cropped jeans: Kohls – Jennifer Lopez

Sandals: Target

I got my hair done! :) So happy about that, it was getting shaggy. Basically the same style just trimmed and shaped with some major bang snippage.

Top: The Loft – Bought over the weekend, it is super comfy

Tank: Target

Cropped Jeans: Target

Sandals: Target

Necklace: Allora Handmade, from several years ago.


Yep well, that’s it. It hit 91 degrees today but I hear the weekend is supposed to be in the 70’s which I am seriously praying for since I will be outside at a flea market all weekend. I do NOT do heat. ;)

Do you link up with Lindsey? I would love to check out your outfit posts, so leave me a link. Because as much as I would like to I just don’t have the time to check out every single outfit link on The Pleated Poppy! :)


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What I Wore – to the Park

This morning Luke and I just lazed about for a little bit. I let him watch a few shows in my bed, and I relaxed and enjoyed the fact that he didn’t wake up early crying from teething pain as he has several days this past week.

Then we got ready and headed out to the park, well two parks. We where trying to find a place to take a picture of my quilt I finished yesterday. Check back tomorrow for Quilt details.

We found one.

Then we played and watched trains for a bit. I think he may have had fun.

I was thinking I would take pictures out at the park, but realized I can’t take them myself and don’t have a tripod. So I snapped a couple of pictures of my outfit when we got home.

My outfit was inspired by Oh Sweet Joy! She has such cute style, she works for Anthropologie after all! :)

Outfit Details:

Shirt: The Loft

Tank: Target

Shorts: Kohls

Necklace: Groopdealz (check ebay though)

Sandals: Steve Madden


Linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for What I Wore Wednesday. Check it out if you haven’t she has great style too and there are so many fun ladies that link up super cute outfits.


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It’s Hot again!

We had a nice cool past week, cardigan and scarf weather. But it’s Hot again, and I imagine it will stay that way for a bit. I seriously Can. Not. Wait for fall and cooler temps.

So it started out cool this morning, you know 75 ish. I threw on a fun scarf hoping it would not get hotter. It did. I am trying to step out of my norm a bit with clothes, but it’s not easy. I have to run after and lift a toddler all day long, and let’s be honest I am not super model thin. ;) But hey the scarf with a tank top in the middle of summer. Well that’s new for me.

Once Luke and I got home I found this necklace on my doorstep and put it on immediately since I had shed my scarf by the time it hit 90. Yuck!

Um yes, I LOVE this necklace. It is fun and I don’t feel it’s to fancy for my casual outfit, yet I know it will be awesome dressed up too. Yay for Groopdealz and Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy alerting us on her blog to this deal. I think I need another color, or two. ;)

Outfit Details:

Shirt : Old Navy – purchased recently

Pants: Target Skinny Boyfriend crops – purchased recently on clearance

Sandals: Jennifer Lopez from Kohls

Scarf: Target

Necklace: Groopdealz

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I <3 J Lo

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Friday: I think ;)

So I was shopping at Kohls last week, you know because they where having a sale! I noticed Jennifer Lopez has a new line of clothing there. While most of it was not my style, I thought what the heck I will try on some of her jeans. LOVE them. She understands a curvy women. I got these gray ones below and another pair of bootcut. So in love. :)

Top: TjMaxx (can’t remember what brand)

Cardigan: Target

Undertank: Target

Jeans: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s

Sandals: Flips from Old Navy

Feather Necklace: Forever 21


In other news I lost 2lbs at my meeting today! Yay! Also I bought a pair of seven jeans at the thrift store that fit like a dream. The best part, they cost $8!?!?!?! I know!


I leave you with this cuteness!

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just another day

Do you ever have one of those days where everything you do or say could be made into a witty tagline, facebook status, twitter update? Yesterday was that kind of a day for me.  Today not so much! It’s been a long one all ready, but it’s just another day I guess.

It’s hot today. I am thus sharing  just one outfit from Monday? I think.

Monday:  Running Errands


Linking up to the Pleated Poppy today. Lindsay challanged us last week to pull something out of our closet that we haven’t worn in awhile and wear it a different way. While I did wear  dress I haven’t worn in a good two years this past week I forgot to take a picture before I was spit up all over. ;)  The problem is, I don’t have very many clothes that I haven’t worn in a while since I have been losing weight I am getting rid of all the to big clothes to help me stick to it and keep the weight off.   So… I pulled out this top, I wore it a lot when I was pregnant but not since then. I added a belt this time though.

Top: TjMaxx – can’t remember the brand-

Cardigan: Target

Capri’s: Target

Flipflops: Old Navy – these are my house sandals, I never wear them out.

Belt: Thrifted


Weight Watchers: I lost .8lbs last week Yay! This week I didn’t go due to a middle of the night long awakening by someone in the house.

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adventures in fashion

So I was a bit more experimental this week with my outfits. I have to say that I definitely am having more fun with fashion since I have lost some weight. And this Linking up to Leslie at the Pleated Poppy is making me stretch my comfort zone so my posts are more interesting and because I see SO MUCH fashion inspiration on Wednesdays.

Sunday- The belted Cardigan:

I have worn a belt like this, hmm… never! I was feeling adventurist on Saturday night when I picked out my Sunday church outfit. I find the mornings go so much smoother on Sunday’s when I know what I am going to wear, so I started picking my outfit on Saturday night before bed. Anyway, yes the belted cardigan/shirt. Love it on other people, always felt it made me look like I had a tummy. I think it just took me finding the right combo of shirt, cardigan, and bottoms. Because, shocked and amazed, I think it looks rather good. I was told I looked hot by a lovely friend at church. So yeah! ;)

Ruffled Top: The Loft

Cardigan: Target

Skirt: Old Navy

Belt: Came with a dress from Forever 21

Shoes: Target

Necklace: Kohls



Just running a couple errands, and having lunch with a friend and her boys! I like to wear skirts a lot during the summer due to it being HOT! I hate the hot weather, and skirts keep me cooler.

necklace close upshoes – they are the first pair of sandals that haven’t rubbed my heels

Shirt: Target

Tanktop:  Nursing cami from Target

Skirt: The Loft

Sandals: Steve Madden (Gift)

Necklace: Target (I think, it’s been awhile)

Watch: Target (My $10 Fossil Look alike)



Going to Weight Watchers meeting and running around looking for a bath ring for Luke since he has grown out of his puj tub.

Dress: Lauren Conrad @ Kohl’s

Caridgan: Target

Necklace: I made it

Shoes: Steve Madden (Gift)


Hmmm…. looking at these pictures make me realize how badly I need to get my bangs cut! Must call stylist immediately.


Weight Watchers this week was great. I am down another pound. I was shocked I had lost because I have not been staying on track this past week well at all. Lots of emotional things happening and I am a emotional eater. So I am hoping this next week will be better since I am back on track now. :)


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