Can’t stop Swooning!

Oh Swoon! Everytime I make a new block I can’t help but renew my love of this quilt. It is fantastic. Super easy to whip up and just beautiful.


The red and pink polka dot is from Denyse Schmidts line for Joann Fabrics, and the Gold Paisley is from the quilting section at Joann Fabrics.


I want to get this quilt finished this month. But I realize in setting that goal that I need some more pink, red, and gold fabrics. Since I have just been pulling from my stash with each block, I had no plan other than the colors and to alternate which main color was the middle star. Oh darn more fabric shopping! ;)


You can see my other Blocks here! Block 1, Block 2, Block 3.


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One thought on “Can’t stop Swooning!

  1. Leslie says:

    oh Swoon!!!! i am seeing lots of these and i fall a little harder for them every time. yours are amazing. how have you found the pattern …easy/hard?

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