Insta Friday

It’s Friday, thank goodness. It’s been a long week with David out of town for over half of it. He leaves again on Sunday. Boo. But here’s what the past couple of weeks have looked like via Instagram.


Linking up with Jeanett at Liferearranged.

mailed this box from the OhSweetJoy giveaway / finally created and installed my husbands office light fixture / Luke wearing mommies hat since his isn’t done yet

had a friend over to play / spent a naptime photographing this pile for the shop / Tired Luke after a nap

Dude / lots of fun mail came all on one day / pumpkins for the fall swap

Attended the Randolph Street Market in Chicago a must go if you are in the area / Luke’s gloves / Yum

mailed my fall swap box / daddy pushing Luke / ghostie Luke

building roads is an important toddler skill to master / Fireman Luke / I made myself a washi tunic

He LOVES music / scored this brand new crate and barrel table for $99 at the outlet p.s. there’s Nothing wrong with it / Fireman Guitarist – Luke’s dream job?

relaxing and knitting / wreath Giveaway – You can still sign up to win / silly Luke

Started a weekender bag, doing it all in selvedge. The lemons are in the pocket / Fall scarf swap – Join in the fun / Luke riding his bike, sporting his new hat


Yep, we’ve been busy!

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Whoo Loves a Giveaway?

Give Away Closed: 10/15/2012

I think everybody loves a Giveaway! So here ya go. :)  An Owl wreath I made a bit ago that I would love to send to a great home. It is 14″ across, so it’s a regular? sized wreath. I wrapped it in scrappy fallish fabric and added a little burlap and owl accent.


Please leave a comment if you would like a chance to win!  If you would like to tweet it, blog it, or pin it. ;) Please go ahead and leave a comment for each thing you do, for up to four chances to win! I will pick a winner next week!


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From:Me To:You

Do you know about my Handmade Gifting Page? If you don’t please, please check it out.

You can click on the picture above to go straight to the page, or the link up there right under my header all the way to the right has some more info on it.

But the general idea is, you go and like the Facebook page. Then each month I have a post you can nominate someone on. I like to hear why you nominate that specific person in about one sentence. I love it when people nominate others who are having a hard time, in the midst of a medical issue, or relationship problem. It’s nice for everyone, but especially people in rough times to feel love. And what better way to receive a handmade item specifically for them.  At the end of the month I randomly draw a name and then send that person a gift on behalf of the Nominator. No Stings Attached.

Here are a couple of gifts, I have given.

Owl Pillow – I have a few of these in my shop

Typewriter Case Bag

For my two year celebration last October I gave away two vintage sheet quilts I made.

Ruffled Apron

A Good Book Stitched Art

Just a few of the gifts I have made. You can click on the description to get more information on each one in their blog posts.

I usually don’t give items I have in my shop away, but sometimes, as you can see, if the item fits for the person I make one specifically for them. I find it a fun way to express my creativity in items I may not sell, or use for myself. I also just like giving to people, and I feel my creative gifts are a gift from God, and I have the responsibility to share what He has given me, be it by making things for people or teaching people.

I don’t always blog about the gifts, so you can see more in the albums on the Facebook page. I would love it if you came and had a visit.


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Gentleman Owl Winner

Congratulations Emily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who wrote:

Thank you for the chance to win. I would love to give my 20 month old a chance to play with this cute little fellow! Thank you –

Your name was drawn to win the Gentleman Owl! I will be contacting you for your shipping info.


Stay tuned I have more giveaways coming up this month.

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Gentleman Owl take 1

I am working on making a “boy” or Gentlemen Owl.  I realized Luke didn’t have an owl anymore since he doesn’t play with his crinkle owl anymore. So I set out to make him one only to realize my owls are more girly and that just wouldn’t do.  So I got to work.

I like this guy! I may end up making more and putting them in the shop as a Gentlemen option. But I felt like he wasn’t quite right, and the opinions I asked for on Facebook and Instagram gave me more ideas and direction.

He is made from a lovely sparkle houndstooth rayon wool, with quilting fabric and felt accents, and a giant vintage button.  He is about 9″ tall.

Oh and he is up for grabs in a GIVEAWAY! Yay!  Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win him. You can leave a second comment if you blog or tweet this giveaway and link back here. Please make sure your email is in your comment or linked to your comment.  I will pick a winner at random on next week!  :)

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1I’ve been up to a bit lately! But all is happening  in between spending almost every waking moment outside with my little man. We have had amazing 75-85 degree weather for the past couple weeks here in Chicagoland and we can’t get enough of it.

I went to Cedarburg, WI with a couple ladies on a Saturday earlier this month. It is such a cute town. I would check out Distractions (bought some amazing local alpaca yarn in the perfect grellow) and Material Matters if you ever get to go.

I have gotten my three packages of the Flea Market Fancy Reprint. I have almost all the prints. I am planning on making this quilt eventually with it.

This little owl is possibly my final “boy” owl for little men. Luke is currently testing it out for me. ;)

A decent sized etsy update went up late last week. All different kinds of owls and one garland.

Luke is falling asleep in the car almost every day on the way home from playdates, the zoo, the park. This weather is wearing him out in a good way.

Trying on my sunglasses for size.

He loves it when the airplanes fly overhead.

I hit the wood frame jackpot at a couple thrift stops this past weekend and need to add one more coat of paint to finish them off.

He only wants to be outside, when inside it’s a constant request to “see” outside. :)

As you can see it’s a good thing I have my iphone since I can’t seem to pick up the regular camera. :)


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Friday’s ramblings

There is no winner for Thursday because nobody commented!

So today I have TONS to do when Luke wakes up from his nap. I am helping my friend prepare for her daughters 2nd birthday party tomorrow, I have a couple things to make in the way of gifts,

I need to finish up Luke’s 1st Birthday invites so I can get them in the mail, along with a couple other projects I need to finish up and grocery shopping! I hope Luke is super happy and ready to go after his nap. :)

So I am posting my final giveaway this week a little late today! You understand, right? ;)

Don’t worry if you already posted on the other giveaways or won! I would rather the items go to someone then sit in storage in my house.


So I have three items today! All going to 1 winner.


A tall 100% wool felt snowman who stand on his own. He has fabric stars stitched on, and a raw scarf, and a sprinkle of sparkly snow on his head.  A mini Owl with all handstitched detail. Last a nice little zippered pouch that is the perfect size for makeup, a catch all of stuff in your purse, or to store your little handy project you want to carry with you.

You could keep all these items for yourself or give some away as a Christmas or a just because gift. :)

To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment telling me you favorite thing about the holiday season. I will be leaving this giveaway up till Sunday the 20th at Midnight and will announce the winner on Monday!

Make sure your email is in your comment or attached to it.Good Luck!


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This month for From:Me To:You Gifts I was having some crafty block! But after I saw Meg’s Craft weekend post (Doesn’t it look like they all had the best time) I was reminded how much I love ruffled aprons. So that is where I headed.


It is for a lady who I am told loves to cook breakfast for her family. I hope this apron brightens the morning for her a bit.

It is definitely something I really wanted to keep for myself. :) But of course I didn’t. I may be whipping one of these up soon for myself.


I also wanted to update you all on my new owl. I did change his eyes a bit. I think it helps. :) Less angry hopefully! Because he told me how happy he was to be going to live with his new owner. :)

October is going to be a bit sparse as we  have several trips lined up this month, one long, and one medium length. :) I will definitely share more after we get back!

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Angry owl?

I can’t decide if this new Owl Design has Angry eyes or not! What do you all think?  Either Way I just love this new pattern. I have been tossing around the idea of a bigger owl for awhile now, and finally just went for it a couple nights ago.  Not sure if you can tell scale from these pictures. But he is roughly 13″ tall by 15″ wide.

Those eyes I feel hold a bit of mischief! But is it good of bad?

These pictures don’t do that Houndstooth justice. You can see the slight bit of sparkle thread running through it best in the last picture of this post. I love me a little, okay a lot, of sparkle.  I am often weak in my knees when I find something so fabulous as this cream and brown houndstooth with a lovely silver sparkle to it.

This fancy owl has a fun wavy stripe across its’ belly and it’s wings tucked tight to it’s side.  I hand stitched all the details as usual. I always love the extra specialness that hand stitching adds to something.

The back is just plain houndstooth.

See  that sparkle in there?  I am  also playing around with tag design lately. I am hoping to get professional tags made up soon, so I want to be 100% sure of my design and colors before I spend the big bucks. So I have been playing around with some twill tape and my inkjet printer to see what I like best. This one is just a simple tag with my name in the same font as my blog banner folded in half and sewn in the seam.


So PLEASE help me out and let me know if you think he has angry eyes?

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