I started this year with one little word as my guide: Seek     I have seen scrapbookers use this method to motivate their year and have always loved the idea but never done it. This year I thought I would try it out.  So I thought and thought and finally settled on Seek.

Psalm 9:10
Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord , have never forsaken those who seek you.

This year I want to seek God more and improve me personal relationship with him because the last couple years I have been way to lax and excused my laziness with being a new mother. But there are no excuses in my book for not working on my relationship with God.  So I strive to seek God and His plans for my life as best I can.


This year I want to seek myself. In that I want to find my niche, be confidant in myself, body image, personality, beliefs, everything, and that will take some seeking to get there because I always had issues with confidence and knowing exactly who I am. I don’t know if I will get to the point of being perfectly myself as we are always changing and nobodies perfect. I would like to start down that path of loving myself and being happy with what I am and where I am currently instead of always dreaming of what could be.

This year I want to seek how to make these last months as a family of three memorable and also seek out how to be a great mother as we transition into being a family of four. My husband and I fully believe our children are the Lords and He has intrusted them to us to care for, love, and raise them in a Christ like manner. I haven’t been doing the best job on being a fun and Christ like mom lately with feeling so awful with this pregnancy but I am hoping to seek out how to find that balance for the rest of my pregnancy, and continue it throughout the year.

This year I want to seek out simplicity. I have to much stuff. :) To put it simply! ha. I would like to declutter, detach myself from stuff, and get rid of things. This also stretches to organizing and being on top of things like meal planning, activities and such. I am relatively organized but I like pretty things and my crafting, thrifting, vintage loving self has issues with leaving things behind. ;) So seeking simplicity is a must this year as our family expands.


Do you have a word this year? I would love to hear about it or just your goals.

The photos in this post have nothing to do with my word of the year. I did the 10 on 10 and haven’t got to post them yet. But as you can see it was a lazy day at home. ;) One of the best ways to spend your day.


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Insta Friday

Joining in with Jeanette at liferearranged today for Insta Friday! Come link up, or just check out all the fun peeks into everyone’s life’s. ;)


working on my December daily album…in Janruary /Luke is growing to fast about to make the transition to all 3T / cutting scraps and scraps for my #scrappytripalong quilt

He’s a fan of shovels and rakes..part of his collection / #scrappytripalong is growing (check out the hashtag on instagram for tons of beautiful quilts)

It was 35 degrees we called it a heat wave and escaped to the park / #scrappytripalong top done! I did Christmas theme since I have been wanting to make a Christmas Quilt for several years and can never get it done before Christmas / I got a new rug! from they had a 60% off sale and it was just over a $100 (squeal) now they have a 35% off sale

this hair everyday, it can not be tamed / playing at a friends house / quilting a vintage sheet plus quilt

binding is ready to go (and currently half done)  / making a plea to Uncle Doug for a HooRag / taking inventory and doing some planning and scheming for my shops look and stock this year. It’s woollypetals on etsy if your interested! ;) (shameless plug)


I love Instagram and am there multiple times daily, usually! So come find me if you want, woollypetals, or just check in here on the blog every couple weeks. :)


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Goodbye March – Hello April

Another Month down, this year is going fast. I didn’t do super great for March’s challenge. I think I missed 5 or 6 days. So I just dropped in photos from that day that where close enough. :)

Here’s to Another Month joining in with FatMumSlim’s Awesome challenge.   Will You be joining in this month? Follow me on Instagram if you are. Kristin Rauch or Woollypetals will find me.


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It’s a New Year

The New Year always is so nice for me. I love the fresh start, the blank slate, the ability to make the year as wonderful as I envision.
(A little girl’s room I just finished painting on Friday)

I am not to good at keeping New Year’s Resolutions, so last year I tried the New Month Resolution. It consisted on a new resolution each month, that way I only had roughly 30 days to stick to it. It was good, I stuck to my resolutions and carried on a few longer than a month. But the downfall was I only did this for about half a year. After that I let it go.

So….. this year I am making goals. Lifestyle changes that I hope will make my life closer to what I want it to be.
(yummy cracker cookies I made today)

Here are a few of the things I look to work on this year.

– Take more pictures
– Move more i.e. exercise/dance/walk
-Spend more personal time with God i.e. prayer/worship/reading the word
-Make something weekly at minimum
-Live in the present…. not for the future

This year is promising to be a great year. My husband and I are glad to be on the good side of some bad things that have happened in the past couple years and are so happy that this will be our first year without a weight on our shoulders. It’s exciting and thrilling.

Happy New Year!