Lock it & Latch it

Luke loves to figure things out, he is constantly asking what’s that noise, what does that do, how does that work, and don’t get me started on things he can open, latch, tinker with. I am not sure if this is a normal toddler thing or boy thing as he’s my first but it makes for some fun and dangerous times. :)

So….I made him a latch board. I have wanted to make one for the past year for him but after seeing Young House Love’s they made their daughter this year I put it on the top of the New Year’s list.  Young House Love’s DIY is super comprehensive so if you are looking for detailed pictures of the actual process check out there post.

I simply grabbed some of the cabinet grade finished plywood I had left over from Luke’s train table and cut it down to 23″wide x 30″ tall. I then sanded the heck out of it reducing my sandpaper grit a couple times to make sure it was super smooth with no splinter possibilities since I am not planning on sealing it.  Once it was smooth and ready to go I marked out the strips and used Frog Tape (seriously amazing) and taped off the stripes. I rubbed all the edges of the tape nice and good so there was no bleeding.

Once the stripes where dry (two coats Martha Stewart craft paint in satin Meadowlark) I laid out all my latches and handles and screwed them all down.  I used  a couple Utility Handles, Key Locking Hasp, Barrel Bolt, Gate Hook and Eye, Adjustable Staple Hinge Hasp, Sash Lock, Door Chain, Several Carabiners, and Screw Eyes. I found some in my miscellaneous junk and bought the rest at Home Depot. There is probably a ton of other stuff you can use.

I had it sitting out for him when he came downstairs one morning and he played with it for a good 30 minutes straight. Several days later he is still loving it. It will be mounted to a wall in his play area in the basement and the top stripe is empty because I am going to add numbers across the top.


Have you made a latch or gadget board for your munchkin? Leave me a link so I can check it out.

I have several boards pinned on my Luke Danger Board on Pinterest if you would like to check out some others for inspiration.


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What I Wore – made for me

I thought I would hop back on the What I Wore Wednesday train since I was totally liking my outfit this evening. I am linking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy again.


I just got these pants last week and love them! I wasn’t sure I could pull off the colored pants trend, especially this light. But I found these at a fantastic price and they fit great, so I went for it. These pants have been dubbed the sans Luke pants as I am too scared to wear them around Luke. So like tonight I wore them to Bible Study sans Luke. :)

You may recognize the fabric as the same as the back of Luke’s quilt. lol! I realized it when I was writing that post. It’s a thrifted sheet I found a while ago and I used it to make this shirt thinking that if it didn’t turn out it cost me $2. But I actually ended up liking the shirt a lot, and I wear it at least once a week.  I drafted the pattern myself from a similar shirt that I already owned.

I thought I would give an ode to my lovely sandals, that broke shortly after this picture. Ugh! I will be getting them fixed as they are some of my favorites. I wear them sooo much! I kinda like this color combo, you know with a pop or coral or lemon yellow thrown in. ;)


Outfit Details:

Shirt: Made by me

Pants: Loft

Shoes: Steve Madden ( I know they broke, but I have had them awhile and wear them at least 6x a week, and have them in another color. so I would recommend them)

This outfit post is proving to me that I need to step out of my comfort zone more often as both the pants and shirt where just that, and I love them. Have you stepped out of your comfort zone in fashion lately? You should!

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Roaring End!



It’s done! Luke’s Lion Quilt.

I started it awhile back, sharing photos on Instagram as I went along. If you want to follow me on IG my screen name is woollypetals. My inspiration quilt as I shared before was this wonderful lion quilt from Knotty Bits. Her quilt is amazing.

I started with the idea that I wanted to do something similar with printed strips of fabric for the mane.  Once I got all the pieces sen together I loved the ragged edges and how that looked so I decided to hand stitch all the edges down. Definitely took awhile, but I LOVE the way it turned out.  I added a border because I wanted it to be a nice size for when he moves to a toddler bed size.

I quilted the mane with the pebble stitch, and did rays out from the edge of the mane. I also did some straight lines on the face. I used a simple navy and white thrift sheet for the back, and a gray and white houndstooth for the binding. It may be my favorite quilt I have ever made. It is so fun.

Something so fun too, I was perusing a Gap online sale and found the pjs below on sale. How perfect are they? I should probably buy them in every size so he has some to match for several years. ;) Okay…well that may be overkill. But the matching makes me a bit giddy.

Has anybody made a special quilt for there little ones? I would love to see it.

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