From:Me To:You October 2011 Quilts

So I finally got these two quilts back from the quilters and got them bound over Christmas. I could not be more happy with how they turned out. :) They are gifts to The October Nomination winner and her Nominee in celebration of 2 years of gifts at From:Me To:You.

I got to deliver one in person as the Nominator Olivia happened to be in town over Christmas Break, and I have sent the other off to Olivia’s best friend whom she nominated.

Quilt #1

They are made completely of Vintage Sheets, with the exception of the white stars, which is Kona Snow.

I started buying vintage sheets, bedspreads, and pillowcases several years ago. I look for bright colors, a sizeable portion in good condition since I just use them for fabric, and prints that are not a dime a dozen (although I buy those too ;). I use larger sheets I find as quilt backs quite often because they don’t have to be pieced as much and are soft from many washes.

Quilt #2

I didn’t crop this picture as it has Luke in it and it cracks me up. :) He is probably thinking something like “what the heck are you doing dad standing on the couch behind a big quilt”!

Sorry this one is blurry but I didn’t realize it till after the quilts where gone. :) It’s just a simple blue and white polka dot back.

For these two quilts I mainly used pillowcases, with a couple different prints from whole sheets that where cut into. I still have tons of vintage sheet fabric left over, so you better believe I will be making more quilts with similar prints.

This pattern was super easy, I saw a similar quilt on flickr and just sketched it out on graph paper deciding my final dimensions and started cutting. Once all of the blocks where cut, pieced, and sewn together, I thought the quilts needed to be a bit bigger so I added a nice border. I am so glad I did this, I think it enhanced them so much.

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3 thoughts on “From:Me To:You October 2011 Quilts

  1. Sandy says:

    Kristin, the quilts turned out beautifully!! Thanks for sharing the after photos. I am limiting my fb time for the new year but will try to keep up with your give aways. :) Happy New Year!!

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