Shop Update and a Giveaway

I updated my etsy shop this week with some new items. Stop by and check out the ones below along with a bunch more.

Owl embroidery

Market Apron

Deer Silhouette Embroidery

Oh and you know you can find a bunch of other fun stuff I make in my shop to right? Like some of these!


Also stop by Oh Sweet Joy and to check out her lovely blog, and to enter the giveaways that I am a part of. There may be a discount code for my shop available too. :)


Thanks for stopping by!



This month for From:Me To:You Gifts I was having some crafty block! But after I saw Meg’s Craft weekend post (Doesn’t it look like they all had the best time) I was reminded how much I love ruffled aprons. So that is where I headed.


It is for a lady who I am told loves to cook breakfast for her family. I hope this apron brightens the morning for her a bit.

It is definitely something I really wanted to keep for myself. :) But of course I didn’t. I may be whipping one of these up soon for myself.


I also wanted to update you all on my new owl. I did change his eyes a bit. I think it helps. :) Less angry hopefully! Because he told me how happy he was to be going to live with his new owner. :)

October is going to be a bit sparse as we  have several trips lined up this month, one long, and one medium length. :) I will definitely share more after we get back!

Thanks for stopping by!