I finally got Luke’s advent calendar done on the 2nd. :) This year I realize he isn’t really old enough to “get” it, but it will be fun and help me to be more deliberate in making the effort to do Holiday things like baking cookies with him, seeing the zoo lights, and donating toys to tots.

I adapted the idea of the ones my mom made for us when we where little. (sorry no picture) They were a fabric strip roughly 4″ wide by 36″-48″ tall with batting in between the layers. She then evenly space yarn strings down the middle and tied a wrapped piece of candy to each strand. Each day we would get to untie the next piece of candy and indulge which was a super special treat since we rarely got candy.

This is a really simple way to make a calendar. You don’t have to sew if you don’t want to. I did however sew a pocket at the top and bottom so there were no raw edges showing and for the string to thread through. But I don’t think that’s even necessary. It’s more personal preference. I then used yarn and a plastic yarn needle to thread the individual strings through the weave and tie in a knot. I spaced them roughly 3″ apart based on how tall my upholstery tape. The weave is nice and loose so it was super easy to do this. If you used a different medium than upholstery tape you make just have to use a sharper needle.

I cut some ornament shapes out with my silhouette to use for activities, and then wrapped just a couple little dollar gifts like a matchbox motorcycle, some glow sticks, a slinky, and a Christmas ornament. I punched holes in the gifts and the ornament tags and tied them onto the individual strings. The ornaments have some things on them like, wrap a present, make a string wall Christmas tree, bake cookies, and a couple cheats like: special treat, and open one of a couple of Christmas books to read.

He has opened/done four already and seams to think it’s fun. :) I am hoping next year I can be more on the ball to have it done early and also incorporate the advent bible verses since Luke will be at a better age for that.


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