Podcast Interview on Make and Decorate

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Guys! My friend Stephanie Socha has a great Podcast called Make and Decorate. Stephanie asked me awhile back if I would like to be on her podcast and between feelings of doubt that I could do it and general scaredness I said yes. 2019 is my year of doing things that scare me and trying new things even if they seem scary (disclaimer: most aren’t).

Well let me tell you Stephanie made it so fun and easy to chat with and we had a blast!!

You can go and listen to my episode, and see the show notes. All her other awesome episodes are such a great listen as well. Plus she has a discount code for my etsy shop in the show notes!

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Shop Update and a Giveaway

I updated my etsy shop this week with some new items. Stop by and check out the ones below along with a bunch more.

Owl embroidery

Market Apron

Deer Silhouette Embroidery

Oh and you know you can find a bunch of other fun stuff I make in my shop to right? Like some of these!


Also stop by Oh Sweet Joy and to check out her lovely blog, and to enter the giveaways that I am a part of. There may be a discount code for my shop available too. :)


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Wrap it up!

I put together a little wrapping/shipping station a couple weeks ago in my basement. It’s in my creepy not yet remodeled (maybe never will be) laundry storage room. But it is a bright spot in a ugly room and is working great to have things in one place to get things ready to ship.

I painted a square (well it might be a rectangle I didn’t actually measure) on the wall with chalkboard paint. I have had the paint hanging around for months waiting on another project that has never happened. I marked out the squarangle with my level and then bordered it with Frog tape. Seriously, DO NOT use any other tape beside Frog tape if you want a crisp line. I have used a ton of different painters tape in my past years of DIY and working with clients. When I found Frog tape I fell madly in love. I used it for my first project of my Son’s bedroom seen here. That was a lot of stripes at 7+ months pregnant and frog tape was amazing. This is not a sponsored post and I am not being compensated for saying this at all I just firmly believe in crisp paint lines and the easiest way to get them . :)  Oh and did you know you have to let chalkboard paint cure for several days and then condition it? Who knew. ;)

Okay moving on from the chalkboard. I found this enamel top table on the side of the road several years ago and have had it in my laundry room for folding since then. It is great and I can still use it for folding in it’s current location/use. The bins underneath have some of my etsy product, and larger boxes for shipping. Oh and isn’t that floor the bomb? I would never even consider taking it out. ;) Those rad metal tubs are from West Elm right before I started this project. They are for planting winter bulbs. :) But I have a black thumb and they where to cool and inexpensive to leave behind.

I’ve had these wire baskets laying around from my oooooold craft room before it was Luke’s room and have never found a place for them. So up they went for pretty supplies I want to see.

Um this idea for storing washi tape came to me as I am pulling everything together on the wall! I think it’s quite genius. :) At least for my use. It’s just the outer ring of an embroidery hoop. I have a drawer full as I can’t seem to pass them up at Thrift stores. Never buy them new, they are seriously less than a dollar at a thrift store.

I hung some  bakers twine on a string so it’s easy to roll off and cut.

I brought my lovely little brass fruit in here to keep me and the jingle bells company.

Well that’s about it! It is much more pleasant to wrap and ship lately. :)

Pardon the odd lighting in the photos, remember it is in my dingy barely lit laundry room.  Just keeping it real, although I guess if that was completely true I would show you the rest of the room but that’s not going to happen.:)


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Boxed Bag

Original title Huh? ;)

I have been seeing lots of boxed bags around the internet lately. Specifically one shabby chic and heyporkchops instagram – link to blog- (both fantastic blogs). I found a couple tutorials to run through to make sure they where constructed how I thought and got to work. (yep I’m on Instagram: woollypetals or Kristin Rauch will find me)

I picked up some lovely laminated fabric at my local quilting shop this week and thought I would use it for this. I also used an Amy Butler polka dot I had on hand to use as lining and the handle.

I think the zipper was 22″ to start but I cut it down to 18″ to fit the fabric I had on hand. I didn’t do anything different than the tutorials I read. This one from drago[knit]fly is the one I referenced the most.  I realized as I was making it that I have done lots of bags with these corners on the bottom, just not in this format.

The corners kicked my but this time. I think it’s the combo of not have seams to align and having to line up the handle so it’s symmetrical. Oh well after about half an hour longer than necessary from picking seams a bajillion times I finished it to my satisfaction. :) I tend to be very particular and know I won’t use something that I don’t feel is 100% right.

I do love it. This fabric is so gorgeous. I plan on using this bag for the knitting project I usually have in the works following me around the house. Currently it’s an infinity cowl and Luke loves to get into the yarn. So this bag will keep him from unrolling my ball again. :)

Just a quick shot of it open. It is pretty relaxed. I didn’t want it to be super stiff, but I could have probably used a bit thicker interfacing.

How about a bit of cuteness to finish this post off. :) I think he was excited his favorite song came on, Good Feeling by Flo-rida. :)

Let me know if any of you have made a boxed bag. I would love to hear about your experience and see pictures.  :)

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Woodland Special Guests

I finished up a special order this past week. A woodland Raccon, and two crinkle owls.  They are all for boys and where so fun to coordinate fabrics for.




I made new tags for my items also. They match my blog banner. ;) But you probably noticed that already. I added care instructions since anybody who has a baby knows things NEED to be washed.


It’s been awhile since I made a Raccoon. He was so fun. I love the mix of the fabrics with the crocheted tail.  He is weighted so he stands as his masked self anywhere.




If you are interested in any custom orders of something you see here or on my etsy. Just email me.  :) I love doing custom orders because I have an idea of who the item is going to and I can take special time with fabric selection.

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