I’m calling it…

The living room is done… for now. ;) It is finally to a point where I am 99% happy with it and can sit back and enjoy it instead of constantly seeing little and big things that I want to change.

As you can see I went with the stripe Olin Rug from Crate and Barrel. I loved several of the rugs from this post that I asked you all what you would do, but after my hubby nixed a couple and I factored in cost I went with this striped one to hold me over until I find something that is absolutely perfect. I do like it a lot and it may stick around. It’s currently sitting on top of the old rug for padding since it’s just a flat weave. I do have my heart set on finding a thicker plusher rug someday. But I also realize we may have a bigger living room if/when we move someday so we would need something bigger. Oh the rug drama continues… :) seriously though why are rugs sooo hard for me to find.. at least within my budget constraints. ;)

I still have to fill that last frame above the seatee. Baby Norah is soon to be born, 3 weeks and counting, so I will put her picture in there. One of my ongoing projects is slowly collecting vintage letters to hang above those three frames. I also am still absolutely loving my new chair! I can’t believe I waited so long to get it covered.  The fabric is by premier prints and I got it last fall from Fabric.com.

Luke’s little table area. I have another matching chair in the basement for Norah. But I also have been crushing on these chairs from The Land of Nod. So you never now what could happen If I spot a couple at our local outlet. (yes we are that lucky to have a crate and barrel and land of nod outlet nearby)

Luke’s radio flyer bike I thrifted so long ago fits perfectly under the table…. which is good since he has way to many ride on toys that don’t have a good place to be stored. :)

My globe collection… I still want to find a black globe. I think they are called galaxy globes. The land of Nod bins are still wonderful and holding up great.

The finished sofa! Yay! It’s a little slouchy, which I can tweak with making some of the seams smaller. no biggie, just a time issue. It is so much better looking than the beige ill fitting slipcover it had before. I do dream of a white sofa someday though. So maybe when our kids are bigger and we wouldn’t have to wash it every week….

So that’s that! I am happy it’s at a great point before Norah gets here as I hate having the itch to do things and no time or energy to do them. Which I know I won’t have much of either for awhile. :)

So now onto getting that back yard finished…..

Oh and I may have my new sewing space storage wall to share next week. It’s awesome! I just need to take pictures.


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Going White

A couple weekends ago I painted my living room white.

The below photo is the best before picture I could find.  This gray/beige is Toasty Gray by Glidden.

And back to some white…

It all started when I did my picture wall. I loved the white, the contrast, the brightness. I also noticed most of the rooms I have been pinning to pinterest have white walls.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the previous color. I was just ready for a change and paint is the cheapest thing to do and change back if I hated it. But I don’t, I love it. :)


I made this large 3 painting by painting right over a thrifted canvas. I also made the garland for A Beautiful Mess tutorial from a couple years ago.

This is my shelving unit I made to look similar to this Restoration Hardware one. It houses my vintage brownie camera collection, some of my globes, and Luke’s toys among other thing.

I hung some vintage wire shade frames and installed a frosted globe pendant in the large one in the center that is hooked to the light switch for extra light. I also brought in this old ladder since I painted to hang quilts on or maybe Christmas stockings.  The chair was found at goodwill and I started to take it apart to attempt a reupholster myself. But I think we are just going to have it done. I am on the hunt for the perfect fabric.

This picture is taken with me sitting on the back of the gold chair under the lampshades.  The beige wall I haven’t painted yet because it goes all the way up the stairs and the ceiling is high up there. I am now contemplating making that a wood wall like the picture wall. I would probably have someone else do it though. And then you can see into the dining room from here too. Our floor plan is basically a traditional foursquare.

My favorite seat in the house. I found this seatee for $60 at an estate sale about 7 years ago and it has held up beautifully.  That wall above the sofa still need something, I am not really feeling the picture we had up there before the paint.

The sofa is getting slipcovered in charcoal gray, I found the sofa on craigslist and purchased it knowing it would be slipcovered. I have the fabric swatch that I think is perfect, I just need to launder it to see how it holds up. I am also going to slipcover the mini wingback chair my mom found for Luke. So yeah it’s not perfect, and I don’t think we have bought anything new in here. But Sarah from Handbags*N*Pigtails encouraged me to share it now, before I felt it was “finished”. :)


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1 little Indian

There’s a teepee in my Living Room! We are having too much fun with it. Luke’s Grandma sent it over for him to enjoy, some of Daddy’s siblings used to play in it.

We set it up last night, with some unnecessary annoyance on my part. :) But I finally figured it out. Then David got inside to show our little Indian the ropes. He rather enjoys playing peekaboo in there. :)

This morning it was the first thing he wanted to do when we got downstairs. After Breakfast he moved right in with his bench. Climbing away.

It is so nice to have a cute tent without making one. It is simple natural canvas and wood poles. I think I need to make him a campfire pillow, maybe a garland, oh and a feather headdress? I may be getting ahead of myself since I know he doesn’t “get” any of this stuff, but it is too much fun! :)


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Rolling High

This weekend I tackled a big project that has been on my list for awhile now. A rolling industrial looking shelf for my new living room design. We got rid of our Entertainment center and television in our living room since we don’t watch tv in there. So I needed something to hold knick knacks, toys, and give height to the room, but not be a giant visual block.

(from Restoration Hardware)

I found this shelf awhile back and then saw it in country living magazine and fell in love all over again. I searched and searched for something similar I could afford with no luck .


So this weekend I decided to tackle it.

1.in my garage testing it 2. in the living room with wheels but no shelves


And the finished product below. well… I still have to touch up the screws on the brackets but other than that it’s good to go!

It measures 3’w x 6.5’t x1.5’d – I used 2×4’s and furring strips for the frame construction so they would have that grainy aged appearance after I stained it. I used plain old pine for the shelves!

The L-brackets and the wheels are stock from Home Depot and where all silver when purchased. I bought some ORB spray paint after reading about how much Sherry from Young House Love loves it and all her projects look great with it. It sprayed on like a dream and covered super well. I didn’t spray the screws and that’s why they are glaring at us right now, but I have one of those trusty paint pens in ORB so I will use that. :)  I debated awhile on what to use for the rods across the back. I almost went with actual pipe but decided that it would be too heavy along with the fact that I would have to get them cut and degrease them. Yuck! So I bought 1/2″ PVC pipe and sprayed them with ORB. I cut through them with my chop saw and put them in the holes I drilled as I was constructing it.

It turned out just as I imagined it, which I am very thankful for since I wasn’t sure how it would hold together to be honest. ;) I have filled it a bit but want to tweak things before I show pictures of it staged. I will probably save that for the full living room tour when I am done.

But here are a few teasers of Luke with the new Shelf.

luke with shelf

1. Trying to climb on the bottom shelf to get the rod in the back, he finally succeeded 2. I quickly got his toy basket on that shelf to deter anymore climbing

So this goes to show that just because something is out of your budget doesn’t mean you can’t diy something to be pretty dang close. ;) Leave me a link if you have diy’d anything in your home lately. I would love to check it out.

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