around here lately…

Lately we’ve been hanging out at home a lot more. I’m tired a lot! :) But growing a human will do that to you.  Lucky Charms have been a staple in our diet lately. I crave cereal, and only eat it when I’m pregnant, this time around it’s Lucky charms. Hmm…now I want some lucky charms. ;)

Luke got his first taste not to long ago and has started requesting them for breakfast. :) I indulge him occasionally. He’s getting really good at drinking the milk at the end.


But even though we are taking it slower lately I do have some things to share later this week. A tutorial, a single girl quilt, and hopefully I can get a post up about my project life this week or next, a project that I am seriously loving. See you later this week!


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2 thoughts on “around here lately…

  1. Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} says:

    Every time I get a new peek of your dining room I get all giddy:) All us girls are home sick today from school. No fun, they’re bored so I’m off to play LIFE in a minute.
    Oh and as for Lucky Charms? They are “momma’s cereal” around here and I hide them. Don’t judge:) In this house, cereal never lasts long.

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