It’s Friday! Are you excited? I am! Being the weekend means I have completed my 3 hour Glucose test (awful), that we have made it a work week through potty training (going okay), and that we are a work week through our Month of No Sugar (I am craving Chocolate a lot today).

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Luke’s Easter Basket + Car / Easter Best – H&M pants, shirt, vest, Bowtie by me, Childrens place shoes /We started potty training – the first two days where awful. But once we figure out a timer for every 15-20 minutes it started to click. He can now go a bit longer 20-30 minutes depending on his liquid consumption. I’m hoping he will start telling us he has to go soon

He asked me out of the blue to see himself on the phone camera eating a banana, how could I not oblige / My Husband and I are 5 days into the no sugar and aside from a syrupy sweet glucose test drink this morning we are both cheat free. :) I am getting my sweet fix from lots of fruit and smoothies, I still am really craving chocolate though / This year Luke is bigger and apparently he learned how to climb ladder like things super well

He loves to mow and if I could trust him with a real mower it would be on ;) /He also likes to dig and is better at scooping dirt from one pile to another than he is at scooping food into his mouth ;) / New fabrics I received today from Pink Castle Fabrics sale – LOVE –


A fun and light of pictures week – potty training and no sugar will apparently do that.


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Super Luke

Super Luke… He is my little superhero.

Cape flowing in the wind, he is always ready for action.

Eyes to the sky, never missing a beat. He is vigilant in his job of superhero.

Even when refueling a good superhero makes sure not to miss a thing, especially those rouge airplanes flying over.

He must be ready at the drop of a hat, keeping his tools, and vehicles at the ready and well tuned.

Super Luke….

He decided to test a friends cape to make sure it was in tip top shape before gifting it to a special birthday boy.

This little friend just happens to have a name that begins with L too. It was tempting for this superhero to keep this cape as a spare, but alas he is a kind hearted hero, and the cape ran a little big for his older friend so he gifted it as planned.


As you may have guessed I have been outfitting superheros over here. A couple new disguises will be hitting the shop soon, so if you are a super hero in need of a cape I will let you know when they are in stock. ;)


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Dedicated to Daddy

For Fathers Day we had a little fun making Daddy a Present.

I set up a 9′ x 12′ sheet of plastic in our back patio area, and set out three regular sized poster boards. I picked up some washable paints from JoAnn’s in blue, green, and yellow and placed one color on each paper plate with a brush.  Then I got the little Man, stripped him down to a diaper and let him have at it.

He was a tiny bit apprehensive. You want me to do what? is what I imagine going through his head. But he quickly got into it.  He was very serious the whole time, and mainly painted with his hands after a few initial strokes with the brush. Although he clutched those brushes pretty much the whole time.

It was rather comical. I would recommend another adult or older child present. I was using my good camera, running here and there trying not to get touched, guiding him a bit, worried he would try to eat it. He didn’t. :) I would also like to try different paints, I have seen vegetable based paints floating around the internet, and may try them. This paint was necessary to scrub off in the tub. It did not leave any marks or color residue though. So that’s good.

But it was worth it!  This was the most concentrated effort, mostly painted at the beginning of the experience. Daddy loved it and that’s all that matters.

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Luke is going on 18 months old! Where oh where did the time go? Leslie of Fluff & Nonsense who’s daughter was born 6 minutes after Luke, (we met online when we were both pregnant) suggested I do a Luke’s Favorite Things post since a couple of Luke’s favorites have been great for her daughter as well. :)

So here you have it:

Brooms : Okay so anything with a handle, brooms, shovels, rakes, mops…


Lawnmowers : pushing toy and real ones(that are off), watching them, he hears them three houses down and wants to see them. Oh, and that’s how we know Uncle Levi, he lawn mows.


Yo Gabba Gabba : His Favorite Show, but to be fair the only show he has really seen or gets to watch.  He asks to watch it all the time. but only gets it once a day tops.


Outside: From the moment we come downstairs the question is “side” his way of asking to go outside. He would live outside if we let him. :) As you can see we have a plethora of outside toys we have been lucky enough to get most for free. :)


Riding: Whether it be in his truck, the wagon(especially), the stroller, the car… he loves to ride things

Wubanub : little elephant with pacifier attached. From the get go he loved to suck on things, and we found that a pacifier was soothing for naps and bedtime especially when he would wake up for no reason, yet he would always lose it. So I found this awesome little guy on Amazon and he has used him for naps and bedtime ever since. It goes straight in the crib whenever we get him up, Luke is really good about that thank goodness. 

(This is when I was getting ready he got it from his crib. This is right after a nap, he woke up upset so he got to keep it for a few minutes. )

Snacktime: It can be 5 minutes after a meal and he will try and get a snack out of you. :) His favorites include, berries, cantaloupe, bananas, annies fruit snacks, and pretzels. He will definitely inform you which snack he wants.


Some of Lukes other favorites: vacuums, seeing (any sound he hears, or just outside), grandmas and grandpas, doggies, animals, cords, brushes, and talking (he loves to talk now).


Oh and I would say Mommy and Daddy are Favorites too. :)


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1I’ve been up to a bit lately! But all is happening  in between spending almost every waking moment outside with my little man. We have had amazing 75-85 degree weather for the past couple weeks here in Chicagoland and we can’t get enough of it.

I went to Cedarburg, WI with a couple ladies on a Saturday earlier this month. It is such a cute town. I would check out Distractions (bought some amazing local alpaca yarn in the perfect grellow) and Material Matters if you ever get to go.

I have gotten my three packages of the Flea Market Fancy Reprint. I have almost all the prints. I am planning on making this quilt eventually with it.

This little owl is possibly my final “boy” owl for little men. Luke is currently testing it out for me. ;)

A decent sized etsy update went up late last week. All different kinds of owls and one garland.

Luke is falling asleep in the car almost every day on the way home from playdates, the zoo, the park. This weather is wearing him out in a good way.

Trying on my sunglasses for size.

He loves it when the airplanes fly overhead.

I hit the wood frame jackpot at a couple thrift stops this past weekend and need to add one more coat of paint to finish them off.

He only wants to be outside, when inside it’s a constant request to “see” outside. :)

As you can see it’s a good thing I have my iphone since I can’t seem to pick up the regular camera. :)


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Happy Labor Day

We spent the majority of our day outside in blissful 60 degree weather with great friends and lovely food.

And this is where we spent it.


I hope you all had a lovely Labor day however you spent it.


Oh and can you believe this little man is going to be 9 months old tomorrow? 9 MONTHS! I can’t.


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