Dedicated to Daddy

For Fathers Day we had a little fun making Daddy a Present.

I set up a 9′ x 12′ sheet of plastic in our back patio area, and set out three regular sized poster boards. I picked up some washable paints from JoAnn’s in blue, green, and yellow and placed one color on each paper plate with a brush.  Then I got the little Man, stripped him down to a diaper and let him have at it.

He was a tiny bit apprehensive. You want me to do what? is what I imagine going through his head. But he quickly got into it.  He was very serious the whole time, and mainly painted with his hands after a few initial strokes with the brush. Although he clutched those brushes pretty much the whole time.

It was rather comical. I would recommend another adult or older child present. I was using my good camera, running here and there trying not to get touched, guiding him a bit, worried he would try to eat it. He didn’t. :) I would also like to try different paints, I have seen vegetable based paints floating around the internet, and may try them. This paint was necessary to scrub off in the tub. It did not leave any marks or color residue though. So that’s good.

But it was worth it!  This was the most concentrated effort, mostly painted at the beginning of the experience. Daddy loved it and that’s all that matters.

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One thought on “Dedicated to Daddy

  1. Leslie says:

    this is cute!!! you are a good mom for letting him go for the messy fun. i tried finger paints with Avery when she was little and she hated it. didn’t like being dirty….but this Delilah is so different. maybe i should let her give this project a try.

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