Friday’s ramblings

There is no winner for Thursday because nobody commented!

So today I have TONS to do when Luke wakes up from his nap. I am helping my friend prepare for her daughters 2nd birthday party tomorrow, I have a couple things to make in the way of gifts,

I need to finish up Luke’s 1st Birthday invites so I can get them in the mail, along with a couple other projects I need to finish up and grocery shopping! I hope Luke is super happy and ready to go after his nap. :)

So I am posting my final giveaway this week a little late today! You understand, right? ;)

Don’t worry if you already posted on the other giveaways or won! I would rather the items go to someone then sit in storage in my house.


So I have three items today! All going to 1 winner.


A tall 100% wool felt snowman who stand on his own. He has fabric stars stitched on, and a raw scarf, and a sprinkle of sparkly snow on his head.  A mini Owl with all handstitched detail. Last a nice little zippered pouch that is the perfect size for makeup, a catch all of stuff in your purse, or to store your little handy project you want to carry with you.

You could keep all these items for yourself or give some away as a Christmas or a just because gift. :)

To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment telling me you favorite thing about the holiday season. I will be leaving this giveaway up till Sunday the 20th at Midnight and will announce the winner on Monday!

Make sure your email is in your comment or attached to it.Good Luck!


Thank you so much for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “Friday’s ramblings

  1. Dana says:

    The snowman, the pouch and the owl???!!!?? Serious, serious swoon over here!

    My favorte thing about the holiday season is being surrounded by family. And it doesn’t even matter what we are doing (or eating!) . . . just them being there.

    Happy Holidays Kristin!

  2. Sandy says:

    Since I am in the “empty nest” time of my life I am excited about the unknown this holiday season. Excited about my girls coming home and starting new traditions with them as they enter adulthood. I’ve always treasured being able to ponder what each of our holiday’s means and celebrating the true meaning of each. Kristen, you are reminding me, this year, that giving from our hearts is so much more important than stressing and becoming a “Martha” about the holidays. I’m trying to relax more and enjoy each day that God has given me!! Thanks for having such a giving heart! I know that your friends must be truly blessed.

  3. Angela Palafox says:

    What DON’T I love about the holiday season is really the question!! I love everything…from spending even more time with my family than I already do, all the GLORIOUS food that we gather together and consume, all the decorations and also I LOVE reliving my childhood through my kids eyes. Holidays have such a different meaning now that I am a mom…so much more special and memorable!! Now you got me being all sappy over here…thanks Kristin! =]]

  4. Laura Beth says:

    I love The Holiday season. I love celebrating the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I love Everything to do wih the Holidays. I love all the traditions, the lights, the Music, The food! — Oh the Food!!– What I love most is the feeling of finding the perfect gift for some, and the anticiapation of them opening it up, and imagining their face when they open it. This year, being inspired by you all of the years, i’ve decided to make everyone a small home made gift. I’m extra excited to see what everyone thinks about these little joys I’ve created just for them! I think it’s going to be the Perfect way to show my love for everyone this Christmas!

  5. christina says:

    These are so cute! Love the snowman. I love the holidays but for me its not just one thing. Its the feeling when you walk down a busy street after snowfall. Or the expression on someone face when they open the gift from you. Or getting together a whole lot more with friends and family. And for us this year we are really excited to see how our little girl takes everything in:)
    Happy Holidays:)

  6. Carol says:

    Awesome, as always! I love the holidays because I love the time we get to spend as a family and with friends and the excuse to eat yummy food.

  7. Eileen says:

    This year the holidays mean something new and different for our family-because our little boy is discovering them for himself for the first time and it’s all very magical. We look forward to celebrating old traditions while making new ones. I can’t wait to have his first handmade ornament on our Christmas tree! The lights, the food and the family are that much more special because of his sweet excitement for them. Blessings to you and your family as you enter this stage for yourselves! :)

  8. Ande says:

    Oh my goodness! I can not believe that I missed out on all of this! I try and keep my blog reading to Saturday evenings only so that I can spend the rest of the week on school/family so I am so glad that I get a chance to win this!
    My favorite part about the holidays is all the time I get to spend with my family. I also really love being able to search out and buy/make gifts that they truly love.

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