Flea Market Loot

So… Yes, I had a Flea Market Booth and I sold lots of stuff. But I also bought a few things! ;) So I thought I would share with you guys!

I found some truly fantastic stuff! Several feed sacks, some of which are bright yellow (already working on a project with these), a lovely vintage quilt top for $10 (It is in rough shape so I will be cutting it up), some fun quilt blocks,  an awesome suitcase, some mini glass ornaments, a giant world map, new england ginger ale label, a playskool wooden mailbox, the cool canvas is hand written and I LOVE it, a and can you even handle the christmas tin? I couldn’t and for $1 I HAD to buy it.


Yes, I may have too much fun at Flea Markets! My favorite score to date is a vintage USA pull down map in the yummiest of colors. You may have caught a glimpse of it in various home pictures. It cost me a whopping $6. Have you ever scored big or found one of your favorite treasures at a flea market?


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What I Pin and Why 2

What I Pin and Why. A little late, but whatever! ;)

I have been dreaming and scheming up ways to revamp my backyard and patio area on the cheap. :) We have plans in a year or two when Luke can run around to do some major reno of the fence, patio, deck. It all is in dire need of some love. But since we don’t use the backyard that much currently we (my hubby) aren’t to keen on sinking money into it right now.

I am in a current state of weeding and prepping the gardens for some rearranging of plants and getting the patio set up so that we can use it more. I already have two outdoor parties planned for the next couple of months.

These beautiful trellis fence things caught my eye on pinterest and I think I need to make them. Well maybe my dad needs to make them. I don’t lack the skills just the time. ;)

The would be the perfect solution to a weird wooden fence seperating our patio from our grass. It is super ugly and visually disturbs the flow, but is nice to have a little separation. So these fence trellis X’s may be just the fix, they would give a taller smarter separation yet keep the visual flow open and airy. Love it!

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Dedication Prep

We are having Luke Dedicated at our Church on Sunday! He is 5 1/2 months old, where has the time gone? I am lapsing in doing his monthly posts but I will share more soon. :)

We are having a small lunch at our home after the dedication, so of course I have to make a few decorations. :) It should be fun! I love having mini parties at our house and plan to do it a lot this summer.
I will share pics next week of the festivities and decor. :)

Oh and the little peanut himself!

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What I Pin and Why!

I thought I would start a new weekly(hopefully) feature on my blog. I am so enamored with pinterest that I wanted to share a pin weekly and why I pin it.

I love pining up my inspiration and seeing others and I often wonder why people have pinned something or what it is inspiring them to. :)

pinned via birchandbird via country living onto my home inspirations board

I love vintage suitcases and have a few. But have never been sure what to do with them since stacking them doesn’t warrant everyday use of say the case on the bottom. ;) I love pretty things but I (and my husband) appreciate them more when they can be useful and not just a big bulky vignettes in our home.
So I was thinking why not use a suitcase to house Luke’s keepsakes. Therefore as we have more children I can create a stack (or, let’s be honest, have one already) and use a suitcase per child to hold keepsakes, artwork, etc… This is something I won’t have to access daily and will allow me to continue my love of vintage suitcases.

Genius! So when I saw this picture I had to pin it to remember this idea, and to share with my husband in the event he asked why on earth there is a stack of suitcases in so and so room. ;)

Do you pin? What do you pin? Let me know and I will check out your boards.

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Happy Happy Mother’s Day!

I know it’s almost over but I just wanted to give a shout out to all the mom’s out there on this Mother’s Day. :)

(my beautiful Mom and Luke)

Thank you Mom for being the best mother I could ask for and a fabulous Gramma too! We love you and are so very blessed to have you in our lives.

(Luke today at Lunch taken by Daddy’s phone)

Luke’s gift to me was sleeping 9 hours straight! Whoohoo! Daddy’s gift to me was an ipad2! Whoohoo! I am so very blessed beyond words.

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p.s. I have oodles of pictures of Luke to share soon! I just have to find to time to sort them.

Good Friday!

It’s Good Friday and I sit here remembering, waiting, and playing. :)

I am remembering my Father in Heaven who gave his life for me. I am blessed beyond measure.

I am waiting for my parents to arrive and Luke to wakeup.

I am playing with pictures of Luke’s play area.

Let’s revisit pre-renovation. The stairs on the right go up to the main floor. Straight ahead is a faux fireplace. This area was like a hallway and I used it for storage.

The new space was enlarged a bit, and the laundry room door was relocated to right around the corner of the stairs (instead of being way back at the opposite end of the basement as the staircase.) Above you can see the overhang hiding vents, and the framed in plug door hiding the water gauge (a project in process). Below you can see one of the inlets for built in bookcases and the laundry room door into the yet to be redone laundry room.

And the new play area, not quite done, but I just couldn’t wait. ;)

Looking down on it from the stairwell. (which cast that ugly shadow at the top) We were able to enlarge the space a bit so it is a couple feet wider than the original space. I have some pillows for lounging when Luke is playing, a couple big jars for coin collection, and a metal bin full of blocks and lincoln logs. In the future once Luke is big enough we have a vintage child size jenny lind table and two chairs to paint and put in here.

The built in bookcases I built, they hold all our books and most of Luke’s toys and bigger kid toys for when friends + kids come to visit. I also sprinkled in a few decorative accessories for fun.

I am a big fan of vintage fisher price toys and have been lucky enough to find some for super cheap lately. I prefer the older toys to new ones, or wooden to plastic. But I am sure as Luke gets older we will have lots of ugly toys too. :)

The other wall has vintage chalkboards hanging, and a giant frame from My grandpa’s house that I painted and am planning on putting a chalkboard in. I also hung the wire basket to hold jars for chalk and other doodad’s that I am sure will come as Luke grows.

On the final wall I have hung a few prints, some vintage, some handmade, some new. The giraffe I found at Homegoods, the paint by number is vintage, and the picture in the top left is a vintage painting of a circus, the little circle at the top is a hand stitched mustache I made the other day, and the brown frame on the right holds a hand stitched deer I did a while ago, the orange sign is from “a vintage poster” lastly a vintage mini clipboard holds a picture of Luke and his grandpa.

I feel especially blessed to be able to have this space for Luke and future siblings in a dry and new basement.

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p.s. I will be sharing more of the basement once I complete a few more projects in it. It is basically the same color scheme as the play just a little more grown up. ;)

I pin! Do you?

pinterest! Have you heard of it?

Oh my gosh it’s wonderful!
I was always bookmarking stuff in the past, when I liked it and then I would lose track of it. Or I would copy a picture into a file but forget to copy the web address. Pinterest pins the picture to a virtual bulletin board that you label and links to it to it’s pinned address. I love it.
I have boards for home, party, photo, beautiful things, projects, and I have lots more that I plan to make.
Check it out if you haven’t because you won’t regret it. If you want to find me I am under Kristin Rauch.
Have fun and be careful it’s addicting. ;)

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we’re here

We are here enjoying life. Luke is teething so he is loving anything fabric to suck on. I finally made him a crinkle owl. :) He loves it!

I have lots of little projects in the works to share soon. I just want to get them finished.
We are having 7 extra people in our house this weekend with all my family coming in for Easter. It will be a blast! I am thinking Luke will not be put down since he is 11 years the younger than the youngest cousin coming. :)

I am hoping to have some owls in the shop next week! :) I will share when I update. I also hope to show you those projects next week, at least something. I always feel like I have accomplished something when I get to the point that I am comfortable sharing it with all of you. :)

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life….or something like it

Life after having a baby is so dramatically different than what you think it will be. Yes it is filled with sweet baby smells, coos, smiles, clothes, and a myriad of other baby wonderfulness too. But it also filled with guilt, sleepiness, and sleeplessness, no time, stress, and lots of other mind stretching things.
Before I had Luke it was so easy to judge parents. I said so many things I would never do, and thought so many things about parents. The likes of, I would never let my house be this messy, I will be as mobile as ever, I will never let me kid miss a nap. yeah, um….

So I realize now parenting is super hard. There are things that come naturally, like being on high alert even when sleeping, and there are things that are tough like napping. :) I sit here writing this after a day of naps that didn’t happen because as soon as I laid Luke down he started crying, or his eyes popped open. I am struggling with the let them cry concept as I have down it for 5 minutes several times with less than half a success rate. More often Luke is hard to console once picking up than it is worth it. Not to mention the heartbreak I go through listening to his screams. I just don’t know if this method is for us, as well as it might work for other people. Yet I understand the need for consistent napping, as the days when it happens perfectly I have a happier baby that will continue to take naps well and fall asleep at night easily. But on days like today when I can’t get him to stay asleep unless I hold him for the duration, I am not sure what to do. Yes I have read the books, but I am a firm believer, now :), to do what will work best for you and your baby. It’s just finding out what that is that is hard.

And even though parenting is sooo hard. It is the MOST rewarding thing I have ever done. To see his little face smile up at me every morning when I go to get him is so amazing. To have him find me and smile when someone else is holding him, to be the only one that can feed him, to be the one that he giggles for the most. It’s all to wonderful to ever not want. :) I do believe the Lord makes babies in a way that when we are almost to our breaking point after a rough day, they know there momma’s need that special smile or look to melt there heart. :)

I am learning, slowly learning. I am realizing my life is no longer mine it is my son’s ( and future children) at least for a while. I am slowly becoming okay with the fact that my house isn’t always clean and tidy, that I don’t have a homemade meal on the table, or the dishes done, that the laundry gets done once a week, and my alone time is in the shower as quick as that may be on somedays. I know that what I do know for my son will shape him into a great man and I want to take the time to do that. I need to set aside the things that won’t change, like housework and laundry, and spend every second I can with the little man in my life that changes by the minute. I need to enjoy this time with him and take the time to learn how to be the parent he needs.

I guess I just felt the need to write this out so I can remember it all on tough days like today. I want to also explain why my blog my be more silent these days as it takes a back seat to my precious baby!

I appreciate you all who stop by my little piece of the world and encourage me with your comments. I will be around as I can with the projects I find time for.

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So I started out a couple of weeks ago with an idea to make an Alligator stuff animal. :) Not as easy as I thought.

The pattern looks perfect for shape, but once you account for seam allowances it takes a little to much off in some places.

So because he ended up with a long and narrow snout instead of a little wider like an alligator he is now a lizard! :)

I will still be working on the pattern to alter it to an alligator, I also want to play with the idea of an open mouth with felt or stuffed teeth. But I will also keep the lizard pattern as he is pretty cute. Plus we need more boy animals and toys in the crafty world.

I did sort of a patchwork look with the different areas of the body so he wouldn’t be boring. The eyes are stuffed and pop out of his head for more dimension. His feet are fabric and felt with iron on stiffener stitched in between. I also put some bells inside so he is sort of a rattle although he measures around 24″ long.

I think I will name him Maurice! ;)

Oh and just because he is too cute! Here’s a little dose of Luke.

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