June and July AG 18″ Doll PVC Pipe Tent

June and July AG 18″ Doll PVC Pipe Tent

An 18″ doll tent Tutorial made with PVC Pipe and Fabric. A downloadable PDF with supplies and detailed instructions on what you will need and clear instructions on how to make the tent frame along with how to sew a tent cover for it.

Some of you all may not know my daughter and I are very into American Girl Dolls. I had a few when I was 9+ years old and my daughter has dived in the past couple years. We love to make rooms and DIY projects together for them.

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Every summer we head a couple hours away from home to enjoy life on Lake Michigan for a few weeks and this year we decided to make a “Tent Home” for my daughters Joss doll before we left. I couldn’t find an actual tutorial for what we were looking for anywhere, only a few pictures on Pinterest of finished ones. So I used some of those and came up with our Tent and thought I would share the tutorial for all of you.

I made it into an easy to download PDF so you can save it to your device or just view it online. Click any of the links in this post to take you straight to the PDF TUTORIAL.

The tent is made from inexpensive PVC pipe you can buy at most hardware stores for a very inexpensive price. I purchase ours at Home Depot. All of the supplies can be purchased at your local hardware store like Home Depot and Joann Fabrics or a similar Fabric and Craft supply store. You will need a saw to cut the pipe and a sewing machine for the fabric tent cover. Or someone that is able to help you out with those parts.

The tent has a vinyl window on one side of the top, which you could put on both side of the top by repeating the instructions for the window side twice. You can also eliminate the window by just cutting out the piece for the no window side twice.

The front swags to each side and holds in place with sewn in ties to stay open. The back is a solid and doesn’t open. The sides can roll up and tie into place at the top with the sewn in ties. This allows for a nice breeze to drift through and of course easier access when you are playing or styling your tent.

I didn’t spray paint our pipe frame before our little lake photo shoot but I plan to in the future. The Tutorial talks about spray painting it so you don’t see the printed labels on the pipes. The Tutorial also shares how to glue it together, or only parts of it together so it is able to be taken apart and stored easily. We are keeping the ability to take ours apart for easy storage.

I hope you use this 18″ doll tent tutorial and make something fun for you or your child.

Please please share with us if you make the tent. Email us pictures if you like at woollypetals@gmail.com or tag us on instagram @juneandjulyag We would love to see what you make.


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8 thoughts on “June and July AG 18″ Doll PVC Pipe Tent

  1. where is the pattern for the cloth part of the tent. i love this tent but i am new at this and need something to trace. please help i want to make this thanks

  2. That is so awesome. My grand daughters have grown out of their American girl dolls so I get to play with them. Yahoo! I love the tent and I see a new craft to make for the dolls. Thanks again.

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