Work it

This summer Luke and I revamped a toolbench for him. I forgot to take a before picture and have searched my phone archives for one to no avail., it was this bench but in blue.  I purchased the bench from a resale for $15 and it sat in my garage unplayed with until Luke was about 18 months old. He played with it that summer periodically when we were outside but not that much. Once he turned two he started playing with it a ton when we where outside as his love of tools and construction have grown exponentially since he was 18 months old.


Before Norah was born we started working on it together. It had gotten beaten up in the garage and pulling it out in the sun to play with so we sanded it down and removed the drawer. I then sprayed painted all the parts separately before putting it back together, including the new peg board I cut to attach to the back.  I found some fun peg board accessories including the baskets at Home Depot.  We also added buckets, although we have orange ones now, to the bottom shelf for more storage so his plethora of tools would have a good landing spot.

One of the best parts about the bench is the holes. They were already in it when first purchased so I can’t take credit. ;) But they are the perfect size for play screws and give a real sense of building something.

To say he was thrilled may be a bit of an understatement! From his love of building to the torturous months it took us to finish. I cannot tell you how many times he would ask me if we could work on his tool bench. He was so excited to have it done and inside.  It now resides in our basement play area, which I have a tour of coming up shortly as we have had some changes since the last tour.

Have you built a tool bench for your littles? I would love to check it out. This was such a fun project and simple enough that Luke was able to help at almost all stages.


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around here lately…

Lately we’ve been hanging out at home a lot more. I’m tired a lot! :) But growing a human will do that to you.  Lucky Charms have been a staple in our diet lately. I crave cereal, and only eat it when I’m pregnant, this time around it’s Lucky charms. Hmm…now I want some lucky charms. ;)

Luke got his first taste not to long ago and has started requesting them for breakfast. :) I indulge him occasionally. He’s getting really good at drinking the milk at the end.


But even though we are taking it slower lately I do have some things to share later this week. A tutorial, a single girl quilt, and hopefully I can get a post up about my project life this week or next, a project that I am seriously loving. See you later this week!


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Lock it & Latch it

Luke loves to figure things out, he is constantly asking what’s that noise, what does that do, how does that work, and don’t get me started on things he can open, latch, tinker with. I am not sure if this is a normal toddler thing or boy thing as he’s my first but it makes for some fun and dangerous times. :)

So….I made him a latch board. I have wanted to make one for the past year for him but after seeing Young House Love’s they made their daughter this year I put it on the top of the New Year’s list.  Young House Love’s DIY is super comprehensive so if you are looking for detailed pictures of the actual process check out there post.

I simply grabbed some of the cabinet grade finished plywood I had left over from Luke’s train table and cut it down to 23″wide x 30″ tall. I then sanded the heck out of it reducing my sandpaper grit a couple times to make sure it was super smooth with no splinter possibilities since I am not planning on sealing it.  Once it was smooth and ready to go I marked out the strips and used Frog Tape (seriously amazing) and taped off the stripes. I rubbed all the edges of the tape nice and good so there was no bleeding.

Once the stripes where dry (two coats Martha Stewart craft paint in satin Meadowlark) I laid out all my latches and handles and screwed them all down.  I used  a couple Utility Handles, Key Locking Hasp, Barrel Bolt, Gate Hook and Eye, Adjustable Staple Hinge Hasp, Sash Lock, Door Chain, Several Carabiners, and Screw Eyes. I found some in my miscellaneous junk and bought the rest at Home Depot. There is probably a ton of other stuff you can use.

I had it sitting out for him when he came downstairs one morning and he played with it for a good 30 minutes straight. Several days later he is still loving it. It will be mounted to a wall in his play area in the basement and the top stripe is empty because I am going to add numbers across the top.


Have you made a latch or gadget board for your munchkin? Leave me a link so I can check it out.

I have several boards pinned on my Luke Danger Board on Pinterest if you would like to check out some others for inspiration.


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Insta Friday

It’s Friday and I am actually on time and joining in the Instagram fun. It has been a long couple of weeks and I am tired. In a good way. I have just had a lot of projects that are not share worthy, at least yet.  But enough about that.  Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to lately.


bath time is always fun for this guy /thrifting luck / sick boy

custom owls/ daddy and chicken luke / Construction Luke – he calls himself Thomas when he puts on that hat

falling backwards on the sofa is too fun / posing? future model? lol / building with daddy

finished the base for my December daily album – I will finish it this year / Luke’s b-day gift came, he wanted to open it /silly boy

Luke got a new coat / riding the escalator with daddy / I finished one dining room chair makeover


“washing dishes” / my new bulldog earrings, LOVE / Eskimo Luke


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The Dinosaur Tutorial is coming up this weekend. Sorry it’s taking longer than expected to edit. :)

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InstaFriday #8

Whelp, there goes that week! ;) I was busy busy. Social Media and blogging took a backseat to life this week. But I think that’s a good thing. I am working on being inspired by my surroundings, my family and friends, and less by the worldwide web. I also have been deep in redoing my husbands home office.

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Bathtime before daddy returned from a looong week away / I hosted 10 tween girls for a birthday painting party, more details next week / Luke being himself

David Office during painting /messy eater! / Lunch with his buddies

my handsome fellows / He was running around in just a diaper after his bath with his guitar so we had to grab a hat and have a mini photo shoot / beans, beans, and more beans. still a favorite

I love this picture! I was working out , first time doing crossfit, and he was playing with his new camera I made him. I had to snap a quick picture. Definitely getting this printed to hang on the wall.


What have you been up to lately? Does Social Media take over your life sometimes like it does me? :) Let me know if your on Instagram. I am always looking for new people to follow.


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I thought I would share a few of my weekly instagrams here since this is my main way of documenting life.

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We flew to Florida for a few days to play with cousins while the Husband worked at his office down there. / I worked on hexagons during naptime in Florida. / Luke had so much fun with his Cousins.

Lunching with these two boys is my favorite. / Some treasures I found while thrifting, was a super lucky day. / My second run of the month, it was rough.

I rather liked the outfit I wore on Sunday, it was a blouse I unearthed in my closet. /My little helper. / I linked up with the pinterest Challenge. Check it out for some great inspiration.

We saw goats at the zoo, Lukes favorite thing. / A new cape I made for Luke, post coming soon. / Our first harvest, a tiny red pepper…and gone.


I do love Instagram. It’s like a pictoral Facebook, I need more of my real life friends to get on there so I can quit Facebook all together. ;) Just kidding….kind of! I’m woollypetals on Instagram if you want to seek me out.


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Dedicated to Daddy

For Fathers Day we had a little fun making Daddy a Present.

I set up a 9′ x 12′ sheet of plastic in our back patio area, and set out three regular sized poster boards. I picked up some washable paints from JoAnn’s in blue, green, and yellow and placed one color on each paper plate with a brush.  Then I got the little Man, stripped him down to a diaper and let him have at it.

He was a tiny bit apprehensive. You want me to do what? is what I imagine going through his head. But he quickly got into it.  He was very serious the whole time, and mainly painted with his hands after a few initial strokes with the brush. Although he clutched those brushes pretty much the whole time.

It was rather comical. I would recommend another adult or older child present. I was using my good camera, running here and there trying not to get touched, guiding him a bit, worried he would try to eat it. He didn’t. :) I would also like to try different paints, I have seen vegetable based paints floating around the internet, and may try them. This paint was necessary to scrub off in the tub. It did not leave any marks or color residue though. So that’s good.

But it was worth it!  This was the most concentrated effort, mostly painted at the beginning of the experience. Daddy loved it and that’s all that matters.

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Beans, beans, beans.

BEANS, BEANS, BEANS! We love them! Luke asks to play “beans” 10 times a day!

I bought a 2lb bag of dry beans and a container with a lid at Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago. It is a big hit. We put a big queen size sheet down on the floor to catch them and make clean up easier.  I grab a couple mixing bowls and cups, measuring cups, trucks, whatever. He scoops, dumps, tosses, sits in, drives through them, and has a good time for a good 30 minutes or more.

And when he’s done or gets to crazy, i.e. throwing beans all over the place or off the sheet. They clean up in a minute and tuck away in there own little container. So fun! I highly recommend you try it with you toddler. Oh and yes he ate a couple the first time. But no harm done they are just beans. ;)

I would love to hear if you try it or even better, see pictures!


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