I finished the Swoon quilt for my inlaws. I love it, and so do they.  I didn’t get great photos of it since I had to take pictures without a helper holding it up. So I just put it on my king bed even though it’s a queen.

I used Denyse Schmidt’s line for Joann Fabrics. I picked 9 prints, and alternated them once for the center fabric, and once for the outer print fabric. I love these fabrics, as I love all of Denyse Schmidt’s fabric lines. :)

I accidentally used my 3/8″ foot and didn’t discover it till I had made several blocks that I was supposed to be doing 1/4″ seams.  So my blocks ended up a bit smaller than 24″. But I added a little wider white sashing, and then used one of the prints to sash it around the outside.  I like the way that ended up looking. Although I love the original pattern too and when I finish mine will do it with out a patterned sashing since it will just be for couch snuggles. :)

My machine is on an anti free motion quilt kick right now, it keeps catching and breaking the tread. So…. I just did a simple loop free motion along the sashing and the quilting around each square and did a sort of star straight line quilting over each block. It was quick and looks fine.

I love the way it turns out, and it makes me so excited to finish my own Swoon Quilt.

Check out all the gorgeous Swooning going on in the Swoon Along on Flickr, and also Camille and Bonnies Group.


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working it

Some of the things I have been working on! :)

A mini quilt: my first, I made the camper after seeing this boden shirt and then decided to make a mini quilt out of it.

I joined in on the Old Red Barn Quilt Along again. This time it’s Granny squares. Yay! This quilt is Jolene’s creation and she has a great tutorial for it.

I am almost done with my swoon quilt! YAY! It is Christmas Gift for my in-laws, yes from this past Christmas. Sheepishly hangs head.  I joined the swoon along when I started my own Swoon quilt which is only half way done, so I will be an active part of that group for awhile still.

Lastly, I still am making string blocks when I need a break from other stuff. I can make 4-6 blocks in one hour depending on how ambitious I am. This picture is a bit old. It is now 7 x 6 rows. I learned this technique from Ashley’s tutorial at Film in the Fridge.

So that’s what I am working on right now, among toddler fun, household activities, some hand stitching projects, and ordering Flea Market Fancy Fabric in a Frenzy. Say that five times fast. ;)


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Can’t stop Swooning!

Oh Swoon! Everytime I make a new block I can’t help but renew my love of this quilt. It is fantastic. Super easy to whip up and just beautiful.


The red and pink polka dot is from Denyse Schmidts line for Joann Fabrics, and the Gold Paisley is from the quilting section at Joann Fabrics.


I want to get this quilt finished this month. But I realize in setting that goal that I need some more pink, red, and gold fabrics. Since I have just been pulling from my stash with each block, I had no plan other than the colors and to alternate which main color was the middle star. Oh darn more fabric shopping! ;)


You can see my other Blocks here! Block 1, Block 2, Block 3.


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Quilt Action

The past week I have been working on quilts. Not as much as I’d like though since Luke is wearing me out with his constant movement. We are having a blast though!


Swoon Block #3

Still totally in love with this quilt. I cannot wait to make more blocks and get them finished.

I’m not sure what these fabrics are. They have been in my stash for awhile. I do know i purchased the coral at Joann’s, but I am not sure where I purchased the mustard.


Stacked Quilt:

One stack complete! I think it’s rather smashing. But it is a bit time consuming since I have to be careful how I line the strips up as I go. Winging it has it’s perks and it’s downfalls. :)


Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along:


Week 3 for me and week 10 for the group:


Block #111 Wrench. So fun! I fussy cut the center and love that. I also paid close attention to the direction of the raindrop fabric.  Not sure what these fabrics are I’m so bad at that, but; the center and the raindrops are from my local quilting shop, and the mustard paisley is from Joann’s.


Block #108 Windmill I like this one too. I made sure again the woodgrain all flowed in the same direction and I really think it makes the block look so nice. The fabrics again a couple are from Joann’s, and there is also some Joel Dewberrry and Amy Butler in there.


And finally all my blocks combined so far.

I am definitely going the scrappy approach and most of my fabrics I am pulling from my scrap bin. This is totally not my style to go scrappy. I am more of a planned chaos kind of gal, but this so far is turning out to my liking. :)


I have a couple crafty projects up my sleeve this week that do not require sewing. I will posting those soon.


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Swoon Block 2

Oh my I love this quilt more and more.

Block #2

The Red fabric is Amy Butlers Lotus Wall Flower in Cherry, the yellow is Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy Yellow Posies, and the white is Kona Solid in Snow

I found the Denyse Schmidt FMF folded in with another fabric. I was very excited when I pulled it out. :)  Oh I can not wait till I get this quilt finished.

You can see my first block here if you like.

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Swoon Block One

I first saw this block on Fussy cut, the first post I read after discovering her blog. I knew at first site I MUST make it, whatever it was.  So after finding out on a previous post, that it was Camille’s Swoon quilt I couldn’t put that pattern in my cart and click buy fast enough.

This is my first block and I love it even more now. The pattern was super clear and easy to follow. I can’t wait to finish a huge quilt of these. They are roughly 24″ wide so I am thinking 3 wide and 4 tall with white sashing in between. I want a nice giant family size sofa quilt to cuddle under. :)

A closer look at my fabrics.  The yellow is Midwest Modern 2 Mustard Fabric by Amy Butler, and the pink & red is Kumari Garden Red Fabric by Dena Designs. I plan on this quilt being mainly yellows, pinks, & reds.

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