12 on 12

12 photos on the 12th – Elizabeth of Dear Lizzy did a 12 on 12 post and link up last month, and it looked so fun. She challenged on her blog to try and do the 12 on 12 again. So I thought that could be fun to try with my dslr since it has gone into hibernation practically. :)

Hold on for lots of Luke pictures as most of my day is spent with him. :)

We love breakfast! Probably his favorite meal.

At our friends house. This is Luke’s big buddy they have a dual bicycle. :)


Miss Caroline reading to all three boys!  They loved it.

Some milk before naptime. He was pretty happy about it!

A hug for mommy. Love!

I finished up my string quilt top during nap time. I am hopefully, keep your fingers crossed for me, getting my dream machine in June so I am waiting to quilt it till then. I will get my hubby to hold it up  for a picture soon.

He LOVES to sit at the window and watch “rush hour”. We live on a semi busy street due to a bus parking lot being a half mile or so up it. He just loves to watch the buses, but is a touch to short to see them on his own. His faces where cracking me up.

Some Yo Gabba Gabba before dinner. His favorite and only show we let him watch sometimes. It is to funny to see his reaction when it starts up.


And a quick bath before bed. Yep, this photo makes me realize my tub needs some scrubbing! ;)

Yep that’s my day! Well with lots of chores, driving, and boring stuff thrown in. But who wants to see or remember that?!? :)

If you would like to try 12 on 12 check out Elizabeths blog, sometimes she does link up parties too.

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2 thoughts on “12 on 12

  1. Leslie says:

    my goodness Luke and Delilah could be brother and sister with their fair skin and light hair…..he is so adorable. i love the little funny faces he was making…

  2. elizabeth kartchner says:

    I am loving these pictures you captured. Thanks for playing along. Next time I will definitely do a link up party just was pretty crazy this past week.
    Your photos are so much and tell such a story.

    and I love the metal trays in the background. where did you find those?


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