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From:Me To:You October 2011 Quilts

So I finally got these two quilts back from the quilters and got them bound over Christmas. I could not be more happy with how they turned out. :) They are gifts to The October Nomination winner and her Nominee in celebration of 2 years of gifts at From:Me To:You.

I got to deliver one in person as the Nominator Olivia happened to be in town over Christmas Break, and I have sent the other off to Olivia’s best friend whom she nominated.

Quilt #1

They are made completely of Vintage Sheets, with the exception of the white stars, which is Kona Snow.

I started buying vintage sheets, bedspreads, and pillowcases several years ago. I look for bright colors, a sizeable portion in good condition since I just use them for fabric, and prints that are not a dime a dozen (although I buy those too ;). I use larger sheets I find as quilt backs quite often because they don’t have to be pieced as much and are soft from many washes.

Quilt #2

I didn’t crop this picture as it has Luke in it and it cracks me up. :) He is probably thinking something like “what the heck are you doing dad standing on the couch behind a big quilt”!

Sorry this one is blurry but I didn’t realize it till after the quilts where gone. :) It’s just a simple blue and white polka dot back.

For these two quilts I mainly used pillowcases, with a couple different prints from whole sheets that where cut into. I still have tons of vintage sheet fabric left over, so you better believe I will be making more quilts with similar prints.

This pattern was super easy, I saw a similar quilt on flickr and just sketched it out on graph paper deciding my final dimensions and started cutting. Once all of the blocks where cut, pieced, and sewn together, I thought the quilts needed to be a bit bigger so I added a nice border. I am so glad I did this, I think it enhanced them so much.

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From:Me To:You Quilts


These are the two completed Quilt Tops for my From:Me To:You Giveaway in October, ready to go to the Quilters. :) This will be the first time I have used a professional quilter and I am so excited, and a tad sad I can’t keep them. :) But I know they will be loved by there new owners.


They are made completely with vintage sheets! Yay! It barely diminished my stash so I will be making lots more projects with them.  I will of course share the completed quilts when they are done before I send them away.


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Quick Thrift Thursday

My Thursday was a little different this week. Luke and I had a lazy morning and then went to a friends house to play with some little friends for the afternoon.

So on the way home instead of grabbing some groceries I stopped in at Savers. (Don’t worry we didn’t starve)

I found a few treasures. Two flat sheets, both polka dots. Hmmm… The white sheet looks brand new and has multicolored dots all over it. The aqua and white polka dot sheet is gently used. I also found this cute little suitcase complete with monogram.

I have to say that although I liked the suitcase at first glance, I may not have bought it if it weren’t for the monogrammed initials. I just think it’s so fun when someone monograms their luggage. I love the history and the story behind something like this. It’s just cool to imagine who E.C.P was.

I also picked up this pillowcase. It has this design on both sides. I LOVE it. But I am clueless what I will do with it.  Although if I had a beach house or screened in porch it would be made into two smaller pillows to adorn a bench or sofa. Alas I have no screened in house, nor beach house. So maybe a wall hanging, or the middle of a quilt? Time will tell. :)

I am thinking of either doing my thrifting on a different day than Thursday, or moving my thrifting posts to Fridays. I don’t have time to write my posts during the day, so I always do them after Luke’s in bed and have them scheduled to post in the morning. So I am not sure, but next week if  Thrifting Thursday shows up as Friday Finds, or something none cheesy like that. That’s why!

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Thrifting Thursday- a little late

My thrifting friend, Ronda, and my schedules didn’t sync up yesterday. So just Luke and I hit a couple places.

We went to a Goodwill in Wheaton IL, and Savers in Lombard IL. I happened to find a couple great things.

I found this pile of Sheets at Savers. Love them all. I have been on the hunt for simpler and more boyish vintage sheets lately since I have a tub of floral sheets and a baby boy. I hit the jackpot this week. The stripes are destined for a quilt back and to be made into some simple play mats for the Luke, and the plaid has a couple spots on it so I will cut out the usable yardage and use it as regular fabric.

I also found this beautiful tray at the Goodwill. I have a small love affair with silver trays and platters which you may know if you have seen my kitchen walls. I saw this one and had to grab it. I am using it next to my sewing machine to hold my current project.

The little bowl on it holds my little snips while I’m sewing so I don’t have to move my trash can around all the time.

I found a couple other small treasures that where being cleaned when I snapped these pictures.  A stack on miniature bunt tins to use for a pincushion project, and two little 2″ tall santa mugs to add to my collection. I am working on only buying things I love so I don’t overload on stuff.


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