This month for From:Me To:You Gifts I was having some crafty block! But after I saw Meg’s Craft weekend post (Doesn’t it look like they all had the best time) I was reminded how much I love ruffled aprons. So that is where I headed.


It is for a lady who I am told loves to cook breakfast for her family. I hope this apron brightens the morning for her a bit.

It is definitely something I really wanted to keep for myself. :) But of course I didn’t. I may be whipping one of these up soon for myself.


I also wanted to update you all on my new owl. I did change his eyes a bit. I think it helps. :) Less angry hopefully! Because he told me how happy he was to be going to live with his new owner. :)

October is going to be a bit sparse as we  have several trips lined up this month, one long, and one medium length. :) I will definitely share more after we get back!

Thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “Ruffled

  1. Leslie says:

    hi!!! I found you guys again. i forgot that you changed your blog address…..this apronis so so cute. i love the ruffles and i love that you used the strapping for the waistband. great idea.

  2. Brenda Metts says:

    My son was in an automobile accident that required three surgeries! Between working and carrying him to college and dr appointments and physical therapy I’ve had little time to
    Craft since labor day! I want to make a quilted
    Pillow soon but right now my project is a broken leg of my son!

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