Custom Quilts

From time to time I do custom Quilts mainly commissioned from friends and family, and others who follow my work via Instagram.

So here are a few that I have made in the past year.

Mega King Quilt.


I recently finished this mega King Size Quilt for my sister. She and her husband helped select some of the fabrics and I layered in the remaining to make this warm and inviting combination.

The Pictures were taken at night before they had to leave in the wee hours of morning so they are a tad dark. The good news is it’s bright and fun in person and they absolutely loved the quilt.


I backed it with the Birch Mod dots with some insets of the front blocks.  I quilted it with my favorite loopy free motion.  I’m not sure what this pattern is called but this quilt mimics, per my sisters request, my very first quilt I ever made following along on the Flickr quilt along started by Dana at Old Red Barn Co. 


Neutral Woodland Themed baby quilt.


This Baby Quilt is made with over sized flying geese blocks in a bold but neutral print fabric pull. It measures about 36″ square and is straight line quilted to give lots of texture.


Pumpkin Quilt.


This quilt was commissioned by a friend after she saw one that I made for myself that was almost identical to this. This is a pattern by Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew and is a super fun and quick make.  I used orange fabric pulled from my stash and this amazing background fabric by Dinara Mirtalipova from her line Mischief Night.

The Pumpkin Quilt below is my original one.

Woollypetals Pumpkin QUilt

Woollypetals Pumpkin Quilt back

Gilmore Girls Mini Quilt Swap.

woollypetals gilmore girls swap mini

woollypetals GG swap detail head

woollypetals GG swap detail feathers

woollypetals GG swap detail

I joined a Gilmore Girls Mini Quilt Swap last year because Gilmore Girls is the Best Show Ever.  I ended up enlarging a Silver Linings Original Swan pattern to make a good sized Mini, I believe it finished about 18″.  The pattern is all paper Pieced. I finished it off with some free motion quilting and a quote from the movie regarding a swan. :) Do yourself a favor and watch Gilmore Girls if you haven’t. It’s the best show.


That’s it for now, I hope to post a few more quilts I’ve made recently soon.

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From:Me To:You 3 years running

Hello Friends!

I thought I would take a moment to talk about my pet project on Facebook. From:Me To:You.

It is a page I created 3 years ago as a place anybody can come and nominate a person in there life to receive a handmade gift by me.  I select one person a month through a random drawing and make a gift for them based on the info the Nominator gives me for that person.

I thought I would share a couple of the gifts I have sent out recently.

Please hop over to From:Me To:You to Nominate somebody for the November gift! I am giving away a quilt to the winning Nominator and per usual sending a custom made gift to the Nominee.


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From:Me To:You

Do you know about my Handmade Gifting Page? If you don’t please, please check it out.

You can click on the picture above to go straight to the page, or the link up there right under my header all the way to the right has some more info on it.

But the general idea is, you go and like the Facebook page. Then each month I have a post you can nominate someone on. I like to hear why you nominate that specific person in about one sentence. I love it when people nominate others who are having a hard time, in the midst of a medical issue, or relationship problem. It’s nice for everyone, but especially people in rough times to feel love. And what better way to receive a handmade item specifically for them.  At the end of the month I randomly draw a name and then send that person a gift on behalf of the Nominator. No Stings Attached.

Here are a couple of gifts, I have given.

Owl Pillow – I have a few of these in my shop

Typewriter Case Bag

For my two year celebration last October I gave away two vintage sheet quilts I made.

Ruffled Apron

A Good Book Stitched Art

Just a few of the gifts I have made. You can click on the description to get more information on each one in their blog posts.

I usually don’t give items I have in my shop away, but sometimes, as you can see, if the item fits for the person I make one specifically for them. I find it a fun way to express my creativity in items I may not sell, or use for myself. I also just like giving to people, and I feel my creative gifts are a gift from God, and I have the responsibility to share what He has given me, be it by making things for people or teaching people.

I don’t always blog about the gifts, so you can see more in the albums on the Facebook page. I would love it if you came and had a visit.


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working it

Some of the things I have been working on! :)

A mini quilt: my first, I made the camper after seeing this boden shirt and then decided to make a mini quilt out of it.

I joined in on the Old Red Barn Quilt Along again. This time it’s Granny squares. Yay! This quilt is Jolene’s creation and she has a great tutorial for it.

I am almost done with my swoon quilt! YAY! It is Christmas Gift for my in-laws, yes from this past Christmas. Sheepishly hangs head.  I joined the swoon along when I started my own Swoon quilt which is only half way done, so I will be an active part of that group for awhile still.

Lastly, I still am making string blocks when I need a break from other stuff. I can make 4-6 blocks in one hour depending on how ambitious I am. This picture is a bit old. It is now 7 x 6 rows. I learned this technique from Ashley’s tutorial at Film in the Fridge.

So that’s what I am working on right now, among toddler fun, household activities, some hand stitching projects, and ordering Flea Market Fancy Fabric in a Frenzy. Say that five times fast. ;)


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From:Me To:You October 2011 Quilts

So I finally got these two quilts back from the quilters and got them bound over Christmas. I could not be more happy with how they turned out. :) They are gifts to The October Nomination winner and her Nominee in celebration of 2 years of gifts at From:Me To:You.

I got to deliver one in person as the Nominator Olivia happened to be in town over Christmas Break, and I have sent the other off to Olivia’s best friend whom she nominated.

Quilt #1

They are made completely of Vintage Sheets, with the exception of the white stars, which is Kona Snow.

I started buying vintage sheets, bedspreads, and pillowcases several years ago. I look for bright colors, a sizeable portion in good condition since I just use them for fabric, and prints that are not a dime a dozen (although I buy those too ;). I use larger sheets I find as quilt backs quite often because they don’t have to be pieced as much and are soft from many washes.

Quilt #2

I didn’t crop this picture as it has Luke in it and it cracks me up. :) He is probably thinking something like “what the heck are you doing dad standing on the couch behind a big quilt”!

Sorry this one is blurry but I didn’t realize it till after the quilts where gone. :) It’s just a simple blue and white polka dot back.

For these two quilts I mainly used pillowcases, with a couple different prints from whole sheets that where cut into. I still have tons of vintage sheet fabric left over, so you better believe I will be making more quilts with similar prints.

This pattern was super easy, I saw a similar quilt on flickr and just sketched it out on graph paper deciding my final dimensions and started cutting. Once all of the blocks where cut, pieced, and sewn together, I thought the quilts needed to be a bit bigger so I added a nice border. I am so glad I did this, I think it enhanced them so much.

If you would like to join my Facebook  page From:Me To:You to nominate people to receive handmade gifts, and possibly get a surprise quilt or gift yourself. Check it out! :)

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From:Me To:You Quilt Giveaway!

I am making two quilts from Vintage sheets to giveaway on my Facebook Project From:Me To:You in October. Here is one of the quilt tops on my loveseat. It has large 8 point stars on a sea of vintage prints.


I will be posting more sneak peeks as I make the quilts. Go to my Facebook Page to find out how you and a friend could both win them. From:Me To: You


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I LOVE stacked quilts! This one is so very pretty, this snippet is so great, rainbow goodnessthis one, this, & this are all so lovely. Ever since I made my first quilt several years ago and entered the wonderful world of quilting I have been drawn to this kind of quilt. I have had it on my list to make for awhile now and just haven’t got around to it.

Until now! I started a couple nights ago, while I was sorting through my three bins of scraps. I notice I have a lot of strips and it all got moving from there. Using scraps and fabrics from my stash it developed into mainly blues and greens. I am loving it so far.

I am not following a pattern. Instead I just cut out strips in varying heights and widths and started stacking them on my sofa. I then cut all the white strips to size and started sewing everything together. So far I have one stack. I am sure there is a much easier and faster way of doing this, but I am not in a rush and it’s working for me.


I will share more as I work on it. I think it’s going to be fabulous.


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