Lets take a tour

Welcome to my Family room and sewing space. It’s been coming along slowly but surely. I had a painting party in it last night with some lovely ladies and so it was super cleaned up and I thought this would be the perfect time to share it in it’s current state.

The above picture is peeking over the stairwell coming down. If you where to go to the right at the bottom you would hit the play area as I posted about awhile back. Also the laundry room which I will not be sharing is that direction too. :)


This is the living space. I recently acquired these amazing yellow chairs for $10 each at my local Goodwill. Some of you may have seen them before on Instagram when I totally geeked out about finding and buying them. They work so perfectly down here. I wasn’t sure the yellow would work since it’s bright, but it does and if I ever decide I can have them reupholstered in the future.  Did you notice the AWESOME rug I found at Homegoods the other day? I Love it so much, and bam it was only $50.

We have a Ginormous tv down here on “loan” from some amazing friends. Its our movie tv, I am hoping to find a cool old dresser to put it on so I can have more hidden storage.  :) The above view is looking from my desk the stairs are up to the right.

My slowly growing stack of suitcase. Yes I do store things in them. Our house was built in the 50’s with very few closets, so I have to get creative with storage. :)

This is looking back at the stairs and the play area beyond. The sofa is the the right with the sewing room behind. You may notice my snap frame got moved down here from upstairs. It matches the chairs perfectly.

Okay swinging back around to see the sofa in it’s half slip covered state. (need to buy more fabric) You can look back to see my whole sewing space. That door leads to an outdoor stairwell.

The view straight back from the tv. We are contemplating hanging curtains behind the sofa so we can close off the sewing room space when it’s messy, which is 90% of the time. :)

My sewing space. It is so much better than my weirdly shaped bedroom (which is currently Lukes room) which works so much better as a bedroom rather than a sewing space.  I found this china hutch to use as storage. I would like to paint it but it’s heavy and huge, so not sure that’s going to happen anytime soon. The table has leaves that drop down if I need them to. The white table to the right is one I made for my old sewing space and transfered here.  My sewing machines live here.  If you turn to the right of the table above you hit this shelf and closet below.

The closet has lots of not super pretty craft supplies in it, and the shelves hold lots of books, magazines, and treasures.

If you stand in the corner by the closet you can look out onto the whole space. These short bookcases back the sofa and hold scrap baskets and all my current projects in baskets.  I was setting up for my paint party before these photos so that is whats on the table. I will be sharing the fun party soon.  Also do you see that gloriously beautiful sewing machine on the white table on the left? It’s my birthday/Christmas2012 present. I will be posting about it soon too. But I just got it last week on my birthday and it is AMAZING!

This is my little desk are where all the blogging happens, or lack there of. ;) I found that desk in the trash. Yep, and it’s awesome. Little hutch and all. My little collection of chairs hangs above my desk, they make me happy.

So that’s it, basically. There are lots of things I see and want to change, but I am trying to go slower, so I can save money and make sure it is what I want instead of jumping in and not 100% loving it.  If you want to know any details just ask. I am more than happy to oblige. Oh and if your ever in my area let me know I would love to have you over to craft.

Thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “Lets take a tour

  1. Leslie says:

    This is such a great sewing space. I am So jealous!!!!

    Love the new machine!!

    I would crazy love to live nearby so we could craft and sew together. Your hutch of fabric was making me drool
    A little.

  2. Sandy says:

    I love your craft space!! It is so happy and seems to be filled with lots of goodies!! Wish I were close enough to stop by!!

  3. Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} says:

    Mkay so I want to come over and sew with you too!:) I’m in New York though:( Your entire space is drool worthy. Isnt it wonderful to have a space to create? I love mine:http://www.handbagsnpigtails.com/search/label/Sewing%20studio. Since I went back to teaching last fall I haven’t been able to spend much time in it sadly.
    Im still curious as to the source of your artwork pieces on the wall. (The girls?) I would love one or two for my girls’ rooms.

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