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I made this bag for a From:Me To:You gift.  Don’t know what From:Me To:You is? It’s my facebook page, where I ask people to nominate someone to receive a handmade gift no strings attached. Check it out!

Anyway! The person who this gift is for, I know. She lives in California and is fun and funky, and enjoys music, writing, and unique things.

I used some of my Melody Miller Ruby Star Shining Typewriters in the mustard and pink colorway. I love this fabric so much. I think this style of bag highlights a fun larger print like this so well.

I topped the typewriters with a lovely navy linen I picked up not long ago. It doesn’t “match” but it “goes” perfectly. :)

I lined it with a lovely pink vintage sheet scrap i had in my stash. I also attempted using an old leather belt for straps, well two belts. :) I went on a hunt to the local Savers to find a long enough belt to make straps, and would you know, belts aren’t as long as they appear. :) I happened across two matching, or at least really really similar belts and they worked perfectly for the straps. I left one of the buckles on to add an extra detail.

I love this simple style of bag. It is just a boxed bottom, fully lined bag, but the fun fabrics and belt handles make it feel so special. I am going to be making more.

Don’t forget to head over to From:Me To:You’s Facebook Page and Nominate someone for August!


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