Ghost Pillow Tutorial

Learn how to sew an easy squishy soft ghost pillow using the Ghost Pillow Tutorial below.

Follow the Ghost Pillow Tutorial below to make a soft squishy ghost pillow. Download a printable version of this tutorial, along with the pattern file below.

Printable woollypetals ghost pillow tutorial

Printable woollypetals ghost pillow pattern pieces

Note: None of the links below are affiliated. I like to share what I used so it’s easier to find things if you are not making from your stash.


Ghost pillow measures roughly 13” w x 15” tall.

1/2 yd of fabric (I used fluffy fleece like this one)

Tiny scraps of black felt (I used a glitter felt from Benzie Handmade)

Fiber fill (I used Pellon Perfect Loft)

Thread to match fabric, and eyes and mouth

Sewing Machine, scissors, printer etc.

Pattern Assembly:

Download the Pattern Pieces file and print the 4 pages.

Tape the pages together by aligning the lines as stated on the pattern.

Cut out the pattern on the cut line.

Cut out the eyes and mouth pattern pieces as well.


Using assembled pattern Cut 2 Ghosts from fabric of choice. 1 Ghost should be in reverse or a mirror image.

Tip: I like to fold my fabric in half with right sides together and cut out both ghost pieces at once.

Cut 2 eyes and a mouth from black felt using separate pattern pieces.


On the front of the ghost, lay the eyes and mouth where you would like them to be.

Tip: you can use the paper pattern as a guide.

Top stitch the eyes and mouth onto the ghost front, sewing slightly in from the edge with a standard straight stitch. Back stitch at the beginning and end.

Note: Because felt doesn’t fray you are able to straight stitch this material on. If you would like to use a cotton fabric, I would recommend ironing a stabilizer like SF101 on the back of the eyes and or mouth and using an applique stitch or a blanket stitch around the edge.

Once the face is stitched down align the ghost front and ghost back rights sides together.

Sew together with a ½” seam allowance around the outer edge leaving a 3”-4” opening on one side, as noted on pattern. Back stitch at the beginning and end so your stitches don’t unravel.

>>>>>>Before you turn your ghost right side out. Clip the curved seams. Take your scissors and clip little slits along the seam allowance on any curved section about every 1/2”-1” apart clipping through the seam allowance almost up to the actual seam but not touching it or clipping through the seam. If you are unsure where to clip look at the seam allowance on the pattern pieces, there are dashes in all the curved sections that show you approximately where to clip. This clipping will allow for the fabric to ease around the curves and give a more finished look once turned.

I highly recommend this step as it makes a big difference on your finished product.


Turn your ghost pillow right side out by pulling it through the opening left in one side. Smooth all the curves and seams out flat.

Stuff with fiber fill to desired softness. I like to make it plump while still being flatter like a pillow. Using matching thread and a needle, whip stitch that opening closed.

Cuddle your Ghost Pillow.

Fun Alternatives:

I used an iron on glitter and added that to the felt before I cut the eyes, I also used the same iron glitter in gold and added the stars to my cotton fabric ghost in the picture above. Google iron on glitter and you can find some. Or use glitter felt which you can get at Benzie Handmade, I linked it in the supply list. I purchased my iron on glitter at Benzie Handmade but they currently only appear to sell glitter felt.  

You can use a quilting cotton, a faux fur, or any fabric you are comfortable with as the ghost body.


Corrine Sovey has a similar free pillow tutorial this year for a patchwork ghost pillow. Check hers out on the Bernina We All Sew blog and make a coordinating pair.

The star fabric ghost pillow in the last picture is my own fabric design called Starry Eyed, this color is caramel, available via Spoonflower. Check it out here including lots of other colors available. You can have this design printed on all the fabrics Spoonflower sells inclduing fleece or minky.

Happy Sewing! Please Please tag me and use the hastag #woollypetalstutorial if sharing on social media. It brings me such joy to see all the projects made from my patterns and tutorials.  

Ghost Party!!! Quilt Sew A Long

Let’s have a Ghost Party!!! Quilt Sew A Long. A very casual let’s all just sew together Sew A Long.

To join in the fun just grab your copy of the Ghost Party!!! Quilt Pattern from my etsy shop here.

Once you have the pattern, sew a long with everyone on Instagram, sharing whatever you want to share from your process. Use the hashtags #ghostpartyquilt and #ghostpartyquiltSAL and enjoy the community a Sew A Long creates.

I will select a winner at the end of the Ghost Party!!! Quilt Sew A Long who has a finished quilt (top only counts too) and has posted to the hashtag #ghostpartyquiltSAL. The prize will probably be a bundle of fabric. I will select a few people that have participated for some smaller prizes as well!! Ghost Party!!! Quilt Sew A Long ends October 31st. Winner will be selected first week of November 2022.

Really this is very very casual. I will be sharing each week what I am working on in my own Ghost Party Quilts I am currently making. That will give you an idea of where in the process you should be to be done in time to use the quilt by Halloween!

This is NO PRESSURE! Just have fun, sew some Ghosts, and enjoy everyone’s posts.

Ghost Party!!! Quilts I am making this month.

Because it’s fun to see what others are making… the whole point of a Sew A Long right? Here’s my plan.

Despite trying to reduce the amount of fabric in this fabric pull, I still ended up here. With a giant stack of fabric. But it’s going to be cool! So that’s fine.

I started with a bundle from Sewtopia and added quite a few in. They don’t have the specific bundle I bought available anymore but this Cottage Witch Bundle would be a good start to a fabric pull and is very similar to mine.

Oh and I may try and make one of the ghosts in this quilt black. We will see how that works out.

Obviously I can’t make just one Ghost Party!!! Quilt at a time so I am going to expand on the Ghost in a Garden Block I made.

I have loads of floral fabrics, but tend not to use the larger prints as much. I have also added a little to my stash for this one too. Lol. So it’s going to be very scrappy.

Which of these two are you most excited to see come to life? I’m just not sure myself, but maybe I am leaning towards the Ghosts in a Garden version. Time will tell.


Knot and Thread is amazing and offered to Sponsor this Casual Ghost Party!!! Quilt Sew A Long by offering a 20% discount to anybody who sends her a Ghost Party Quilt before December 31st, 2022. Check out her beautiful Quilting here. Kaitlyn just released an amazing Patchwork Duffle bag pattern, that I am dying to make, and has been hosting a Sew A Long for that you should check out too!

Thanks so much Kaitlyn!

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Ghost Party!!! Quilt Pattern Release

It’s October 1st so you know what that means?? It’s time for the Ghost Party!!! Quilt Pattern Release. This quilt is such a fun quilt to make and the result is super super cute.

Purchase a Ghost Party!!! Quilt PDF Pattern in my Esty Shop here.

The pattern is a traditionally pieced with the option to FPP the pieced squares if desired with the included FPP pattern pieces. The little stars are FPP or Applique only. The pattern is written to sew up the whole quilt of individual ghosts to make a mini quilt, pillow, or pieces a few together for a table runner or banner. The quilt measures 60″ wide X 72″ tall. The individual ghosts measure 18″ wide X 24″ tall. The difficulty of the pattern is recommended for a confident beginner and up.

The Ghosts

BOOne, jACCK, and AHHnna consecutively are a fun fraid…. ever heard that a collective group of ghosts is called a fraid? Pretty cute right? They all have a different personality visible with their features.

BOOne is made with eyes staring off to the side and smirk of a smile. jACCK is small but mighty and his mouth is ready to say the perfect BOO. Lastly AHHnna is made with wide eyed wonder and a sweet smile. The three ghost are all similar but with different features have their own personalities. Furthermore the pattern is easy to mix up the features to make your own unique ghosts.

Ghosts by Testers

I asked a few of my regular testers to whip out a couple ghost quickly for me to make sure this pattern was ready for the pattern release today.

Tracey of @tracybitsnpieces made these adorable ghosts that remind me of mermaids. She is added more and sharing as she does so definitely check those out.

Jane of @jenkaa55 made this super sweet ghost and she is also making more modeling them after her grandchildren and sharing on her social media.

Regina of @stargirl.leo made this bright and fun Ghost with a wide and happy smile. I love seeing ghosts made with a single fabric too.

Brittany of @bmariedavis made a single fabric ghost and background and her fabric combos never disappoint. I added applique stars to the pattern after her suggestion as well.

Stephanie of @stephkthomas made this awesome quilt using Tiny Treaters by Jill Howarth as the background adding in a few coordinates. She used solid white, creams, and beige for the ghosts.

More Ghost Party!!! Quilts and Blocks

I have made a few more versions and if time weren’t an issue I would make a million more. When I first started sewing up these block I used a fully scrappy black background and tested a few ideas with the softly colored ghosts on black. So that became a smaller quilt with some additional rows of squares to make it a small throw. The official BOOne, jACCK, and AHHnna blocks are in this quilt as well.

Below I played around with a ghost in garden and really really think it needs to be a quilt. I need to figure out how to get more florals like these into my stash. This ghost is a combo of BOOne’s eyes and AHHnna’s body, with a BOOne smile. Also showcased in this block are the applique stars.

I wrote up a post yesterday to show a lot of mock ups with different fabrics and exact fabric requirements. Click over to check it out here.

Ghost Party!!! Quilt Mock Ups

Ghost Party!!! Quilt releases tomorrow October 1st. so I am sharing some Ghost Party!!! Quilt Mock Ups with you today so you can start picking fabric.

Here is the standard yardages for the Ghost Party!!! Quilt below along with the individual ghosts in case you want to make something different than the suggested quilt.

This mock up below is the exact of solids I used in my quilt mock up and on the cover quilt that hasn’t been shown fully yet. ;) I picked a comparable group of low volume to what I used since I just grabbed low volume scraps from my stash bins.

I mocked up the Ghost Party!!! Quilt in Ruby Star Society Spooky Darlings and it looks like it would be an adorable make. I hope someone does this or something similar. I used the low volumes and light pinks from the Spooky Darlings line for the ghosts and then all the rest for the background.

Next I mocked up a version in Ruby Star Society Starry line of fabric. Using all the colors. I did light pink scrappy ghosts in the version. It is such a fun vibe while still feeling very Halloween.

Mock ups without specific yardages.

I made some more Ghost Party!!! Mock ups without specific fabric requirements. You can use the standard yardages and make up your own combos.

Orange scrappy solid ghosts on a scrappy black background. This mock up uses all the dark Spooky Darlings for the background.

Swapping the ghosts for low volume/whites made for a more classic look. More color could be added to the background or the stars to add a little extra punch on this version.

For a spookier vibe I had to Mock up a black ghosts look. This one uses a low volume scrappy background with orange stars. I did use a pink solid for the eyes as well for a slightly softer look.

Similarly here is a mock up in solid black ghosts with white eyes and some of the Spooky Darlings for the background. It is a fun spookier look.

Would I even be a quilter if I didn’t mock it up in some sort of rainbow look? I used the same Low Volume Scrappy look as above but made each ghost a mix of light solids in the same color. I arranged them in rainbow color order and made the corresponding stars a little darker shade to coordinate with the Ghosts.

Whatever you make is going to be amazing! I hope you enjoyed this Ghost Party!!! Quilt Mock Ups. The Ghost Party!!! Quilt Pattern will be available in my Etsy Shop on October 1st. 2022.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Share your plans for your Ghost Party!!! Quilt here or on Social Media using the hashtag #ghostpartyquilt and #woollypetalspatterns

Stargeese Quilt Pattern Release

Today is Stargeese Quilt Pattern Release Day! Yay! You can find my newest quilt Stargeese in my etsy shop for immediate purchase and download. There is a sale over Labor Day weekend that is buy two patterns get 25% off so take advantage.

The Stargeese Quilt is a Fat Quarter Quilt, but will work for yardage and scrappy as well. The sizes I am showing are the throw size measuring 60″ wide x 75″ tall it is an ample throw quilt. The pattern also shares yardages and cutting for a baby size and a twin size with the construction being the same for each. You can easily make a custom size as well with yardage per block given.

I love the Star center surrounded by flying geese! It is a unique star quilt look and a unique way of construction. This block plays well with a single fabric background and a scrappy background.

While the Stargeese Quilt Pattern shares a specific way to make the Stargeese quilt block in terms of fabric placement. Although you can easily modify the block to have all matching stars or centers with the detailed cutting directions.

Check out Instagram for lots of amazing versions by my testers. The hashtag #stargeesequilt should share a lot of them. Make sure to check out #woollypetalspatterns if you are taking advantage of the sale and want to see lots of examples of my other patterns.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a bit more about the Stargeese Quilt. And maybe even start sewing soon! Come join in the quilt parade on Instagram the rest of the week where I will be sharing more quilts and mock ups!

Thanks so much for stopping by for the Stargeese Quilt Pattern Release!

Don’t forget to grab your Stargeese Quilt PDF Pattern today in my Etsy Shop.

It’s all Guinea be okay Quilt Block Pattern

The It’s all Guinea be okay Quilt Block Pattern released on January 31st, 2022. It is a fun pattern to make and results in the cutest guinea pig quilt block. Available in my etsy shop here.

My It’s all Guinea be okay pattern is for a 15″ square quilt block. A great size pattern to make into a mini quilt, add a couple wider boarders to make into a pillow or guinea pig cushion. I have seen a couple made into likeness of their guinea pigs. Want to make a quilt? Make 9 blocks for a small lap quilt or make 16 blocks for a large throw quilt. The pattern is traditionally pieced, It shares yardages for the individual blocks and a little instruction if making a 16 block quilt. The pattern has a full cut list and goes on to share sewing instructions with diagrams for each step. Don’t be scared by all of the little pieces as it sews up pretty easy and quick and is too cute to not make it.

Tester Guinea Pigs coming at you.

Stick around and check out all the Guinea Pigs my testers made! This process would be 10X longer and harder without my testers, I am so thankful for them and the help they provide. So much insight, help finding errors I miss, and giving great suggestions to make my patterns better is just a small sampling of what they help with. Check out their It’s all Guinea be okay quilt blocks below and show them some love.

Kate from @shecansew made this cutie in a background full of daisy’s.
Kelly from @keep_it_together.quilts sweet Guinea Pig on a pink background.
Tracee from @therewillbetoast made this bright and fun Guinea Pig from all solids. Tracee made a second Guinea Pig you can check out on her Instagram.
Carissa from @blanchelafawnda made this chocolate Guinea that looks good enough to snuggle. Carissa finished this sweet guy into an adorbale mini you can check out on her Instagram.
Maggie from @madeonsugarbushlane made this bright and sunny Guinea pig.
Ellen from @edugosh from this adorable grey and brown Guinea pig.
Stephanie from @stephkthomas made this sweet guy who maybe is rolling around in a field of strawberries.
Regina from @stargirl.leo sparkling Guinea Pig on a bed of flowers.
Gina from @ginacraftsandstuff made a fun Guinea pig who might be very intellectual.
Tracy from @tracysbitnpieces made a sweetheart and she added borders to make a pillow. You can check the finished pillow out on her Instagram page.
Dawni made a fun little Guinea Pig with some crazy eyes.

That’s all of my testers Guinea Pigs! Aren’t they great! I love them all. It’s always the best feeling to see someone make a quilt or quilt block from a pattern I create and I never get tired of seeing what is made. I love the joy and awe it brings.

A few more Guinea’s I made as I work towards a quilt and work on my next Guinea Pig Pattern the Yawning Guinea Pig. Coming Soon. Hopefully.

Thanks for taking a look at all these amazing Guinea Pigs! I hope you love them all as much as I do. I can not wait to see what you make with my It’s all Guinea be okay Quilt Block Pattern. Run and grab your copy now! Oh and while your at it my shop is full of lots of other patterns too. ETSY SHOP.

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Floored10 Quilt Pattern

Hey all! I just released my Floored10 Quilt Pattern which is an adaptation of my Floored Pattern to be Layer Cake Friendly. The Floored10 pattern has been highly requested, but I have rarely use precuts so it wasn’t even on my radar to make the original Floored pattern to work with Layer Cakes.

You can purchase the Floored10 pattern in my Etsy Shop here. Purchase Floored10.

The Floored10 Quilt Pattern uses Layer Cakes and yardage for the X’s. The size shown below in Ruby Star Society’s Florida Fabric line is the Standard throw size. The overall size of this is a bit smaller than the original Floored quilt but has more Medallions. The Standard Throw size uses a full Layer Cake.

You can see above the difference in scale between the original Floored quilt, shown in Spook’N’Sweeter fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics, next to the Floored10 quilt shown in Florida by Ruby Star Society.

The Floored10 Pattern includes 5 sizes. The Baby size is 38″ x 47″ and uses half a layer cake or a junior layer cake. The Standard Throw size (shown above) is 57″ x 66″ and uses a full layer cake. The Large Throw is 66″ x 76″ and uses 1-2 layer cakes. The Twin size is 66″ x 85″ and uses 2 layer cakes. The Queen size is 85″ x 95″ and uses 2-3 layer cakes. They all also require yardage for the X’s. The pattern gives layer cake requirements, or yardage requirements in yards and FQ’s. So you can make the Floored10 without using Layer Cakes as well.

The Floored10 Quilt pattern is a quick sew. I would say it is intermediate to advanced beginner. This quilt is constructed the same as the Floored quilt so if you have made that it will be a breeze. I have made so many Floored and Floored10 quilts now I could almost sew it in my sleep. Lol. With the Layer Cake Floored10 version the prep is so fast as you have all your medallion middles cut and less fabric to wrestle with when cutting the rest.

The Floored10 quilt has proven a lot of fun to quilt up as well. I quilted my Spooky’N’Sweeter Floored quilt with spiderwebs and then when quilting the above Florida Fabric Floored10, say that 3X fast, I quilted the medallions and the X blocks with different motifs to highlight the medallion shape and it was a lot of fun and gives it such a striking look. An all over quilting motif as well as straight line quilting all look stunning on the Floored and Floored10 quilts as well.

Hop over to my Etsy Shop to purchase your copy of the Floored10 pattern. If you don’t already have the Floored Pattern you can purchase the bundled option to get both. The bundle price gives you a discount.

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Manatee Migration Quilt

The new Manatee Migration Quilt Pattern is available and is also adorable. Do you love manatees or know someone that does? This quilt is the perfect way to encourage anyone’s love for Manatee’s. Either make a large throw size quilt with three manatee’s, perfect for snuggling. Or make a single manatee wall hanging. Need a little something extra? Add a bowtie, top hat, or party hat to your manatee. These are all options that come in the Manatee Migration Quilt pattern.

The great thing about this quilt, aside from the adorable manatees, is that it is very versatile. You could increase or decrease the size of the quilt by making less or more manatees as well as changing the border sizing. Of course these changes will change the fabric quantities. The pattern having the fabric requirements for the full throw size quilt which is a whopping 60″ x 72″ quilt as well as having separate fabric requirements for the single manatee wall hanging helps a lot with any alterations you would like to do.

I personally am not the best at following patterns as I like to make things my own. Hence becoming a pattern writer. So I know the desire for making changes and adding fun details. This is one of the reasons I often add so many options to my patterns. For the Manatee Migration Quilt I not only have the two size options, I also have the option to add a bowtie, a top hat, and a party hat. The instructions help you add any of these to any of the manatees and give instructions on what pieces to cut/not cut depending on which you are making.

Manatee in Party Hat
Manatee Migration Quilt

I have all my patterns tested. The Manatee Migration Quilt is no exception. My goal is to have no issues once my patterns are up for sale. So you can purchase and make the quilts I design without any complications. I could not do this without the help of the amazing testers that volunteer to make my designs. If you are an Instagram user, check out the hashtag #manateemigrationquilt to see the fun quilts and wall hangings that my testers made from the Manatee Migration Quilt pattern.

Head over to my Etsy shop to get started on your Manatee Migration Quilt. Don’t forget to post a picture on social media or in a review on my etsy shop so I can see your awesome quilt.

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Moth Eclipse Pattern

The Moth Eclipse Pattern Released today May 1st 2021. The Moth Eclipse Pattern is a Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern including 3 different moths. In order below, Moth 1, Moth 2, and Moth 3.

For those who aren’t familiar, Foundation Paper Piece (FPP) is the technique of using a pattern printed on paper and sewing the fabric together directly on the paper. It is easier than it sounds and creates crisp intricate designs relatively quickly. I highly recommend doing some research online and watching some videos if you are wanting to try it out.

The Moth Eclipse Pattern is an intermediate to advance skill level pattern. I did have a new to FPP tester knock them out of the park, so beginners can definitely do it. There are some tricky spots though. For those confident in their FPP skills, these sew up very quickly. Each moth has a very similar construction ranging from 8-10 sections to sew and then assemble. They all have their own unique features. Moth 1 and Moth 2 have the same general body shape and construction Moth 1 has larger sections to highlight the fabric and the wings are fully constructed in 2 sections, 1 per side. Moth 2 has spots and the wings are constructed out of the 4 sections total, 2 per side. Moth 3 has stripes on the wings, and also has spots on the lower wings as well as a different overall shape.

Each Moth has some sort of spot or stripe you could easily omit by just using one fabric to span the spot or stripe as well as the surrounding area so you can have a larger section of printed fabric take the spotlight. There are just so many options with this pattern. Changing up the fabric location, i.e. what fabric matches another fabric, how many fabrics you use, etc.. So many options. I can not get over it. I highly recommend hopping over to Instagram and checking out the hashtag #motheclipse for all the moths being made. My testers blew me away with their fun fabric combos.

The pattern is great to use prints and solids. I had one tester who strictly used solids on hers and they are so fun. You can get as crazy as you like with the amount of fabrics used or keep it very simple with just a few mix fabrics. The pattern has several color and fabric visuals per moth so you can see it in various forms. The Moth Eclipse Pattern also provided visuals with dark backgrounds as well as light backgrounds. Just that simple swap of a light or dark background changes the whole look of the Moths.

Once of my favorite things to do while researching for this pattern is to search for images of real moths online. It’s amazing how many gorgeous brightly colored real moths there are. I found so many and modeled a few of my first test moths with the same colors and variations as the ones I saw online. The only moths I have ever seen in real life are those normal brown or white ones that rush into the house at night when the door is opened. So seeing all the beautiful moths online was so inspiring and really brought this pattern to life for me.

The pattern is available in my etsy shop HERE. It comes with 4 downloads. The main pattern is one file and is all the fabric requirements, sewing instructions, loads of diagrams and coloring sheets. The other 3 files are the pattern templates for each Moth. The pattern is a PDF download and is available after purchase so you can start sewing right away.

I hope you will join in the fun and make some moths. Just a warning it’s addicting. Don’t forget to check out all the examples on Instagram and join the community and post yours too.

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See Through Project Bag Tutorial

The See Through Project Bag Tutorial is now available. Download the PDF at the bottom of this post.

Annabel Wrigley Maribel fabrics with Sew Quirky Zipper and Star Vinyl from Sew Hungry Hippie Shop.

This tutorial comes in the form of a 10 page downloadable PDF tutorial and is full of step by step directions with multiple color pictures for each step. It has supply lists with yardage amounts as well as a list of other items you will need to make the See Through Project Bag. The downloadable PDF format allows you to view on your computer or print it out. If you don’t want to download it you can still click the link to the PDF and view on your computer online without downloading it.

Annabel Wrigley Posy and Ruby Star Society Smol Fabrics with a generic black and white dot binding. Sew quirky zipper and vinyls from Sew Hungry Hippies Shop.

The See Through Project Bag is a little something I have been working on for a few years. I have tweaked and made it better here and there and now I think it is ready to go. My goal was to use adorable vinyl, use multiple bright fun fabrics, have it be a super fast to make bag, make the bag big enough to hold decent sized projects. Check check check check check. LOL. Plus you can easily customize the size smaller or larger to fit your needs.

I love to mix multiple fabrics together and not all from the same fabric line. wink wink. I’m a rebel I tell you. This pattern allows you to mix and match fabrics to get the perfect bag for you. The Inside Back fabric that you see through the vinyl, the binding fabric which acts as the border, the Back fabric, and the handle I recommend using one of the first three fabric leftovers for. This project bag takes minimal fabric amounts. You may be able to start right away if you happen to have vinyl and the right zippers.

OG Cotton and Steel fabrics with Heather Ross Malibu binding and Annabel Wrigley Posy handle. Sew Quirky Zipper and Pink Vinyl from Sew Hungry Hippies Shop.

I am recommending the cut to length wide tape zippers for this bag. I love Sew Quirky black and white striped zippers for that added bit of fun. The Sallie Tomato Zippers of the same format work awesome too. I have yet to try a standard zipper from a fabric store, but it’s on my list to test out. Standard zippers are just typically not as wide and will need minor adjustment to the length of the pouch.

For the vinyl. You would be fine going to your local fabric store that sells it and picking up a nice 12 guage vinyl for this project. I have ordered mine from Natalie’s Shop, @sewhungryhippie . I love the quality of her vinyls, and that they are more unique, and she ships super quick.

Heather Ross Tiger Lily Fabric with Ruby Star Smol prints and Art Gallery Solids. Sew Quirky zippers and star vinyl from Sew Hungry Hippie Shop.

I will be trying out a few things and sharing on Instagram this week after the release of this tutorial. I will be testing out a smaller width zipper or standard sized zipper from my local fabric shop. I will be testing out some smaller sizes, and I will be testing out some pieced sections for the Back and Inside Back fabrics. I will be sharing throughout the week on Instagram and compiling a blog post I’ll link below once finished of any tips, tricks, and variations I come up with.

I hope you enjoy making this fun See Through Project Bag. Please please share when you’ve made one either here on the blog, on Instagram, or via email.

Also just a reminder, read through the whole tutorial before starting so you know where your headed and can avoid any surprises.

Go download the See Through Project Bag Tutorial at the link below and get started. For links to all the zipper and vinyl resources check back in the blog post if you didn’t read through. ;) Please please comment or shoot me an email if you find any parts of the tutorial difficult. I didn’t have anybody test the pattern, just a few copy editors. So I would like to be able to fix any issues that can be fixed.


Heather Ross Malibu Fabric with Robert Kaufman Kitchen Window Woven Binding. Sew Quirky zippers and Star Vinyl from Sew Hungry Hippie Shop.

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