apples to apples

Wow! It’s been a bit huh? Sorry about that. I have been busy busy in a good way. I am here to share with you the From:Me To:You December 2011 gift.

I have been playing around with paper piecing lately and thought an apple would be a fun challenge. It just so turns out the winner has a apple themed kitchen. Perfect!

I did some scouting on flickr to see what kind of pieced apples are out there. I found a few, but most looked to square for my taste. Which meant I would have to put a bit more time into it since there are a lot of little pieces.  So I sketched out an apple I liked, then dissected it into the pieces. I then cut the whole apple into 4 parts to piece separately and then sew together.

Lastly I added a white border and framed it to hang nicely on the wall. I believe the framed size is 12″ square. I do enjoy how it turned out, even though it was a lot more work than I was hoping for. I have uploaded my sketch as a pdf file if you would like to try your hand at paper piecing my apple. Edited: I am unable to find my Apple Pattern currently to Upload it to Craftsy since the original link didnt work anymore. I will upload it in the event I find it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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2 thoughts on “apples to apples

  1. Rebecca says:

    I know this was posted a long time ago but I would love to have a go at the apple. Only problem is that when i click on the link, it takes me to the Adobe website and I can’t access your pattern. Can anyone help?

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