Lovely Weather

On Sunday the weather took a drastic turn for the better. Saturday it was in the 90’s, Sunday in the 60’s. Wow, but awesome. I love this weather so much.

So the past couple days it has been fun to get dressed and find that nice balance of cozier clothing,while still keeping a  breezy look, since I am not quite ready for dark colors, boots, and scarfs here.

Today is the only day I took a picture. Oh well! Linking up to Lindsay at the Pleated Poppy today! I love her WIWW linky parties.

Wednesday: Weight Watchers Meeting, errands, and lunch at a friends

I LOVE wearing sandals with jeans. I love wearing sandals period. There’s just something about having your toes free and still be warm. But, I am always warm. :)

Top: Old Navy (just bought on clearance)

Cardigan: Target

Jeans: Old Navy ( Next Size down, YAY!)

Sandals: Steve Madden

Bracelet: Target

And at one point today I was wearing a super cute Robot necklace. I think I may have left it at my friends?


Weight Watchers: I am in a rut, a plateau. I gain a little, lose a little. It sucks. But our meeting today was about new beginnings. So I am jumping in full force and maybe I will have some significant loss to report the next couple weeks. :)


Some more farming this week!

Wow it seriously took me 4 days to write and get this post uploaded. I have to much to do lately.

Okay onto the blocks…..

Block # 4 Basket Weave

I like how it turned out. Simple and monochromatic, basically. :) Not sure of the fabrics, The green leaves is from a local quilting shop, and the other two are from Joanns.


Block #29 Economy

Love the colors I paired in this one. Kelly green is from Joann’s, the Pink zigzag I ordered online a long time ago. Michelle Miller? If anybody knows let me know and I will add it in. :)


Block #30 End of Day

This is one of my favorite color combos in general so I like this block a lot. Some Heather Bailey freshcut I believe, and then some red polka dots, and aqua floral from Joann’s.


Block #31 Evening Star

Oh I love this zigzag. I just got it at my local quilting store. The salvage says Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman. And I think an Amy Butler Fabric?


I am the worst at remembering fabrics because I usually just buy bits and pieces here and there and mix and match lines. I think the only large amount of a single line I ever bought was Joel Dewberry and that was for a specific quilt.


Anyway. Here are all my blocks so far.  I am sticking with going as scrappy as possible, yet sticking to brighter bolder colors and prints. I love seeing them all come together.

Check out the awesome Flickr group of wonderful Farmer’s Wife Blocks. I just can’t get enough.

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just another day

Do you ever have one of those days where everything you do or say could be made into a witty tagline, facebook status, twitter update? Yesterday was that kind of a day for me.  Today not so much! It’s been a long one all ready, but it’s just another day I guess.

It’s hot today. I am thus sharing  just one outfit from Monday? I think.

Monday:  Running Errands


Linking up to the Pleated Poppy today. Lindsay challanged us last week to pull something out of our closet that we haven’t worn in awhile and wear it a different way. While I did wear  dress I haven’t worn in a good two years this past week I forgot to take a picture before I was spit up all over. ;)  The problem is, I don’t have very many clothes that I haven’t worn in a while since I have been losing weight I am getting rid of all the to big clothes to help me stick to it and keep the weight off.   So… I pulled out this top, I wore it a lot when I was pregnant but not since then. I added a belt this time though.

Top: TjMaxx – can’t remember the brand-

Cardigan: Target

Capri’s: Target

Flipflops: Old Navy – these are my house sandals, I never wear them out.

Belt: Thrifted


Weight Watchers: I lost .8lbs last week Yay! This week I didn’t go due to a middle of the night long awakening by someone in the house.

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WIWW family addition!

This was a fun week for me clotheswise, for a couple reasons. I realized that I don’t have to nurse Luke out of the house to much anymore since he is eating 3 solid meals a day and mainly nurses for naps and bedtime.  Which opens up more possibilities in the way of clothing. i.e. dresses that don’t have a button top, long tunics with belts, real bras! ;) Yeah, that’s right.  This also makes me change clothes more than once a day if I am going out, say for dinner with the family, or with the ladies to a movie (after Luke’s in bed).

Outfit 1: Wednesday Night dinner out with my boys

This was  a prime example of changing before going out. My husband dresses up for work and so I like to wear a little bit nicer clothes if we go out f at night even if it’s just to Chipotle (Yum)! You know, jeans and a shirt(even a cute shirt) don’t really compliment men’s dress attire that well.

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft

Cardigan: Francesa’s

Sandals: Target

Necklace: Target ( and Yes Luke puts any necklace I wear right in his mouth, but I refuse to give them up)


My dates for the above outfit.

Luke: Outfit is Amy Coe for Babies’r’us David: I think everything is from Kohl’s except his 5th and Lamar slim fit shirt.

Outfit #2: Saturday night Harry Potter date with 4 lovely ladies

It’s been a bit cooler in the evenings, and it’s always slightly chilly in a movie theater. Which lead me to put on jeans for the first time in months and grab a cardigan. Oh and yes, it took us awhile to all find a date to go see Harry Potter, and yes we did see it in 3d (awesome), and yes I LOVED it. ;)

Shirt: Linen Tank for Gap Outlet

Caridigan: Anthropologie

Jeans: Old Navy

Flats: Salvation Army (Brand new from Target)

Necklace: Kohl’s

Here’s a close up of my cardigan addition.  I bought this cardigan for around %60 off at Anthropolgie in their sale department and with my birthday %15 off coupon. I love it, and had been looking for a mustard cardigan for 2 years. Yes, two years. So I was sad to discover a tiny hole on the shoulder the first time I wore it. I thought about returning it, but it was the only one they had, and the two year search was in the back of my mind. So I grabbed a couple cute neutral fabrics from my stash and cut out a bunch of circles. I backed them with the best heat and bond stuff I have ever used and ironed them on. I like it, and feel it adds a fun little extra touch.


Outfit #3: Fabric shopping and ladies bible study

I bought this tunic on Monday and LOVE it. Its comfy, cute, and was less than $20.

Tunic: Forever 21 (it’s probably a dress, but I can’t do that short ;)

Cardigan: Target

Belt: Borrowed from another Forever 21 Dress

Capris: Banana Republic Outlet

Sandals: Target

Shell Cuff: Gift from Brother and Sister-In-Law from I think Jamacia? or some other exotic local.



Weight Watchers: I gained 2.4 lbs last week. Boooooooo! ;) Oh well. I know why, I wasn’t following the plan well at all, and I seem to have a weakness for Chocolate Chip Cookies lately. I am hoping I did better this week.


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Blue Wednesday

I have decided two things from writing this post.

1. I wear a lot of blue. Even though I only am sharing two outfits this week, thinking back, I am not sure I went a day without wearing blue.  Hmm… I may need to think about other colors to enhance my wardrobe.

2. This photo angle gives me a double chin. In almost every picture. Oh well! I’m okay with it, obviously, since I’m sharing pictures of myself on the internet!

On to the Outfits!

Sunday: To church we did go

I belted my Sunday outfit again. Still not sure about the whole belt not in belt loops thing. But it worked since I had a button up top to nurse in, and I feel like I need to do more fitted on top when I wear a flowy skirt.


Top: J. Crew Outlet

Tank: Nursing tank from Target

Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet

Belt: Thrifted

Sandals: Target

Necklace: Lia Sophia


Tuesday: Ladies Bible Study

I have been looking for cute short sleeve cardigans and just found this one at Target this afternoon.  Does anybody else want to wear new clothes the same day they buy them. I always do if I am going out later. ;)

Cardigan: Target

Top: Francesca’s

Capris: Target

Sandals: Steve Madden (gift from my Bible study ladies several years ago)

Oh and I did put a necklace on when I left the house. But it’s not in the picture since Luke goes straight for them.


Yep, that’s about it! Since I am writing this on Tuesday night and Scheduling it for Wednesday I will have to update my Weight Watchers Stats  later today. I am not looking forward to weigh in as I had a rough food week.


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adventures in fashion

So I was a bit more experimental this week with my outfits. I have to say that I definitely am having more fun with fashion since I have lost some weight. And this Linking up to Leslie at the Pleated Poppy is making me stretch my comfort zone so my posts are more interesting and because I see SO MUCH fashion inspiration on Wednesdays.

Sunday- The belted Cardigan:

I have worn a belt like this, hmm… never! I was feeling adventurist on Saturday night when I picked out my Sunday church outfit. I find the mornings go so much smoother on Sunday’s when I know what I am going to wear, so I started picking my outfit on Saturday night before bed. Anyway, yes the belted cardigan/shirt. Love it on other people, always felt it made me look like I had a tummy. I think it just took me finding the right combo of shirt, cardigan, and bottoms. Because, shocked and amazed, I think it looks rather good. I was told I looked hot by a lovely friend at church. So yeah! ;)

Ruffled Top: The Loft

Cardigan: Target

Skirt: Old Navy

Belt: Came with a dress from Forever 21

Shoes: Target

Necklace: Kohls



Just running a couple errands, and having lunch with a friend and her boys! I like to wear skirts a lot during the summer due to it being HOT! I hate the hot weather, and skirts keep me cooler.

necklace close upshoes – they are the first pair of sandals that haven’t rubbed my heels

Shirt: Target

Tanktop:  Nursing cami from Target

Skirt: The Loft

Sandals: Steve Madden (Gift)

Necklace: Target (I think, it’s been awhile)

Watch: Target (My $10 Fossil Look alike)



Going to Weight Watchers meeting and running around looking for a bath ring for Luke since he has grown out of his puj tub.

Dress: Lauren Conrad @ Kohl’s

Caridgan: Target

Necklace: I made it

Shoes: Steve Madden (Gift)


Hmmm…. looking at these pictures make me realize how badly I need to get my bangs cut! Must call stylist immediately.


Weight Watchers this week was great. I am down another pound. I was shocked I had lost because I have not been staying on track this past week well at all. Lots of emotional things happening and I am a emotional eater. So I am hoping this next week will be better since I am back on track now. :)


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Lots of W’s

First, I am joining in on Lindsey, from the pleated poppy, and her What I Wore Wednesday Posts. So much cute Fashion inspiration over there. Check it out! I have been reading these posts for a while and have never gotten the nerve or the pictures to join. But here we go!

Outfit from Sunday:

Top: Banana Republic Outlet

Tank (under top): Nursing Tank from Target

Skirt: Jcrew Outlet

Shoes: Steve Madden / Nordstroms (gift)

Braclets: Random selection of a gift, one I made, and a leather one for High school

Sunglasses: Vera Wang for Kohl’s


Second, I joined Weight Watchers Back in March with a close friend and am having the best success in losing weight to date.  I have lost 30 lbs since getting to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I am posting this here, because I think it will be good accountability for myself as the past couple weeks I have hit a plateau, and I want to see my progress through weekly pictures. What better way to do that then pair it up with What I Wore Wednesday.

The above pictures are of my Weight Watchers Pocket Guide cover I made so I don’t look like a hug dork pulling it out everywhere I eat. :)

Okay that’s all my W’s today. I would post my what I’m working on, but I don’t have a picture and the child is getting into things he shouldn’t.


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It’s a New Year

The New Year always is so nice for me. I love the fresh start, the blank slate, the ability to make the year as wonderful as I envision.
(A little girl’s room I just finished painting on Friday)

I am not to good at keeping New Year’s Resolutions, so last year I tried the New Month Resolution. It consisted on a new resolution each month, that way I only had roughly 30 days to stick to it. It was good, I stuck to my resolutions and carried on a few longer than a month. But the downfall was I only did this for about half a year. After that I let it go.

So….. this year I am making goals. Lifestyle changes that I hope will make my life closer to what I want it to be.
(yummy cracker cookies I made today)

Here are a few of the things I look to work on this year.

– Take more pictures
– Move more i.e. exercise/dance/walk
-Spend more personal time with God i.e. prayer/worship/reading the word
-Make something weekly at minimum
-Live in the present…. not for the future

This year is promising to be a great year. My husband and I are glad to be on the good side of some bad things that have happened in the past couple years and are so happy that this will be our first year without a weight on our shoulders. It’s exciting and thrilling.

Happy New Year!