Boxed Bag

Original title Huh? ;)

I have been seeing lots of boxed bags around the internet lately. Specifically one shabby chic and heyporkchops instagram – link to blog- (both fantastic blogs). I found a couple tutorials to run through to make sure they where constructed how I thought and got to work. (yep I’m on Instagram: woollypetals or Kristin Rauch will find me)

I picked up some lovely laminated fabric at my local quilting shop this week and thought I would use it for this. I also used an Amy Butler polka dot I had on hand to use as lining and the handle.

I think the zipper was 22″ to start but I cut it down to 18″ to fit the fabric I had on hand. I didn’t do anything different than the tutorials I read. This one from drago[knit]fly is the one I referenced the most.  I realized as I was making it that I have done lots of bags with these corners on the bottom, just not in this format.

The corners kicked my but this time. I think it’s the combo of not have seams to align and having to line up the handle so it’s symmetrical. Oh well after about half an hour longer than necessary from picking seams a bajillion times I finished it to my satisfaction. :) I tend to be very particular and know I won’t use something that I don’t feel is 100% right.

I do love it. This fabric is so gorgeous. I plan on using this bag for the knitting project I usually have in the works following me around the house. Currently it’s an infinity cowl and Luke loves to get into the yarn. So this bag will keep him from unrolling my ball again. :)

Just a quick shot of it open. It is pretty relaxed. I didn’t want it to be super stiff, but I could have probably used a bit thicker interfacing.

How about a bit of cuteness to finish this post off. :) I think he was excited his favorite song came on, Good Feeling by Flo-rida. :)

Let me know if any of you have made a boxed bag. I would love to hear about your experience and see pictures.  :)

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One thought on “Boxed Bag

  1. Leslie says:

    this bag is so great and the fabric is even better. i love the polka dot with it…..Luke is so so cute. i can not believe how big these little people are getting. Delilah cracks us up on a regular basis.

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