Flea Market Loot

So… Yes, I had a Flea Market Booth and I sold lots of stuff. But I also bought a few things! ;) So I thought I would share with you guys!

I found some truly fantastic stuff! Several feed sacks, some of which are bright yellow (already working on a project with these), a lovely vintage quilt top for $10 (It is in rough shape so I will be cutting it up), some fun quilt blocks,  an awesome suitcase, some mini glass ornaments, a giant world map, new england ginger ale label, a playskool wooden mailbox, the cool canvas is hand written and I LOVE it, a and can you even handle the christmas tin? I couldn’t and for $1 I HAD to buy it.


Yes, I may have too much fun at Flea Markets! My favorite score to date is a vintage USA pull down map in the yummiest of colors. You may have caught a glimpse of it in various home pictures. It cost me a whopping $6. Have you ever scored big or found one of your favorite treasures at a flea market?


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Quick Thrift Thursday

My Thursday was a little different this week. Luke and I had a lazy morning and then went to a friends house to play with some little friends for the afternoon.

So on the way home instead of grabbing some groceries I stopped in at Savers. (Don’t worry we didn’t starve)

I found a few treasures. Two flat sheets, both polka dots. Hmmm… The white sheet looks brand new and has multicolored dots all over it. The aqua and white polka dot sheet is gently used. I also found this cute little suitcase complete with monogram.

I have to say that although I liked the suitcase at first glance, I may not have bought it if it weren’t for the monogrammed initials. I just think it’s so fun when someone monograms their luggage. I love the history and the story behind something like this. It’s just cool to imagine who E.C.P was.

I also picked up this pillowcase. It has this design on both sides. I LOVE it. But I am clueless what I will do with it.  Although if I had a beach house or screened in porch it would be made into two smaller pillows to adorn a bench or sofa. Alas I have no screened in house, nor beach house. So maybe a wall hanging, or the middle of a quilt? Time will tell. :)

I am thinking of either doing my thrifting on a different day than Thursday, or moving my thrifting posts to Fridays. I don’t have time to write my posts during the day, so I always do them after Luke’s in bed and have them scheduled to post in the morning. So I am not sure, but next week if  Thrifting Thursday shows up as Friday Finds, or something none cheesy like that. That’s why!

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Snippets of space

Here are a few snippets of our basement family room.

My stack of vintage luggage. The top two are from random thrift stores for a buck or two each, the bottom two I recently found at the Kane County Flea Market for less than $15 each.

A side table collective. The Owl is a recent purchase from Homegoods, and the artwork is from A Vintage Poster and is matted with green vine fabric for a punch of color.

Some pillows on the sofa. The navy and white I made with fabric from Calico Corners, the orange I made from a cotton velvet from Joann’s several years ago, and the tiny bit of green you see in the foreground is a dwell studio pillow from Target.

A stack of vintage thrifted books sits under my thrifted orange lamp.

Oh and who doesn’t love seeing pictures of a cute, happy, drooly baby?

I will be showing more of the basement soon. I just have one or two more projects to finish. But you can see the play area here if you like?

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Thrifting Thursday! on Friday

So my Friend Ronda and I went thrifting yesterday and I just couldn’t quite get this post done in time. But I am hoping to make this a weekly installment.

We checked out this new to us thrift: Village Discount Outlet in Addison, IL. It was a good stop. Big, with mostly clothes, but some good homegoods stuff too.


Some of my finds included a wood picture, a mini navy blue suitcase, two bird wall art scupltures to be painted, a gnome embroidery kit, 4 wood engraved placemats?, and a couple clothing items (not pictured).

The gnome embroidery kit got me for the sketches on the back and the too cute picture on the front. Even if I never do this I will enjoy looking at him for a mere $1.80.

The wooden engraved, what I think are placemats, are just neat. I am not sure what I will do with them, but  I couldn’t pass them up for $.90 each.

Oh and the mini navy blue suitcase, oh how I love thee! I am slowly building a cute tower of suitcases and this one joined the pack for $.90.


Keep those birds in mind as I will will share them once they are painted and hung in my home.


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