1 little Indian

There’s a teepee in my Living Room! We are having too much fun with it. Luke’s Grandma sent it over for him to enjoy, some of Daddy’s siblings used to play in it.

We set it up last night, with some unnecessary annoyance on my part. :) But I finally figured it out. Then David got inside to show our little Indian the ropes. He rather enjoys playing peekaboo in there. :)

This morning it was the first thing he wanted to do when we got downstairs. After Breakfast he moved right in with his bench. Climbing away.

It is so nice to have a cute tent without making one. It is simple natural canvas and wood poles. I think I need to make him a campfire pillow, maybe a garland, oh and a feather headdress? I may be getting ahead of myself since I know he doesn’t “get” any of this stuff, but it is too much fun! :)


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