It’s a New Year

The New Year always is so nice for me. I love the fresh start, the blank slate, the ability to make the year as wonderful as I envision.
(A little girl’s room I just finished painting on Friday)

I am not to good at keeping New Year’s Resolutions, so last year I tried the New Month Resolution. It consisted on a new resolution each month, that way I only had roughly 30 days to stick to it. It was good, I stuck to my resolutions and carried on a few longer than a month. But the downfall was I only did this for about half a year. After that I let it go.

So….. this year I am making goals. Lifestyle changes that I hope will make my life closer to what I want it to be.
(yummy cracker cookies I made today)

Here are a few of the things I look to work on this year.

– Take more pictures
– Move more i.e. exercise/dance/walk
-Spend more personal time with God i.e. prayer/worship/reading the word
-Make something weekly at minimum
-Live in the present…. not for the future

This year is promising to be a great year. My husband and I are glad to be on the good side of some bad things that have happened in the past couple years and are so happy that this will be our first year without a weight on our shoulders. It’s exciting and thrilling.

Happy New Year!

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